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>Breadcrumbs for those hungry ducks waiting in a row.

In case anyone needed further validation that CL is a good investment, I have located the following connections and highlighted what i found important.
We’ll start with the generic stuff, and I’ll explain how i located this information

>>Google search: “smartcontract.com type:pdf”
>Result 0:
Deloitte working with ‘Smart Contracts Alliance’ to write a good review/preview of the future of Smart Contracts.
(Ctrl+f smartcontract.com)
Also, check out who the members of ‘Smart Contracts Alliance’ are.
>Result 1:
“Demand for a short-term and long-term stable cryptocurrency
is obvious. The feasibility of implementing one is not—clear flaws can be
demonstrated with many recently proposed designs”
reserve.org is main site. Check out the investors (The Project > Current Investors)
>Result 2:
“(Smartcontract.com)Real Estate Escrow 2.0 Release escrow when the asset's ownership is confirmed in the public county records. Greatly reduce any escrow or title insurance costs, while assuring prompt payment.SALE Smart Contact“
PDF of powerpoint talking about transformative tech (from 2017).
PDF was created by someone with PwC

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>Result 3:
Looks like the first time it was recorded that Sirgay owned the domain was on Oct 22, 2014
>Result 4:
Boomers discussing Chainlink

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>>Google search: “”chainlink" smart contract type:pdf”
>Result 0:
Page 101

>> Google search: “"chainlink" oracle type:pdf”
>Result 0:
“Unsigned data from an external source contains no proof of authenticity, and thereisan inherent risk of interception.This interception threat is mitigated by a network of independent oracles that witness and sign the data, acting as a trustless bridge between the data source and the blockchain smart contracts (e.g. ChainLink [12]).”
Ctrl+f toyota
Ctrl+f chainlink
These guys seem like a big deal, but their dumb enough to not secure their S3 buckets :|
Look at the site of the company making Fern. Look who they’re partnered with. They’re using CL (based on their Fern Whitepaper)

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>Result 1:
Page 5


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It's all so bothersome anon. Wake me up when we hit something reasonable.

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kill yourself

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Live stream plox

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Just stop. You’re not gonna get rich over night or make an incredible unparalleled return off ChainLink. Buy Twitter stock if you want a good return.

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Pipe down, pajeet. Humans are posting.

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Thanks op for keall the ducks well fed.

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Listen Rakeshes....
I'm gainfully employed, have a kid on the way and bored at work.
Figured I'd share findings...

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I can dig deeper if y'all don't want to, but I think what I got is good enough

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Breadcrumbs kek, you think this is 2018? We are over this bs, link is a scam just fucking sell phaggot

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Hello timo

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will I make it with only 5000 link?
I mean, 1 million usd for 5000 link.

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>Looks like the first time it was recorded that Sirgay owned the domain was on Oct 22, 2014

Since before ETH was launched. Dang.

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IBM data power+ESB...

ESB reaches EoL in 2020...
They're recommending people move to IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Service Registry & Repository.
(Links to both are at bottom of the above link)
>Nice find, anon.

Check out their video on Data Power Gateways...

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Well, not exactly.
ETH was being discussed on multiple forums back then.
However; it is goddamn impressive.
>t. I bought when it launched and sold WAY too early....

Buy moar if you can.

You should invest in CLC, as you're their target demographic.

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Ok...so you make investment decisions off of pictures of cubes that look like a logo, by pressing “control f” on random documents to see if they contain the words “smart contract” or “ChainLink,” and from people on an anonymous website telling you that a start up with an ERC cryptocurrency is going to make you rich and will change the world in “ways we can’t even imagine”....but we’re pajeets? Good luck with that method, you’ve clearly been wildly successful thus far.

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Linkies are reaching incredible levels of nescient childishness.

2017 is over. Buy Twitter stock. Watch how much better Twitter equity performs versus ChainLink for the next five years.

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You clearly didn't read any of the links I provided. It's far more than just referencing the project. Learn to read, Kumar.

TWTR is a pile of shit and you know it.
A good percentage of their users are bots.
Once the ad companies figure this out they'll pull and spend money elsewhere.

Dothereum will enable better scaling (sooner) than ETH will have (for a while--until Release1). They're also using LINK.

