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Holy fuck /biz/ why the fuck didnt you tell me about this.


>If Craig Wright was Satoshi he could just move some of Satoshi's Bitcoin from the wallet.
No the fuck he cant because its locked in Trust until 2020.

What the fuck do we do?

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So now what?

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Oh cool. No replies after half an hour. This means it's legit.

Great. Fucking fuck fuckity fuck fuck. Cool. BRB, killing myself.

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craig doesn't need to touch the wallet. he's already rich

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what the fuck are you doing you mong, delete this immediately and post some pajeet delist fud

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It's not too late


The FUD is too pervasive, you could literally show him moving coins and people would still say it's a scam.

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Yeah sure, next scam

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>you could literally show him moving coins and people would still say it's a scam
desu thats all i care about. If he can sign a genesis block, he is satoshi.
Instead he's asking for a judge, who probably just signed up for facebook, to prove identity. Weak and not something real satoshi would ever do.

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Wait i thought dave died in 2013? How did the trust form in 2015?

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>red age news group
nice source faggot

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your post is disingenuous.
>there is no mechanism to lock the satoshi wallet and make the owner of the wallet with the private keys incapable or accessing, sending or signing txs.

so saying that the satoshi wallet is "in a trust" is playing on the notion that the general public just doesnt understand how BTC wallets even work.

i really hope u kill yourself in the future btw.

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When it's spring again
Oh, I'll bring again
tulips from Amsterdam
with a heart that's true
I'll give to you
tulips from Amsterdam

For the day
I know we can
share these tulips
from Amsterdam
share these tulips
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I don't have anything meaningful to add, other than this is something I've been thinking about too. Been thinking about buying $1000 or so worth of BSV just in case.

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He has old coins, he just doesn't want to sign.

Businesses will respond to him winning the lawsuit. That's all that matters.

Maybe he'll sign for the judge, have any of you cucks thought about that? Idiots.

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why doesn't Wright sign a message with Satoshi's PGP key?

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you sell everything before it all drops to 0

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Neck yourself OP.
Everybody knows Creig scammed AU gov, tried to evade a big amount of taxes, got raided and fines and then he decided to move somewhere else.
The document was forged only to evade taxes, and I mean, you really need to be blind to ignore CSW forging PGP keys, doing fake ECDSA tricks, changing blog posts several years later, and so on.
He is a scammer, that’s it.

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You're embarrasing yourself by taking his larps seriously.

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How do we know this document is even real? Craig has forged shit in the past.

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It was leaked in 2015.

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just buy BSV

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nLockTime, but that wouldn't require a trust.

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>Instead he's asking for a judge
is he? did he file the litigation he is currently dealing with?

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inbred larping from a delusional con man.

even his own mother spits on him.

wake up derps , wake the fuck up.

Not fun having shit for brains...those who follows this creep is a failure in life.


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He at Bitcoin talk forums begging for old wallets.

Craig is a cockroach refusing to die.

Nobody wants him, nobody needs him,, but he still behind your fridge shitting shit forks.

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I agree with this, but dude, that Reddit spacing is ludicrous.

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Fuck Reddit

Fuck your innuendo

I space as much I want
HODL now! - BSV will crash your computer tho..


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As is his English, talks like a nigger desu.

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Racist piece of derp ?

Im white and proud.

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>Craig is a cockroach refusing to die.
Unironically I’m the creggy roach meme creator

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"Craig the cockroach"
Check behind your fridge!

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$400,000.00 @ 2024

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Should also check out staking and trading.


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>i really hope u kill yourself in the future btw.
wow, is this the power of core coiners?

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>Neck yourself OP.
this is the power of core coiners. Where does the anger come from?

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>Craig is a cockroach refusing to die.
what's going on with all this attacks on craig and bsv supporters? Do you persive us as a threat to your core coin segwit lightning coin or something?

