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The audacity of you fucking retards. You come here sharing tips and analysis of crypto, when it's just a roll of the fucking dice. You're like a sad old booze hound that thinks he's got a great method for winning the coin slots. You all think you're Jordan Belfort. If you weren't £1000 deep in crypto by 2014 you're a fucking victim. If you haven't already lost most of your money, you're going to at one point. Even the photos you post of your "14k portfolio", you're not kidding anyone. Spend 10k, up 4k one day, down 4k the next. This should not be a business and finance thread it should be a help thread for problem gamblers. You're fucking pathetic. You're lazy. You have nothing going in in life. That's why you choose crypto currency. You're all too lazy to invest in real business ventures. Take me for example, a real entrepreneur. I've been buying and selling cars since I was 17. It's paid my bills for 6 years. Just this morning I bought a "spares or repairs" listing for £150. Got it running after a quick reference of the hanes manual and an hour on YouTube. Same car, similar age and millage are selling for £4500 on autotrader. Night just sell it for £4000, for a quick sale. Even if I buy a car that is truly fucked, it still has scrap value, real physical value. What do you have? Nothing. Ive also put the deposit on a car that cost 3300 but will sell for 5000 easily. And all that took was 15 mins looking for a good deal. Last year I used only £8000 to buy my uncle a van and tolls for his landscaping business, for which I'm getting £1200 per month cash for zero effort. No sleepless nights. No spending hours each day following trends (100% pointless task) and now I'm looking to buy a small piece of low grade land for forestry operations. You idiots really have no idea about business or finance. I hope bitcoin crashes to 1k most of you fucking hang yourself. Worthless posers.

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>Aggressive gambla

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Lol you ain't lying, but umad bro

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looks like somebody bought BTC at 20k

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> If you weren't £1000 deep in crypto by 2014 you're a fucking victim.
i bought buttcone in 2017 and cashed out $150k half a year later and still have $200k in the market right now, you'd have to be mentally retarded to be a "victim" in this market

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that's a really ugly human, tfw 4 billion dollars scam but you can't change that face kek

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Keep talking about my man and that’s the last face you gonna see when he shows up to yo crib

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>Implying we're degenerate
>Posts trap

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COPE the post lol

Made more money since 2017 than in 10 years wagecucking and im dumb as fuck.

And here you are getting worked up and jelly over anons lol

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someone got liquidated

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> tfw leveraged long $5400 liquidation.
> one giant red dildo to $5391 last night then pops right back up.

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Its not realky a roll of the dice. Theyre stupid pictogram analysis is but not everyones is

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she is "chad zone" only

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still chad zone only

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your uncle is a sucker and you're a kike

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I buy, fix, and sell cars as well. You’re severely downplaying the amount of work involved in being a profitable car flipper.
It is doable for someone mechanically inclined who has the tools and space to store and work on cars. But you’ll be spending hours getting your hands dirty wrenching, hours browsing craigslist finding deals, and hours dealing with retarded buyers who love to waste your time

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How to cope knowing that Amouranth makes more money in a single hour than you do an entire day.

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Source on trap / realdoll please OP

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lol so many angry bears larping as nocoiners lately

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Every once in a while I migrate to other boards. Usually I'm surprised by the hospitality and knowledge of anons on slower boards. This seems not like one of those.

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nice wall

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how much of your money did you put into crypto?

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Fuck off kike loving nigger faggot.

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>"yeah right"
>reverse search
>mfw it's an actual tranny

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Have fun flipping your shitty used cars fuckin loser

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He has to interact & deal with people LMAO

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Even better :O

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It's that jawline and the pose anon. Either trying to make "her" ass look big or it's to tuck in the dick. Jawline plus that pose is 90% chance of a trap. If you fall for this shit again, you deserve a sore ass.

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God shes perfect

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shes pretty af, you guys are tards lmao

imagine being this fragile holy shit ahhhhahaha

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Never said I wouldn't fuck anon. Just pointing out the trap you're walking into.

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>>>13434407 (You)
>Fuck off kike loving nigger faggot.
No u. Now teach me money.

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wtf that's a trap? Here I was going hnnnnnnngg cuz shes meaty but that thing has a dick. am i gay bros?

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This. Clearly leaning against the bench to look T H I C C when really he's just a skinny man body.

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yes but not because of that

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That's not a trap it's an ambush and I'm going on

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yes bro, its ok just be you
>love is love

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It's not a trap you tards, just a twitch thot selling almost nudes to horny virgins

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This is me from pc, I actually wrote a script some time ago that you give a twitch thot as input and would scrape the internet for pics with her, let me see if I can find it

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>That's not a trap it's an ambush and I'm going on

Damn right.

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its Amouranth

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No, it's neither. Many girls make that same tryhard pose, many have jaws like that, that's not even a guy's jaw. You're just saying this because you already knew who it was beforehand, and you're now 'seeing' the manly traits only because you already know. My usual failsafe is the elbow region, which is able to give away the best of them unless they started HRT before puberty.

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I let it run for 5 mins. I don't have time to check them or sort them, 95% of pics should be her. Get the amou.zip with the full directory or just click random pics from there. I will close the FTP in 1 hour.

ftp://[email protected]

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I started investing in crypto 2 years ago and I'm exactly right back where I started from. I didn't lose any money though so I can't complain.

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In case it's not clear, you copy this in your browser, if it asks for username/password just go "biz" without any password

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me too man. we dun goofed.

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This bitch would be perfect if she had hairy armpits and a full bush

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> hours dealing with retarded buyers who love to waste your time

My mom sells an item for the garden we have too much of, rather than letting my dad just throw them away. The amount of retards...

> who can't read a 4 word with phone number sign on a lamp post and show up thinking she's selling food
> who try to haggle and say its cheaper at Home Depot except Home Depot gives significantly less and prices it higher
> who show up and make an excuse on why they can't buy it
> who literally seem to only be here to chit chat
> who can't find the address after getting it texted yet somehow unable to write it down on the intial phone call

I can't believe there's such a phrase as common sense when so many people have difficulty comprehending a 4 word sentence with phone number

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check the tumbler. it's a fucking trap.

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Is it really?

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>implying that being a tranny makes it worse
It's bad only if the dick's missing

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Im getting an error. Did you close it?

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>find a good bargain - buy
>sell it for a profit
that's exactly what every trader is doing, you're no different you just happen to trade busted cars

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The same what my autistic car repair Friend would write.

Have fun reparing cars All your LIFE. You're too narrow minded for the board, even Tho most people here are retarded

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Reminder that transexuals (mentally ill men that chop their dicks off) raid 4chan and one of their recurring raid forms is to say that some pic that is an attractive woman (which they will never be) is a trap. In a fair and healthy society this people would be getting mental health, but in this clown world society they are promoted and let lose to decrease birth rates, create chaos, profit from non necesary surgeries and make people have a target other than the elite that promotes this.

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bragging about making money off of shitcoin and saying its easy work is the equivalent of winning the lottery and calling that a source of income. it's not, its a one off thing buddy. too many pajeets on here thinking they're investing just to lose 99% of money in a few days LOL.

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