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Eterbase is the first regulation compliant bank-grade European cryptocurrency exchange offering fast, secure trading on a clean, powerful user interface with IBAN and SEPA fiat integration features coming out on public launch. Eterbase is offering an extremely fast trading platform with a highly scalable modular architecture capable of millions of transactions per second. Market makers and takers can enjoy premium incentives such as negative trading fees and more incentives will be explored for tokenholders in the future.

Current roadmap:
>April to June - On-going exchange listings
>May 15th - Closed Beta Testnet
>May 20th - Closed Beta Mainnet
>End of May - Testing of IBAN and SEPA integration complete
>June 17 (at the latest) - Public launch of eterbase.exchange with crypto to crypto & crypto to fiat pairings with IBAN & SEPA integration
>July - Initial exchange offerings will begin to be rolled out
>Q1 2020 - Eterbase cryptocurrency debit cards

Full whitepaper:

Negative Trading Fees:

On the Jeeves Group FUD (https://yuki.la/biz/13287892#p13287892):
Eterbase CEO on TG:
>"Jeeves Group and all its members have resigned from the board of ETERBASE AG. We will give more information on this and legal status as we go."

Father of Eterbase CIO / CFO, Jozef Brhel, is worth €200m

520M people live in countries covered by the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA):

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people on here need to understand eterbase is a truly secure exchange, the first of its kind

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Eterbase Cash, as you may have heard, had an exploit in the contract code that was taken advantage of. The hacker managed to only get away with ~$13,000 in ETH by selling his generated XBASE on IDEX.
IDEX and all other exchanges that supported Eterbase Cash had deposits and withdrawals of XBASE immediately closed off after this was discovered.
The new contract, Eterbase Coin, has been audited thoroughly and is now seeing relisting.

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like I said 100 percent secure and impregnable

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>cant even code the smart contract if a bloody TOKEN
>expects us to trust the whole exchange with your money
Gonna be a hard hard pass from me

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Here is a link to the most recent Eterbase Coin Audit report:


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this is now 100% secure you will buy within idex exchange with etherem token

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Oh, you mean as secure as the previous contract?
>pic related
*breaths in*

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No point in shilling this here, it was shilled enough and it was always branded as a scam by the low IQ shitcoin holders of this board. The average idiot here is not smart enough to see a next top 100 coin until it hits top 50 and dumps from there, where they will buy the top and cry "scam".

Fuck you all brainlet faggots, FUD it all you want, your mother will be whoring herself for a few xbase coins in a year to pay for your student debt.

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Much more extensive audit done: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sW89xI2UYYKsHhAOvmItU-_goQlk1PPK

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You will learn this since today. Very secure, managing to send my ether tokens to purchase today.

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fast, secure trading also clean interface

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Eterbase AMA hosted by CEO & CTO:

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very stable now. willful introduce xbase SV airdrop if any problem.

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You are going to witness an explosion in price like you‘ve never seen before. Not even with Raiblocks.

Mark my words.

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>Yes sir, very stable. pls buy my coins sir, it is very gud coin.
Fucking Pajeets, go back to shit in your streets and stop clogging up this board. This shitcoin has been proved as a scam before, they can't even code a smart contract, smart /biz/raelis will look at this thread, spit on it, and move on.

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How can it be proved a scam if no scam happened? I assume you‘re not that much of a smart /biz/raeli.

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Like I spit in your mothers mouth and give her a slap after she swallows, it's my way of telling her she did a good job. You don't want to buy this, gtfo.

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>proven scam
Jeeves Group have resigned from the board of ETERBASE AG.
There will be more information about this in the near future

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>no scam happened
Being incompetent falls under the guise of scamming
>Waaahaaaa, stop FUDing my coin, I put my life savings in this, stop it waaaahaaaa
Yet Eterbase still shares the same HQ as the Jeeves group...

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Jeeves were trustees that were involved in setting up the groundwork for Eterbase. They are no longer on the board.

