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I need to the talk to him about getting my 10k usd back. How do I go about doing this? I’m financially ruined.

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I hope for you that you haven't already sold your bag. Wait for Ambrosus to load the hermes and Atlas nodes on the net and you will have 20k $

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When anon? This shit was supposedly live in August. Wtf are these faggots doing. I was making fun for vefam for continuously holding and waiting, now I’m in the same position as those faggots. I need to talk to mr versettti about getting my money back before I have to take legal action.

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it's a scam. well that shit already

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I don’t wanna sell it. I want to talk to angel. He seems fair. He should have no problem giving me back my 10000usd. I have proof of many of his lies. I don’t want to have to take this to court, but I will if I have to. I’m not a fucking cuck.


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> He seems fair.
loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool what are you basing that on

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Expose it here

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If you give me 10,000 I can get you an appointment with him.

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>he seems fair
>I will blackmail him for money

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Yeah. It seems that he didn't expose anything and didn't gave me the 10,000 to get an appointment.

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I’ll see you on judge Judy angel. Fuckboi your fucked.

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I just bought 50k AMB at 730 sats. It got beaten down so hard, it has to bounce at some point.

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Prolific scammer.
Also wanted in the UK and RUSSIA.

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I don't see the purpose in selling, a node is only like $500, it's not like it's worth it at this point, I'd rather take the chance that something pumps this shitcoin than bother reinvesting that a$500 somewhere else

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I’m down 10k usd faggot. Not 500. Get your lunch money ass out of my bread.

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Just filled out applications for a few of the judge shows, I won’t be able to recover all my damages at small claims court, but versetti will be exposed. I have been compiling info of the continuous lies and fraud from the team.

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>reading comprehension
the basic node is $500 NOW you illiterate nigger

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You're mentally ill AND poor and its hilarious.

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Your $10k turned into $500.
You can save the rest though, no need to watch it drop to 0.

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Mr BearWolf where are you to put these AMBlets down

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I still have around 3500 worth of amb faggot. Who are you, versetti?

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fatsetti browses /biz/ unironically

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My wifes' kid is a big time Divorce lawyer and when I tell you he's good, you best believe me because she left me with diddly fucking squat. My Wife's kid will come after you too Versetti mark my words!

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Wtf it keeps going down. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!

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Never forget when he Advised North Korea and we exposed him. Now those articles have been removed from his Academia profile.

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godspeed anon. Ambrosus has lost a lot of people a lot of money. Unbelievable the silence from the company on what is going on. I guess all ICO investors that would demand the info have long since dumped. Its hard to believe that they have anything up their sleeve after this disastrous month and the "mainnet release" aka literally nothing AGAIN. bearwolf has not been wrong about anything in like 2 years. Ill hold my bag to 0, but Ive lost all hope in a recovery. Dont forget this mysterious "token bridge" where everybody has to constantly be swapping their erc20 amb around in order to get it on/off an exchange so its gonna be a pain in the ass to dump node revenue @ for 500 sats or less per amb.

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The absolute delusional STATUS of AMBlets

>mfw AMBlet thinks nodes are receiving legitimate rewards
>mfw AMBlet doesn't realize there are no Hermes nodes installed
>mfw AMBlet doesn't realize that means there are no clients generating bundles
>mfw AMBlet doesn't realize only Ambrosus owned Apollo nodes are on the network
>mfw AMBlet doesn't realize Ambrosus is scamming people with fake bundle rewards
>mfw AMBlets are hoping to get a share of imaginary bundles (which are just heartbeat bundles from scAMBrosus)
>mfw AMBlets are forgetting all of the vindicated BearWolf's warnings
>mfw even Ambrosus explorer shows zero bundles
>mfw this shAMBlet has been EXPOSED

Here's a redpill... Guess what price Angel & co. bought AMB at? That's right, 0 sats. They are not bagholding anything except free money. An extended token lock-up is not for your sake. If Scamsetti cared about AMBlets, he would have done something to appreciate the price. An extension will happen because the AMB team KNOWS they have a community who will baghold long-term for them. They can just wait until the crypto market recovers before dumping. If the community had any self-respect and began demanding promises and deadlines be kept, the team would just stealth dump everything.
Trust the legendary BEARWOLF when he says you should hope there is NO extended token lock-up. This way you can finally get rid of your delusions and invest in actual cryptocurrencies.

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Fake bearwolf faggot ass bitch

And listen here fuckbear, tell angel to dm me immediately. I need to have a word with him concerning repaying me my 10k.

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Suicide anon is the realest vefam nigga on Reddit. He said after game of thrones he’s done. Hope he dumps all his chink scam and just buys btc

By the way, Sunny is laughing all the way to the bank!!! Thanks for watching our presentation in San Francisco round eye!!!

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>g-give me my money back
>i'm not a c-c-cuck
So sue him pussy we all know you dont have the money

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Small claims court is basically free you utter absolute faggot. Get out of my bread and go back to the vechain subreddit to suck mr Sunny’s dick.

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nah i'm with you scamsetti deserves to rot in jail

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You chose to gamble on a moonshot, knowing there was a 99% rate of failure.

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Put it in LTC and hold on for dear life. Just look at the charts.

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Old money here and irl businessman

Why do you retards keep investing in this collapsed ponzi called cryptocurrencies? Even mid-2017 was too late to make it

Delusional hope maybe?

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Checked. Thanks for telling me now anon. It’s too late

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Because it's going to bounce again at least once

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Dont get me wrong. I too invested in mid 2017 even tho i knew crypto will never be mass adopted. But i wanted to see how big the bubble grew. I cashed out in January.

Irl businesses would rather accept payment in toilet paper than crypto. If i even suggest crypto i would go bankrupt immediatly.

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Actually i believe btc might. Normies might decide to willingly start a ponzi...BUT i think everyone will panic and cash out at 10000$

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What about in countries where they don't have toilet paper? Like India.

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every male gets fucked and cucked by their cucked laws and cucked family systems that favours women

>big surprise

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LOL your money's gone bucko. Even if you miraculously found a lawyer that would waste his time on this, do you think a judge will do anything? He didn't sell you the coin, you bought it from some PnD artist on an exchange. You're hit

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I bought another 10k amb today. All or nothing.

Scamsetti, when we are in small claims court you can add that to how much you owe me.

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so if you made $10k you would give it back? That's not the way the world works, anon.

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Versetti owes me 10,380. Yes he needs to give it back of this shit doesn’t produce anything before July 4th

At least, he claimed a specific bundle number aka 1 million bundles. The sec will fuck him. I have a couple lawyer friends out of law school.

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I don't see how cryptocurrencies can be mass adopted or be used in a useful way.

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Oh that is the reason nothing ever goes to zero. Some people will keep buying even when the horse is long dead.

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