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An overflowing toilet is a nuisance, not a threat

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Because you have plenty of evidences showing CSW is a complete fraud and we are tired of retarded shills

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There is such a thing as signing with that Genesis private key, no bitcoins needed. Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you're a fool rather than open it and clear all their doubts Sanjay

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no there isn't. You are simply parroting what blockstream and other bsv haters are saying. It is you and them who lies and forges and scams - NOT Craig. There is a reason he is going to court. This campaign against him has to stop. It is pure evil

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>Holy crap people. No wonder this is all heating up. According to the hacked tulips trust document from 2015, reportedly showing Craig Wright and David Kleiman forming a secret trust controlling over a million BTC. That Bitcoin is going to be officially released to Wright on Jan 1 2020.
>Thats what all this is about. Thats why Satoshi’s bitcoin never moved. THEY COULDNT. Thats why Wright teamed up with Ver and Wu to move away from Blockstream’s Bitcoin (LLC) only for Wright to then move onto creating BSV alone because only he knows the full original idea and implementation in the world.
>This fucking guy has had to watch his hard work into something world changing, losing a good friend in the process, be perverted by InQTel spooks. Cant yet prove his taking part in the creation because his access to Satoshi’s wallet isnt rightfully his yet.
>OMFG. This man is going to get access to the BTC and fucking dump it and completely reset the crypto game in the process. BSV will become the “peer to peer digital cash,” and be able to handle all of the op-code functions like smart contracts rendering a large portion of other crypto projects pointless.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH HOLY SHIT that's the entire article. Literally could be a fucking shitpost from /biz/

>According to the hacked tulips trust document from 2015


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hey hey hey

cockroaches sucking craigs dick ..

come on !

mum not proud .

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>retarded shills
Almost every corecuck I run into doesn't know what the purpose of mining is/they think they are validating the network with their laptop """node""". This whole problem stims from not reading the whitepaper, which no corecuck has ever done.

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>they are validating the network with their laptop """node""".
Our own in house retard, O1G, is very loud and outspoken about himself and his laptop

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Haha my core node haha. If you don't trust miners with your wallet what the fuck are you even in blockchain

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Craig minions with DERP language?


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I don't think hes a retard, I think he's unironically a paid shill at this point. I went over sections of the whitepaper with him for like 3 or 4 hours last night (I did all the quoting that faggot refused to quote anything from it) differentiating exactly what a full node is and what it does and how that is massively different from one I can literally run in RAM. After all of that he just said I'm a dumb cashie who doesn't know what I'm talking about. And the fucking way he tried to say shit like "terminology has changed since the whitepaper", pilpul if I've ever seen it. Theres no way that guy isn't a shill.

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>After all of that he just said I'm a dumb cashie
LOL, that is his go to phrase when he cant answer. That or "curry nigger". kek.

You are kind of right and he does seem to utilise the pilpul technique. His anger when confronted with his nonsense is also quite telling

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Holy crap people. No wonder this is all heating up. According to the hacked McDonald's document from 2015, reportedly showing Sergey Nazarov and Vitalik Buterin forming a secret trust controlling over a million burger recipes. Those burger recipes are going to be officially released to Nazarov on Jan 1 2020.

Thats what all this is about. Thats why Sergey’s mainnet was never work on. THEY COULDNT. Thats why Nazarov teamed up with Buterin and SWIFT to move away from McDonald’s burger recipes (LLC) only for Nazarov to then move onto creating burger recipe's alone because only he knows the full original idea and implementation in the world.

This fucking guy has had to watch his hard work into something world changing, losing a good friend in the process, be perverted by InQTel spooks. Cant yet prove his taking part in the creation because his access to the recipes isnt rightfully his yet.

OMFG. This man is going to get access to the McDonald’s burger recipes and fucking dump it and completely reset the fast-food game in the process. Sergey's burgers will become the “original fast food,” and be able to handle all of the complex food preparations like a grill and fry station rendering a large portion of other burger projects pointless.

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>BSV can't get a crumb of buyers' confidence
You are so, so fucked.

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That was fuckin great

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File: 116 KB, 1199x752, CraigCockroache.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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400k per bitcoin (bsv) divided by 60.. 2024
Mommmmmmm I need 60dollars

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Kind of ironic that the final update is on February 4th 2020.