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For some reason, I thought this would get more traction.
Back to the memes, then.

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Thank you for your contribution anon. I appreciate it

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And remember lads, CLC who want to raise money off of linkies hands with their scam ICO are responsible for dumping Link and the constant Link - FUD on this board. These people will use OUR funds to dump on us again and again. They CANNOT be trusted.
You ought to NOT give them a single cent of your hard earned shekels. We cannot support this outright scam in the Chainlink-ecosystem.
Just buy more Linkies instead and you will be golden..
God bless

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Everyone's waging, including me. Wait until after 5.

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I'm waging as well...

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This is the first time I've seen one of these threads and though, "This is pathetic."

I hope you stinkies figure it out some day.

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Smart contracts alliance has been around for a while, but doesn't seem to have any public connection to ChainLink:


Did you really find a Chainlink connection, OP?

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You’re retarded if you don’t think Twitter is going to grow massively in the next three years

>> No.13423889

the type of delusion link has grown to.

>35 million tokens and no business model.

let that seep in

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How does any of this suggest ChainLink is a “good investment,” and not an entirely speculative play that you googled? You don’t have much money, do you?

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What happens when mainnet hits? Will I have to exchange my ERC tokens for something else? Or will mainnet use the same token?

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This is the last time I'm mentioning this. This board is too dumb for breadcrumbs.

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The user base might with India and other countries gaining internet adoption. Not sure how well that translates to value though

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Honestly this.

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In other words, buy LTC because Normie money will flow into it and make it moon, and then laugh at the poor NEETs here for running the ChainLink nodes that enabled you to get rich off of LTC, got it.

If you think that excerpt suggests anything otherwise, you need to revise your cryptocurrency investment strategy if you’re trying to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible. ChainLink will not “moon.” No one is speculatively chasing a “decentralized oracle network token.” Litecoin on the other hand...

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If you don’t understand how Twitter is valuable...yet you’ve bought ChainLink tokens...you need to KYS and hope you respawn with a brain that functions better.

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How do you figure?

Every time a coin pumps on Binance, it doesn’t cause BNB to pump simultaneously. IF ChainLink is even used for a fraction of these transactions (which is not guaranteed) why would that bid up the price of ChainLink? What is your logic?

This WILL unarguably bid up the price of Litecoin.

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Ahh yes, the old kill yourself and hopefully respawn with better kit strategy. It really reallly tickles my asshole what I do in videogames, pajeets do in real life.

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Because this is just an example of what Chainlink is going to be used for wit many more to come and not The Big Thing that's finally going to make it moon you pathetic retard.

>> No.13424139

Genuinely confused by your supposition that this would cause anything but an increase in volume of transactions over the ChainLink Network. Why would you choose to make a speculative play on a token that isn’t mentioned over one that is already being advertised and surely will be to customers when available??

>> No.13424180

What “Big Thing” is going to make ChainLink “moon.” Do you have an actual answer to this question or do you just repeat it and hope? I hold a bag of ChainLink but I dumped a lot at 55c because the next movement was obvious. I don’t think you realize: “adoption” doesn’t cause many things to moon. Adoption usually causes a regular (usually slow) increase in value: even for network products. Speculative hype causes “mooning.”

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Fuck off already nigger I'm not here to convince you.

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IF ChainLink garners use cases and proves to be a valuable tool for companies...it still needs to prove that it is worth $200M...let alone $1B, $10B+. If APIs in total are worth a ridiculous number like $1T in total...how and why does ChainLink garner a huge fraction of that profit share by adding that much value to the users of the network?

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In other words, you don’t like taking a realistic look at the odds of your ChainLink lottery ticket? Why don’t any of you faggots actually like discussing the project you love so much. Pretty pathetic.

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>um actually chain stink is bad because of this hypothetical scenario i just made up so you should sell just like i did
Cope. Don't buy back in.

>> No.13424334

The situation I proposed is the only non-hypothetical situation. I’ll buy back when I can make a profit. I’m not into losing money because I’m emotionally tied to an asset.

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Love this. Thank you anon.

Great research on Chainlink.

This feels very much like the early days of Ethereum.

