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prove me wrong

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No need. History will prove you wrong.

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Can't. It's a beautifully simple concept, and one I can't wait to see applied IRL. I just wish I knew enough to run my own orcle chain like GPS-cat man
>I'm never fucking selling a single KMD. I'm collecting them until mining rewards have stopped, and even then you'll never get your hands on my stack

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but they have Saddam Hussain on their all star team!!

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it's so simple yet people doesn't seem to get it

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it's likely why the price is tanking. industry has realised Komodo will be the backbone of smart contracts

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Ranjeesh here , this sir is correct

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They all start like this then they bend the knee after a few months

BICMACS1000 eoy

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KMD LINK partnership when?

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This is correct. The oracle problem has no perfect solution and is flawed. Chainlink doesn't really give a solution tho, it gives the market the choice of choosing the needed security. It will never be 100% and will always rely on trust but guess what, not even btc or eth can do something against big 51% attacks in the extreme cases. Also, the komodo solution works with only widely used and needed APIs. Isolated or fringe APIs wouldn't be run or you would need to fill the fucking blocks with 100 million API outputs.

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haha you bought a scam

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can't be flawed when you don't actually release anything.

sergey 1 - investors 0

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And remember lads, CLC who want to raise money off of linkies hands with their scam ICO are responsible for dumping Link and the constant Link - FUD on this board. These people will use OUR funds to dump on us again and again. They CANNOT be trusted.
You ought to NOT give them a single cent of your hard earned shekels. We cannot support this outright scam in the Chainlink-ecosystem.
Just buy more Linkies instead and you will be golden.
God bless

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Imagine spending $30million and 2 years of development trying to solve the oracle problem with no progress, then hearing another team solved it over the a weekend with 500 lines of code lmao

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sloppy sergey BTFO

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this meme can finally die now

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i dont get it. which one

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Psst kid. Wanna know a secret? JL777 is Steve Lee

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This is some tasty FUD.

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Next up: "Komodo is looking to Chainlink for decentralized oracles".

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What a time to live in !!!
I just hope he gets involved in medicine to make humans immortals in a weekend.

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Can someone ELIB Komodo for me? (Explain like I’m Black)

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I’m a nigger (but I’m one of the well spoken, clean kinds of niggers) and I just read about Komodo with my nigger brain and I have a few beefs with they shit.

>The Komodo Trustless Oracle solves the problem in an elegant way that would be require a lot of time and effort to implement on any other platform.

It appears as though ChainLink’s marketing person is writing for them. I can even recognize the language issues and I’m a nigger and speak Ebonics verbally.

Second, this 1% tolerance rule seems like it is using a hammer to solve every problem (we niggers know that sometimes a crow bar or even a screw driver is a better tool for breaking into homes to steal the white man’s stuff). What about Boolean data? (Like the computer shit, not like when My Niggas and I are boolin with the bloods, bicking it). Furthermore, the price of marijuana and cocaine can fluctuate way more than 1%. I wouldn’t want any issues in my white girl derivative smart contracts, nah mean?

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts out of my nigger brain...would love to see my superior white friends here explain it better

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Take it from a nigger like me, if the price of cocaine goes up 10% because Hector and Jesus get caught by ICE, I don’t want to hear about blocks and 1% and fork, I don’t want Komodo...a nigga want SOME MO’ DOUGH kna mean?

Anyway, that’s just some real nigger shit right there. I think for a nigger like me, the oracle choice is ChainLink.

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OH they will have a partnership alright... They will be calling LINK "daddy" for the rest of their life.

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Also don’t forget

>35 million tokens and no tokenomics plan behind it.

Keep accumulating, frens

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If not black excellent larp

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>Saddam Hussain
was just a scrape goat for the USA and their vassals

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ayo my nigga one day KOMODO CRYPTOCURRENCY will be $10,000 a coin homeboy

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You can always trust a man who uses an avatar

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escape goat*

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"every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth"

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it's like Tron. that should explain everything to someone such as yourself.

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Hear, hear! As a white man, I do say, I concur with what this monkey is screeching. Very impressive analysis.

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Damn, now you’re speaking my language. G shit? 10 stacks for one little ass Komodo? That’s crazy. When that is? Soon?

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Hey man, chill with that “monkey” shit. I’m a nigger, not a monkey.

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niggers are monkeys though, shitskin

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that's rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! extremely RUDE!!!!!!!

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thats fucking rude dude, what is wrong with u?

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>be linkie
>spend a few thousands buying links, hoping running a node will give me passive income
>have to set up a node, can't do it locally, so also have to spend money on node hosting
>my node is finally up and my links are staked
>but no smart contracts is using it because the good APIs needed for trade finance and insurance are locked behind expensive subscription models
>have to keep spending even more money now just to get jobs
>meanwhile pools get to cut their expanses and get to build better rep faster while I lag behind, so I still get minimal roi
>finally get a good job
>pools and whales collude and pull a sybil attack
>I lose all my rep and collateral
how do you contradict this linkies????

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Yes, we all saw this when you posted it repeatedly last week. No need to continue.

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I just came here to discuss cryptocurrency as a civil, humble nigger to try to flip my welfare checks and maybe make some frens. I don’t want to have to stretch your oneitis, I’ve already blacked two snow bunnies today. You white folks are just so tiresome sometimes.

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meanwhile your continent is getting chinked and your women are about to be re-enslaved to yellows who are more medieval than you and literally have 0 consciousness. they're already throwing themselves at them. how's that make you feel

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I live in America

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we need sergey as baby jesus

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Hmm, fuck white women almost daily and get free housing and money from the government that I can invest in shit like litecoin and ChainLink and double up...no, not coping

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hey, maybe you'll make it, fren. then you can give up your mudshark/muttbaby obsession and breed a black goddess. bretraying your ancestors atm.

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Explain the 35 mil tokenomics, does it have to deal with derivatives?

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Hah I think I rawed this Becky last week. But for real, is this Komodo as good as ChainLink? I should binance some?

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You white guys need to stop worrying about “muh ancestry.” Fuck bitches and get money.

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>Fuck bitches and get money.

ah yes, the old Yiddish programming. you've definitely caught the mind virus.

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>flood the oracle with false data
>lose all of your staked link

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Bruh, you’ve just fallen for a different virus...difference is, I’m a black man but I’m still happy and doing my thing...you’re a miserable white boy like most the others on this website. Just get money and live your life. The rest doesn’t matter unless you let it.

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projecting hard nigga

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angry whiteoids are just incapable of being civil to other races. monkey this, insects that, etc. not worth the effort.

you should still care about your people, my melanin friend.

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Okay Linkies since this is obviously just FUD. How does Chainlink avoid oracles being corrupting via off chain bets which exceed the collateral amount?

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>just incapable of being civil

13% -> 50%, stop killing us first

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What makes them “my people?”

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oof. and PoC call us rootless, lol

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Hey sirs.
Rakesh, here. Want to kindly inform you know I moved all mine moneys from Mobius to Komodo. At when time do we eat the my wife's chicken tika?

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How does such a malnourished country have so many man titties?

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Clean meme. I like the renaissance-esque, religious link memes best

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>rajeesh ID

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You fuck king whaa?

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Hello sir.
Pleased to provide reply to the question asked.
We worship cow as God and crossbreed when wife blood from legs. Because this we sex up with our cows and after many childs we get utters. This sign good for luck and moneys.

Please know not possible to get milk from man human utters.
I have done needful and sucked many man. No milk from utters.
Please sir buy Komodo.

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i buy komodo because you seem needful for a very good tidings, okay? thank you sir