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show me your portfolio, i bet you have NEXT

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Kek, I dont own that shit either. But stay coping, I am not discriminatory towards shitcoins, might take a look in their next thread and have some more fun. I just want your stupid little TG group to fuck off, trying to dump your bags you bought at ATH.
Absolutely wasted digits, still doesnt show me how anyone is supposed to trust an exchange that cant code a smart contract

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Right, it means nothing that they resigned. Resigned doesnt mean any involvement.

This anon has it right.

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i could sell now with almost 4x gains, i think this has a lot more potential to the upside, more than any other coin i'm aware of, unless you want to shill me something.

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You've been sick, get some fresh air.

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we'll see how well the belief xbase is a scam will age

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I get plenty more fresh air than your basement dwelling faggot ass does

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next bags are heavy eh?

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Coinmetro is horse shit and already does all you said, literally everything.

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>literally everything
the absolute delusion

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Look at it yourself.

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i dont think you realize this but let me clue you in.
XCM is complete garbage because their vision is way too unrealistic and there is WAY too much for them to handle (they cannot, and wont be able to handle.)
Look at the price yourself.
>$4,300 volume
nice exchange bro

>b-but they're doing all of it alrea-
no. they are not. they have too much on their plate and won't succeed.

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uuuh, your little brain got hurt ?

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lolollolololoolllolol u mad fudders? lolololol

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> Xbase upgraded to xbase coin smoothly
> New website launched
> Exchange will launch on time this June (1.5 months)
> coin is now super cheap (0.4 cents)
Fud more pajeets, meanwhile I fill my bag

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this guy fucks

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Ya, he fucks /biz/.

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Hopefully he can unfuck your delusional brain as well.

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13 posts by this id.
Heavy bags or marketing team?

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Delusional - First the team allowed the coin to dump to unexpected levels and obviously bought at that price. Then they said, they will do a buyback.
This allowed the price to pump, never anything else mentioned of a buyback.
Then they said they will give a surprise and you know what was the surprise - they dumped the coin on Idex by unlocking their tokens.
So, instead of a buyback they minted more and dumped it.
Then they changed the contract and stopped all trading once price stabilized.
The contract code an an error in just 4-5 days.
Who is here dumb to believe that hackers are looking for exploits immediately when contracts are created.
Lads, the inside story is that they had planned it all along. They sell their bags high, create FUD, buy low, announce good things, buy high. The cycle continues.
And their exchange isn't yet ready.
If this is how a regulated exchange operates, I am better off unregulated

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Nice conspiracy theory retard
Crawl back into your gutter
Why would they sell "massive bags" at a loss you blubbering moron?
Do you not realize the ICO was $0.015?
The dump was people, such as yourself, freaking out and hysterically dumping their bags

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no fucking thanks

still a huge red flag

>> No.13429604

Congrats on this realization, seriously

Follow the bizraeli NPC sheep army

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I saw smart, just saw the team's surprise and realized I don't like surprises, especially from this team. Expected fools like you to get juxted.

Enjoy your bags anon, and give Ash my love.
He did pump well, so I got my 2x, wanted 5x but I don't like to be outsmarted by the team.
I was right. I never saw that price after I sold

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This is all fud by whales who wants cheap xbase.
Everything is fixed now, no more hacks, bugs, p&d, everything will be fine anons, you won’t lose your hard earned money, best investment of the year, fully regulated, trust us!

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Alright gl fomoing back, will see u then. Keep sipping the delusion-aid

"Be greedy where others are fearful"

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They will fomo at $10.
Next BNB.