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>What the fuck do we do?
kill him
how much monero for an assassin

>> No.13431824

I used my laptop to validate your image but it said this block >>13431663 was the valid block

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It doesn't seem like your Shitoshi knows how locking coins in a multiple signature fund works.
Protip: you have to move the coins first

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>I'm Bill gates please invest in my next venture.
>Oh cool I would love to but I need some proof first.
>No fuck you I'm fucking Bill Gates.
>Dude it doesn't have to be, just some simple proof you are who you say you are.
>Fuck you I'll sue you for saying I'm not Bill Gates.

What possible fucking reason does Wacky Craig have for NOT moving some coins from the genesis wallet?

>> No.13431883

he doesn't even have to do nLock time. Literally all he has to do is say all these addresses are in a legal trust, and get all parties involved to sign, and it is done

no there would be nothing stopping him TECHNICALLY from moving the coins, but LEGALLY he would be violating the terms of the trust, and thus this would trigger tax penalties and legal penalties. It is quite simple. you anarchist drug addicts can't seem to wrap your head around the fact that he is a law abiding citizen who does the right thing.

>> No.13431885

He doesn't want brainlet fans and sycophant

>> No.13431890

retard, the addresses are in a legal trust. it is not some nLock multi sig wizardry bullshit. It is literally just the keys sitting in a vault, and a piece of paper saying basically 'don't move them or else'.


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OK, if YOU say so it MUST be true!!!

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lol why am I even helping you late adopting retard zoomer discord trannies I have no idea

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So much gibberish.


>> No.13431948

with craig something big will always happen in the future.
>wait till this
>wait till that
>in 1 year this
>in 6 months that
typical of mentally ill deluded losers

>> No.13431959


DERP is all read.

Craig the cockroach with cartoon network mind.

You lemmings believing this roach xD

He would re write history and you DERPS would eat it up.

Circle jerk with some cookies is what you do everyday now


>> No.13431967

>Always in the future
How many January 1 2020s do you think there are bruv?

>> No.13431985


A minion following his demon.


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I think its safe to say that 'Satoshi' was simply Wright and Kleiman partnered together to bring Bitcoin out into the public and begin its development in a pseudo-anonymous fashion. Other early contributers like Szabo and Finney did their part and maybe even worked under name but the foundation was Craig and David.

>> No.13432041

Did he sign it with his spit and blood, or just typed it so it'll serve as a "proof"?

>> No.13432081

Am I supposed to fall for that Tulip Trust crap? Do pajeets really expect me to do it? This is so retarded, holy shit. Just because you stash away a private key in a bank vault doesn't mean you don't have access to it if you have a copy.

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This is how a Trust works.

>> No.13432107

>Calls people who are at least smart enough to understand Trusts pajeets.
>Doesnt have the slightest clue wtf he is talking about and is likely extremely substandard in intelligence and capability.

Never change /biz/

>> No.13432108

According to Craig, the Satoshi team consisted of himself, Kleiman and Dave Ree. Dave ree was a mathematician that was on the team that cracked the enigma machine. He was apparently a good friend of Craigs grandfather which worked in some alphabet organisation.

I seriously can't wait for the book to come out

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My question is: who the fuck is the Trustee? Ayre?

>> No.13432154

Biggest LARP there is !


Don't KYS all over /biz

or xDDDD

Post your shit bags.

>> No.13432166

>be a nucoiner
>shill for Craig's scams under the pretense of a white knight saving bitcoin

Rings true

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The meme magic is strong with bsv

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>> No.13432180

I'm not sure, but I think I read somwhere it is that young girl Nguyen

>> No.13432248

Holy shit, that's pretty fucking plausible.

>> No.13432258

What if the whole tulip trust affair is just a giant lie? It would explain why Craig Wright became so increasingly desperate in the past 6 months.

>> No.13432268

delet this

>> No.13432280


desperate is a weak word describing this clusterfuck Craig is living now.


>> No.13432285

it's ok bro don't let them get to you
first they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you lose because they spray you with the raid you fucking cockroach

>> No.13432304

I just wrote a whole summary but the thread got archived. Because of stupid impatient jannies I'm posting it here. Fuck you jannies.