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>Why don’t any of you faggots actually like discussing the project you love so much.
Why should I? I spent over a year trying to inform people. Now the board is the worst it's ever been and any attempt at defending LINK is met with a wave of copy pasted FUD. Not going to bother.

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Blockchains and legacy systems will be using APIs for smartcontracts. We know this. So how does it give the LINK token value?

Its part of the Chainlink tokenomics.

LINK tokens are used as collateral value. Smartcontracts will use Chainlink nodes that carry a % value of LINK to the value of the Smartcontract. So yes, you can start a node without LINK but no one will use it. High value smartcontracts or any contract that has value will use nodes that carry the same or a % of value of LINK.

>> No.13424496

It's possible collateral required could be low.

If 1000+ nodes are contributing then maybe you don't care if they have collateral staked. Maybe that many nodes are so unlikely to be attacked or malicious that collateral is useless. And maybe 1000 nodes without collateral will do the job cheaper than some number of nodes that put up collateral.

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Yes, Page 44

Cool, dude.

Busted. I'm a broke 10yr old. Good job, Scooby.

Yes. People here are dumb as fuck. I saw this, too. It's great news.

Don't feed the <70

He's an idiot.
If he doesn't understand the concept of collateral+liability with high value contracts, then he hasn't DYOR enough.

>> No.13424504

You'll mention it again a thousand times in the next few weeks. Not buying your bags.

>> No.13424508

This is the true /stealth mode/, whittle away at the passionate people who want to inform others until all the new friends think it REALLY is a scam

>> No.13424521

could you please just fuck off

>> No.13424536


The whole point of collateral is to act as insurance against bad actors not just an attack, people giving false data.

So there is no way a $1 million dollar bond will use nodes with no collateral.

The derrivitve market, which Chainlink is aiming for, is worth Quadrillion. Think of the implications of the LINK token price if smartcontracts with LINK oracles capture just 1% of that.

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Good, don't buy. You don't fucking deserve link.

>> No.13424551

but your poor and there is nothing released, it actually is a scam

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Cool, dood.
What you holding?

Also, look at reserve.org if you haven't already

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Holy fucking shit, are there actually new fags here who dont know this crap? How many times has link token and fundamentals been ironed out? This must be fucking faggots intentionally trying to get (you)s at this point. Everyone here knows this shit. There is nothing nee to be discussed. This was done 2 years ago and all last year.

Do we actually have new fags or what?
I genuinely think LINK has faded to obscurity now to the point onky the old guard are gonna really get it. There will never be the caliber of discussion already had again

>> No.13424580

wouldn't want to miss out on that sweet -20%

>> No.13424585

imagine still holding this scam instead of selling it before it bleeds to 5k sats
buy bat idiots it will moon this week

>> No.13424591

Based. Thank you for sharing freely in spite of these absolute niggers.

>> No.13424600

kek /x/ thinks Sergey is a hillbilly white trash serial killer

>> No.13424603

it makes me happy to know that no one ITT will ever make it

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yeah, sorry, -50%

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>Buy the top of 30 day 100% pump idiots

Seems legit, bought 100k

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If you're down 50% on link then you deserve it, truly. That's a fucking feat.

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I read all of it anon

>> No.13424692


Im 95% in LINK, 5% in LION.

Reserve.org has a great Chainlink mention.

Hows that project goin? is Coinbase still moving forward with this project?

>> No.13424719

What do you mean by “capturing 1% of the derivatives market?” What is that supposed to mean? It’s not like...exchanges “capture” derivative values. Why would part of a derivative’s value go to ChainLink? I could see it maybe creating some value, but what is “capturing a %” of a market??

>> No.13424740

thanks fren

>> No.13424741


>> No.13424742

That’s what I don’t get, all of this shit was discussed in 2017

>> No.13424765

I could understand if the market for chocolate chip cookies is $100M per year so you want to “capture” some of those customers...but what does that mean for the financial instrument market? You hope that they use ChainLink for part of the contract? Why would that “capture” X% of the contract value?

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Catch aids.
Don't remember the links OP posted back then.

>> No.13424814

If someone wants to step up his autismo-game
Keep /quality biz/ clean fags

>> No.13424836

Obviously I was referring to the semantics of link ya dip

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>> No.13424853


smartcontracts will be capturing much more then 1% of the derivatives market.

but this is what I mean.

