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The best way to know if someone's telling the truth is to see if he's risking his own skin by lying or not.
With that rule in mind, it does actually seem more than likely that CSW IS the real Satoshi.

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There is literally no risk in pretending to be Satoshi. You can never get sued, there is no one to charge you. From a legal point of view, Satoshi is nothing more than an anonymous internet meme that anyone can claim.

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sell your shitcoins while you can

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Who is that? I thought Satoshi was some japanese dude.

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*SNIFFS your tiny viagra pill sized block*
wat do?

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Since 2014 until now I've believed that the autistic math phd jap that lives down the street from the bitcoin crew is satoshi nakamoto. Maybe it's because thats his name or because they tried to control the narrative by saying he wasnt satoshi before he went mainstream.
>"he's been proven not to be!"
Did not believe that in 2014 and would not believe that insane coincedence now. Im sure that CSW has real satoshi blessing to be satoshi however. The obfusfication of identity (irl cryptography) is admittedly important when 1 million+ bitcoins are involved. I wouldnt want to out myself as satoshi and say "yo roths, bankers, world elite: satoshi here. Btw i subverted your fiat debt economy such that I control the biggest portion of a decentralized, deflationary asset. Dont worry though, i may be a trillionaire but im not a threat!"

Death sentence imo.

Pic related is 2 hot takes from another thread which i feel sum up the issue nicely.

Best place to hide is in plain sight, there are no coincedences etc

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The real Satoshi.

If the real Satoshi comes forward and says CSW is fraud, his business will collapse.
And remember that Satoshi has done this once, when Satoshi Nakamoto (the japanese guy) was thought to be the real Satoshi.

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No, the easiest way to know if someone is telling the truth about Satoshi Nakamoto is if he signs using the genesis block private key.

Your retarded normalfag """heuristics""" are pretty meaningless and arbitrary compared to Fermat's little theorem.

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No, his business won't collapse. It does not hinge on him being Satoshi alone. Besides, you can always come up with a new thing. That's what running a business is about.

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doesn't make any sense. creg satoj's entire "business model" is pretending to be satoshi. he has no value otherwise and no assets to lose. except perhaps his life, if you're trying to suggest his retardation might get him killed? but as an actual homosexual, obvious alcoholic and pathological liar, it's likely he'd get depressed and kill himself if he didn't make insane boasts, so that's a wash

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Crazy people don't usually think about self preservation like mentally healthy people

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no, the best way is to sign a message with your private key.

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I fucking LOVE Biz memes.

Biz is soooo fucking based lol. Craig = le god.

We need to meme him into emperor status lol, how frickin based would that be guys?

It's like... he's just as based as Trump and MoonMan. I think its because he's so sassy and non-sequitorious.

This is TOTALLY the next, most epic and righteous BASED meme.... get this:

He's on the internet...

He's contrarian to what seems reasonable and admirable...


Quite silly and ironic...

But actually a super fun and great guy.

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This is the only reasonable fucking person on this board

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fuck it, im in!

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this is unironically the thought process behind BSVtards

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this face will be useful in jail

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>this face will be useful in jail
You couldn't replicate Satoshi's STIFF facial expression even if it was the only way for you to escape the jail bear

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nah, i'm pretty sure it describes your retarded contrarian ass perfectly.

if craig was some mild mannered dweeb nobody would give a fuck about BSV cause it's an irrelevant shitcoin fork. But literal apes like you see him chirping people constantly and acting like a drunk jackass and your simian brain goes "wow so based alpha and redpilled, me must follow like beta cuck i am."

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Kekius maximus at this Freudian slip. We are reaching levels of projection that shouldn't even be possible.
Time to turn off the computer, Greg.

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Many keks! Memes xD

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>wat do?
convince everybody to run your airdrop segwit fork. checkmake, satoshi.

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>The best way to know if someone's telling the truth is to see if he's risking his own skin by lying or not.
doesn't work on psychopaths sorry

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