I wouldn't bother with it. The market is a shitshow. Everyone's calling on everyone else to ''believe in the bullrun'' its pathetic. Maybe if you do some really intense research there might be a few projects worth the while but then if you don't have this capacity then don't bother. Cause 99% is a scam and 99.99% of the time you're more likely to end up buying the scam than a true moon mission. It would be smarter at this point to buy into pennystocks. All the erc20's are Pump and dump scams organised from within. Bitcoin won't scale and it won't be Bitcoin anymore once lightning comes out. The alternatives are horrible. Ethereum won't scale and it will fall apart as projects start picking at the remains.

Invest in stocks and commodities or foreign currencies. It's a lot smarter. You're more likely to lose a huge amount of money at this point than you are to make it.

>> No.13432308

>It is literally just the keys sitting in a vault, and a piece of paper saying basically 'don't move them or else'.
Sure, but that's pretty stupid. In crypto, the ultimate owner is the one who owns the private key. If you just put your key in a vault, it doesn't mean you don't own it anymore: you could remember it or save somewhere else. Besides, how are they gonna check if the funds are moved? By checking the blockchain explorer? Does the law even acknowledge it? Something really sketchy about the whole story.

>> No.13432313

>what's going on with all this attacks on craig and bsv supporters?
what's going on with all the sv shilling of late as sv goes below fucking $60 and heading towards sub $50? are you afraid it is heading straight to 0?

>> No.13432322

based cz fetched the raid

>> No.13432360

Crypto is such a mess it wouldn't suprise me if someone pretended to be Craig buying old wallets. Because that's how censored this censorship resistant blockchain ecosystem actually is.
You're more than likely a bot anyway. Let Bitcoin compete you fucking dweeb. If Core is so much better it should win. But imo they're all crap.

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This rumor has been going around since forever and it's still just a rumor.

What if tho? With BSV so low right now it cost very little to have some, just in case.

>> No.13432377


You should check this out:


Marketing soon commencing with professionals.

You would know if you looked around.


>> No.13432395

>its locked in Trust until 2020
With fucking what? A smart contract?

You're retarded, the actual Satoshi can move those coins any time he wants.

>> No.13432398


Did the spacing hurt your bias?

oh my

Maybe you should look at the head of things..

See if they are any incentives at all for the coin.

Yeah competition is good, real good actually!

Cockroaches like Craig tho! he halts everything as a rugrat throwing kaka around.

Just like Roger Ver

Two imbeciles destroying the Crypto Spark.

What if they just left !

We all would finally breath and do this right.

>> No.13432417

>>its locked in Trust until 2020
>With fucking what? A smart contract?
Legally. You have heard about the law, right? The thing that allows business to operate like in a first world country

>> No.13432421

Explain. >>13432308

>> No.13432427

yikes and cope

>> No.13432428

pffffffffffffffhahahahahaha you fucking retard

>> No.13432431

>living in a society
Pick one you basement dwelling faggot

>> No.13432436

I pick anarchy because I'm not a cuck

>> No.13432438

>everyone who doesn't agree with me is a cockroach.
>Muh crypto spark
>finally breathe and do this right
What you mean, no opposing views left? So the lightning jew can be implemented? It's a fucking shame what happened to core. And if you're supporting core you're only supporting the interests of big corporations, banks and bilderberg. I don't agree with Craig, he's unorthodox and as far as I'm concerned it's another shitshow.
Judging by your reply you're obviously pretty naive.

>> No.13432442

Move to Somalia then tough guy bet you’ll last real long there

>> No.13432450

>cuck coping with being a little cuck

>> No.13432454

Are you trying to tell us all of Satoshi's coins are in the Tulip trust?

>> No.13432458


LN jew ?

Opposing views?

Core ?

Naive ?

Big corp, bilderburgers xD

God damn you unhinged ..

Your whole life is an innuendo.


Why did you stop your medications?


You need help asap

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>> No.13432463

Then even the "muh legally locked" argument doesn't explain why kreg is unable to move Satoshi's coins.

>> No.13432465

>kike coping with being a kike
Cope kike cope

>> No.13432467

This type of response might work on Reddit but I think most people here can see trough that bullshit. You make yourself look like a complete idiot.

