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I used to be a blood. I got jumped into the tree top pirus when I was 12 and started selling dope and pcp and shit like that. When I was 14 me and my best friend got in a fist fight with some crips and one of them grabbed out a gun and killed my buddy and shot me in the shoulder. They would have finished me but one of my fellow bloods came and smoked his ass. I kept selling drugs and gangbanging until I got sent to juvie when I was 17 then transferred to prison when I was 18 and I didn't come out until 21 only to find out I had a 3 year old daughter so I had to keep selling drugs to keep her safe. 2 years later i got shot 7 times and then I realized I am after and this bullshit was gonna get me killed so I became a truck driver. The moral of my story is don't do gangs and don't sell drugs

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what does that mean?

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Shiggy diggy my niggy

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you wouldn't be saying that to my face pussy! I've read a lot of good shit I'm prolly more educated than your pussy half-ass troll ass!

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I don't believe any of this. Sounds like 50 cents back story. RIP to Nipsey tho.

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I do what I want! I’m in 12 gangs!

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Never met a street nigga with 100 mill. And if he ever got it , i bet he don’t got 100 still.

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you don't got believe it's not your life but you'll find alot of niggas in this shit have similar stories. But it's good to see you're educated on your hip hop

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we wuz bludz

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Big if true

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Niggers don’t have computers.

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you prolly the bitch in each and every one

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What're you talking about they steal them all the time

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what set as ya homie?

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pussies talk that racist shit behind keyboards

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white people still just as much as blacks. they kill just as much. they rape just as much if not more. they fuck up the world much more. They molest children much more. So shut your racist dumbass up

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>gangsters on the internet


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Wasn’t nip a crip? This whole story is stupid OP go back to sucking dick.

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I'm white and from a white hood basically and have known 2 killers, neither white. Whites definitely do kill, and do rape, but nowhere near the same rate blacks or Hispanics do.

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Hey dumb bitch the story is true so it can't be stupid because it actually happen! And I have crip and blood homies but those niggas who shot my homie happened to be palmer blocc compton crips and YG was a rolling 60 crip. Your pussy ass prolly didn't know this shit but YG was a treetop blood as well and him in Nipsey were best friends so hop off my dick you lil problematic hoe. Never sucked a dick and I never will. Pussy only

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the difference between whites and black and hispanics is they get away with shit more and you literally said you knew 2 killers.

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My nigga can i level with you about the jews? They intentionally keep blacks poor to profit off selling you bullshit, and they want you to breed with whites to destroy white people's race. Dont trust jews and dont have sex with white women

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if she clean, sexy, busty, and got skills I don't care what race she is

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can you racist pussy ass little faggots come up with anything better? Honestly I would fuck you up if you said that to my face but when you're behind a keyboard and all that shit you'll say it all day. Alot of people are born males but they're not men. You're a bitch

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And you’ll always be a nigger

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> statistic are racist

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They're riling you up to say and act exactly what would perpetuate the stereotype. Stop falling for the bait. And for the record, I too am black and just finished helping a buddy of mine get through his time in incarceration. We gotta help push each other up, not tear each other down. Regardless of skin color.

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>got trolled

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yeah I feel that honestly I just don't understand the point of that "nigger" shit like these pussies spend to much time on the internet for real

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I'm black and both of you should stop pretending to be black

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Yeah and I literally said neither of them were white you illiterate larping faggot.

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the statistics are represented by the jail population and this is a white man's country so of course they're gonna be the least among that population that's what you fail to see. You really don't understand that you people are privelleged

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You belong in Africa

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I wasn't even talking shit you little bitch. Let me spell this out for you. You only knew 2 killers! That is 2/3.72 million people in this country so that really can't be compared to the murder rate and who does what. Your inability to understand what someone is saying doesn't make me illiterate you whinny cunt. That bullshti was very unescesary

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Should we sweep the word "nigger" under the rug, bury our head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist? Should we wash it, sanitize it, and call it the "n-word"? Either was is to let ideology overpower reason. Some people are niggers; their wits are dull and they only concern themselves with drugs, sex, consumption, and climbing insignificant social hierarchies. The only mistake we made was assigning a color to niggers

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nobody is pretending to be black. You don't know shit about us what we look like or our lives or nunna that shit. For all we know you're the one pretending

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You’re population is off by a factor of 100.
This is called business and finance not niggers and narcotics.
Fuck off
Nipsey hussle was a straight up nig

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>so I became a truck driver
At least make it believable and go with Canadian plumber

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nigger was invented as a term to degrade african-americans. Like japs was made to degrade Japanese. Like injuns was made to degrade native americans. No one is pretending the word doesn't exist but what is the point of using it? Using a racial slur shows the most stupidity. And there are words for the people you are referring to: losers, scandrols, fuckboys, etc. Unless someone is trying to be a racista sshole there is no point in the word

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sorry if you don't believe it but a truck driver is a really common job for former convicts

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>this is a white man's country
> not my fault
> he was a gud boy
> he didn't do uffing

blah blah blah
this is why you're a nigger, I've see countless video of your dumb race committing crimes then straight out denying it run from cops, shoot cops then claim to be a victim of the system
ant that in the end is why you nigger will always be nigger because you can't take responsibility and go past your dumb nigger/monkey mentality.
but then again what can you expect from people with IQ close to monkey than human

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LOL while you fags sag your pants, I wore a nice tie and a good suit in my time living in Compton/paramount. Everyone called me the "don". Street niggas respected me because of my style. They knew I got all the bitches and wanted to be like me.

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Nigger is the most taboo work in our (white) culture, therefore it is the best curse word. Stop getting in your feels, when it's used with malice you will know it

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I couldn't give a lesser fuck what someone's intentions are when they use the word. If somebody calls a nigger I'm not gonna take kindly to it neither is any average african american

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I don't sag nothing bitch. No matter ho much red I was wearing I never dressed like a fool. I only wore a do rag when I was sleeping, I always kept a belt around my pants, I never got a goofieass grill on my teeth, one thing I learned from my daddy before he was killed was to how to look respectable. Of course you don't know hos I dress because you don't know shit about me. I bet ryour goofy ass has never even been to compton, or inglewood, or watts, or south central, or any of that shit

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Assuming you're not a troll, why didn't you come to us sooner? 4chan can teach you about selling drugs on the internet

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Nipsey was a CIA nigger

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100% real actual nig here. Stop trolling white boi. Bix nood ooga booga

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If you read my post you would understand I don't want shit to do with that life no more.I had a daughter and I've had 3 other kids since then and I can't end up in a casket or cell for good and leave them with a shitty life. What father or man would do some shit like that to their children

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That's nice and all Jamal but why did you decide to make a thread on 4chans finance board about it?

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The problem isn't selling the drugs, the problem is getting shot or robbed

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or caught. Cryptography can solve all that

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you're a stupid nigger that contributed to the conditions that plague your community and all you have to say is selfish ego driven nonsense
but muh white pepo n shiet booga booga

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my name ain't jamal bitch but i do got two dead homies named Jamal