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ya boys, sure, just tell me which contract to buy

Eterbase old
Eterbase really old
Eterbase really really old


Eterbase new
Eterbase really new


Eterbase coming soon
Eterbase coming really soon

>> No.13429676

eterbase cash sv

>> No.13429677


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Hey Ash / Ninad, find some other coin to pump and dump. You game is up on this one

>> No.13429698

Can't wait to wipe the smug off of your fucked up meth faces once you see us in the top ranking on IDEX

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Price high: scam
Price low: scam
Coin bug: scam
Coin upgrade: scam
Price high: fomo
Price low: sell (also “scam”)
Thats how anon gets poorer

>> No.13430968

Everything is a scam on biz

>> No.13430992

Ico completed almost 1 year ago.
Still no product
Keep begging for anons’s money in return for an useless hacked bugged broken token.
Don’t know how to code a smart contract but want to manage an exchange...



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>> No.13430999

fuck u mother u fuck

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Team has massive bags?

>> No.13431315

Its pretty obvious that XBASE is a scam.

>> No.13431328





>> No.13431371

just wait a little bit
team is gonna dump some tokens again like last time

>> No.13431738

Holy fucking cringe.
The absolute STATE of /biz/ NPCS.
I showed you already reasons why the Jeeves Group FUD is fake and fucking gay.
Complete whiny babies
Strap in or stay homosexual

>> No.13431756


truthfully, how does it feel promoting a scamcoin?

>> No.13431792

How will it feel buying my bags?

>> No.13431814

What did you show nigger? Some fucking Robert AUXT text from Telegram "they have resigned", you're an idiot and should KYS if you accept that for a fact.

>> No.13431838

Watch the ama with timestamp i linked in the original post you complete manchild

>> No.13431869


lol you wish someone would buy your scamcoin bags. how heavy are they?

>> No.13431882


Jeeves aren't even on the board anymore
Imagine the look on your face when you buy my bags

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If you don't want Eterbase to succeed...

>> No.13431913

At x10 price

>> No.13431923

>he thinks they wont still be involved

gas yourself shilly

>co-opting faketoshi to promote your scamcoin bags


>> No.13431984

>he thinks that the Bilderberg group funded Blockstream development team's slow as fuck satellite lightning network will compete against 128mb blocks and soon to be 256mb blocks
Holy shit. It's almost as if you're a complete fucking retard loser that sips other people's koolaid?
Imagine my shock

>> No.13432042

OP, stop this thread. Lay low for a while and then when exchanges moon, come here to sell your bags. Looking at this thread, no one will buy your bags

>> No.13432066

Why? ALL the fud dispell material has been placed directly in front of everyone here yet they all continue on with their crackhead conspiracy theories because one shithead fudded it into the ground around the same time the previous contract was hacked and had $13k worth of XBASE stolen.

The contract was audited by multiple security firms and IDEX themselves
This was due to a call injection attack that has been going on as of late with contracts that swap to erc223, undetected

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>will compete against 128mb blocks and soon to be 256mb blocks

hows your chain reorg coming along? fixed it yet? :')


very good tecknolgie sir creg is real satoj and will make coin go to the mooning, verry stiff sir.

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Your bags must be heavy.

Means nothing, grow up. Its the same as your girlfriend/wife telling you shes not cheating on you.

But its utterly pathetic if an exchanges token smart contract gets breached 3 times. What the fuck does it tell you about the exchange in progress? Jesus chris you are an idiot.

>> No.13432407

Guess anon must have KYS'ed already.

>> No.13432587

> hacked is over with minimum damage
> exchange about to launch
> Jeeves resigned
> coin super cheap
Yet anons fud lol stay poor anons

>> No.13432775

Take off your pink glasses cuckold.

>> No.13432813

NEXT bags non-existent, the cope is hard on this one
>"How could anyone ever FUD my coin? It must be some other competitor, can't be anything else"
Here's some news for you, peanut-brain, this is a shitcoin and you're going to baghold to zero because you are a deluded and retarded faggot. Save yourself some money and buy some BTC instead of gambling on IDEX, you're better off in a casino
>26 posts by this ID
Give it a break Gary, you're not even getting paid for this...

>> No.13432896

Ignore it biz, this is just a paid shill of a scam coin made by scammers to steal your internet dust

It's proven multiple times

>> No.13432909

>Gary your going to have to shill with more substance

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