>> No.13432472

you are learning, but you obviously have a lot of reading to do

>> No.13432473

only kikes give a fuck about kike (((laws)))

>> No.13432476

The only argument I made just BTFO'd OP's little thread, the fuck are you talking about.

>> No.13432478


Why doesn't his mum have a wallet back in the day?

Oh his mum don't believe his own son.

Compulsive lying since birth...

But here you are!

Sad little minions swallowing Cockroach Craig´s Cum all day long.

Pretty inept.

>> No.13432484



You dense?

My spacing hurt your thinking?

Go and write a book about your boring conclusions and see if anyone gives a fuck ;)


>> No.13432493

I never said you didn't btfo op, did I?

>> No.13432516

I don't really care about the spacing. But it does say a lot about your personality. The way you engage into an argument says even more. You can reply to this and have the last word. Go on have the last word.

>> No.13432523

Are you Q anon???

>> No.13432528

I think he's just drunk.

>> No.13432529

>Go on have the last word
I'll take it. Are you ready? Here it comes:


>> No.13432531



Looking forward to your inept book.

>> No.13432564

i would argue you can lose much more than what you can possibly gain. if you multiply them with their likelihood. why not play the lottery instead? much better chances.

>> No.13432580
File: 25 KB, 640x481, funny10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing regular lottery has better chances than playing the crypto lottery

>> No.13432614

An oxymoron

>> No.13432628

no way it doesn't have any roaches on it so i know it's not valid

>> No.13432637

generally untrue except for sv replacing bitcoin where lottery is a safer bet.

>> No.13432713
File: 17 KB, 368x315, 1555216350245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

01G = 01megGreg

>> No.13432724
File: 22 KB, 350x372, 153252469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL so that's what Calvin meant in that interview.
The STIFFening is real

>> No.13432906

Oh sure, years of twitter spergouts and screeching, when he could just come out with this trust story right away. Classic greg sanjay.

>> No.13432914


Another brainwashed incel ?

White and Proud, Yes.

Is it hard?

>> No.13432982
File: 255 KB, 640x640, 1554588964841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>22 posts by this ID

>> No.13433071

Why do you type like a slav?

>> No.13433135


The cockroach exterminator xD


Honk Honk!

fucking clown world with cockroaches screaming Craig is God.

Honk ! xD

>> No.13433142



Why are you so horrible inbred?

Explain yourself !

Oh you can't XD

>> No.13433154

Yep, it's a slav. Thus not white

>> No.13433161


Cute conclusion, where did that come from?

Inbred thinking?

Looks like it.


>> No.13433488

Remember that Craig scammed Gavin Andresen by faking a signature from the block 1 key.

If it was not a scam -- and he actually had the block 1 key -- he'd be able to publish a signed message, or even move those coins.

If he had those keys he'd also be rich and wouldn't need to con his paypig daddy Calvin Ayre.

>> No.13433512
File: 176 KB, 500x492, werd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BSV Buyers

>> No.13433530

>his paypig daddy Calvin Ayre

>> No.13433722

he can still sign from those addresses without moving funds to prove he owns the genesis key

>> No.13433770

He will never move those coins. He isn't Satoshi, he doesn't own shit.

>> No.13433801

>not being able to sign and not willing to sign are the same thing

>imagine thinking if one had the keys he would instantly sign when the mob demands it

top kek

>> No.13433918

If he is Satoshi, then BTC, BCH, and BSV are all going to 0. Enjoy king ETH

>> No.13434075
File: 30 KB, 657x561, npcnoise.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love how the CSW threads attract countersignaling retards like this. I can't think of a better endorsement. Reminds me of when Obama or some other shitlib talks about guns.

>> No.13434098

Whatever. Always something you guys come up with. And there will be something else once this doesn't happen, even once Craig Wright is out of the picture. Always fucking something.

>> No.13434114
File: 62 KB, 1059x599, craig ipadress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll just put this here. Do with it as you please

>> No.13434161

I read this in his article today, is there an instance of satoshi using this IP address?

>> No.13434169


>> No.13434246


>> No.13434257

what the fuck am i looking at?

>> No.13434299

you mean the public keys from mt gox?

>> No.13434305

tell me wright now wtf am i looking at?

>> No.13434339
File: 1.10 MB, 239x240, 1554906620006.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, so many breadcrumbs
So many prophets
So many narratives
So many dots to connect
So much to read

Isn't it exciting?

>> No.13434350

Ebin great post holy shit lel xD

>> No.13434736

>you could literally show him moving coins and people would still say it's a scam
I will reassign my own gender, undergo operation let him fuck me in every way possible for the rest of my life, if he proves to be Satoshi by simply moving the coins from one wallet into another just one ONCE!

>> No.13434756

I could understand these being released January 1st 2020, but why would it go to satoj?

>> No.13434769

They're defenses not attacks. If ChainLink kept demanding that they're actually Ethereum and "Ethereum Core" is a scam, you'd be annoyed too.

>So after buying plenty of Ethereum (LINK) I realized Coreum (Eth) really is dead.
It's simply incorrect and grates on the brain.

>> No.13434806

so he was in australia at the time...

>> No.13434817

Why does it even matter if CSW is satoshi? Say he proves it (fat chance) you’re not gonna suddenly all-in BSV anyway. All it would prove is Satoshi got a good idea once and then fucked it up.

>> No.13434833

no it would mean satoshi was a horrible person and a drunk abusive faggot that likes corporatism, oppressive power structures, patents and stifling competition with threats and legal strong-arming.

>> No.13434887

craig autists and curry men leave biz please and never come back

>> No.13434988
File: 218 KB, 1024x924, 1555808392000m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup, wonder why? I also wonder why they are reinstating obsolete pay-to-public-key transactions for old offline transactions... Hmmmm, could it be that Satoj (CW) and his tulip trust locked away unsent txs?


>> No.13435002
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*Limited p2pk support (aka, allow old but no new or up to current block height)

>> No.13435210



Nice homework

Who do you deliver this to?

>> No.13435245
File: 676 KB, 2048x2048, greg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>26 posts by this ID
Greg holy shit you have serious mental problems lol

>> No.13435262

Shills post about the tulip trust all the time, it's a con, you're here because it's summer

>> No.13435392

I thought it's Sergey Nazarov? Did biz lie to me?

>> No.13435399
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I could never see the CEO of Nasdaq delisting Microsoft because Bill Gates had not provided proof yet that he in fact created Microsoft. Time will tell. Craig Wright was however part of the 1st group of scientists that created Bitcoin in 2009.

>> No.13435561
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>> No.13435662

fuck u faggot tell me

>> No.13435701
File: 399 KB, 664x4124, csw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sell your shitcoins while you can

>> No.13435745
File: 446 KB, 618x623, 1556134525753.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lel cw btfo

>> No.13435854
File: 200 KB, 1578x1944, cult-of-creg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing new there but it can't be repeated enough

>> No.13435928

> This guy on Twitter says all the transactions point to Mt Gox.
> Mt Gox
> "The return will be in the form of a return of control of a company."
> January 1 2020

I wonder who would have the largest vested interest and usage of a currency exchange and old big wallets associated with it.
> Could it be the the creators of the that singular currency?
Nah, couldn't be.

>> No.13436028

> This guy on Twitter says all the transactions point to Mt Gox.
uhm, excuse me... what transactions ?
the tulip trust are public keys he noted down from mt gox
even Roger's address is listed

Imagine I took a bunch of public keys from Binance and told people that those are part of a trust
lmfao keep waiting for Jan 2020
that's Calvin's exit date

>> No.13436061


>> No.13436227

it's dr who for you or more accurately who phd in what?

>> No.13436319

>Imagine I took public keys and listed them in a Trust...
Uh huh you're getting warmer...

>> No.13436663

satoshi was pretty adamant about trust being an inherently bad thing tho that is bound to be betrayed

>> No.13436743

Why would Craig set up a Trust with Dave if he was Satoshi?
If Satoshi is a team effort then Craig is lying by claiming he is "Satoshi"

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