Look, this has been discussed but maybe its still not clicking for a alot of people

Smart contracts will not work without decentralized oracles feeding it data (derivatives example). Any kind of market data...... gold, interest rates, oil, etc etc etc..

Smart contract creators will want insurance via LINK collateral just in case oracles try to feed bad data to the smartcontract to create an advantage to one side of the participants. If they send bad data the smart contract creator can penalize the LINK node buy taking the collateral if a party of the SC was wronged in some way.

Get it now?

going back to 1% of the derivatives market. Yes, banks and fintech are all moving towards automating their derivatives via Smartcontracts. They have no other choice because it is cheaper and more trustworthy. People, keep in mind what the value of a world powered supercomputer on auto is. LINK token is the only token in crypto that is designed to capture the value of connectivity to and from blockchains --> legacy systems.

LINK is like investing in the internet in the 90s accept this time HTTPS is token and the bigger more useful the internet is the higher the HTTPS token price goes.

>> No.13424884

BTC devs aren't stupid. A lot of features aren't on Bitcoin because they just don't work. Decentralized oracles do not work.
Everything gets sybil attacked and how do your prevent that? Centralized reputation providers, wow great, might as well trust a centralized oracle in the first place.

1:24:15 https://youtu.be/etRUrqF-CYQ?t=5055

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File: 1.34 MB, 350x216, 1536018462369.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah but it's new info and imo warrants being brought up and discussed to OP's credit.

>> No.13424955

Pack it up boys, we’ve officially reached the limit of human creativity and innovation. Decentralized oracles will never work, just give up

But to answer your lame fud, trusted execution environments, bitch

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Not that I have located so far.

Been on this educational cartoon forum since ~2005.
Been on /biz for ages. I'm able and willing to help the newfags make money.
I'm the faggot that found most of the crumbs back in 2017.
It's important that as many of us make it as possible.

>> No.13424967

Whether people like it or not chainlink is the ONLY decentralized oracle solution close to launch.

We can debate whether it is perfect or not but that's a useless conversation because no matter what everyone deploying smartcontracts will use them. And that is the point, usage.

Bu the way

"Anyone that solves oracles will be worth more then crypto itself"

- Richard Heart

Hint: chainlink has come the closest if not completely solved oracles

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>Centralized reputation tracking

You're clearly sub 50.
Someone is working on reputation and will release it this year.
Open source.
ANYONE will be able to run reputation nodes.

>> No.13424985

It's all so tiresome

>> No.13425047

Strap me in, I’m rock fucking hard, ready for lift off

>> No.13425072


You are not educating new friends. You are just giving free (you)s to faggots trying to fud for fun.

Hell i used to fud link a lot but even that is boring now. There is no new information to vet in the fud/shill cycle. Till there is all we have is the same
Fags doing same shit in a bizzare self regulating IQ screen for any genuine new fags.

>> No.13425205

>Smart contract creators will want insurance via LINK collateral just in case oracles try to feed bad data to the smartcontract to create an advantage to one side of the participants. If they send bad data the smart contract creator can penalize the LINK node buy taking the collateral if a party of the SC was wronged in some way.
Do I want insurance via btc staked as collateral just in case miners try to send my btc to a different address than the one I specified?

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Fair enough.
Good shit, anon. Patience.

>> No.13425384

Why is it important for us to make it?

>> No.13425427



>> No.13425685

This question doesn't make sense.

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File: 56 KB, 646x891, 1548968888066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the fuck, it just clicked.
Thanks for spoonfeed, seriously.

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File: 615 KB, 700x700, 1552158451336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The world is going to get very interesting in the next ~10 years.
It's important that the correct, based, people have money.

>> No.13426157

How certain are you of this?

>> No.13426215


more mindless consumerism and hedonism becoming a common thing? seems like just more possibilites to make money. certainly less competition on the job market too, ambition is scarce already.

>> No.13426237

>ambition is scarce already.
I dont know about that, every dating profile I read says they are 'very ambitious', never see one say they arent ambitious.

>> No.13426310


hahaha, could be. I luckily wifed up in pre-tinder times.

From what I undertand being "very ambitious" goes hand in hand with being into netflix, "good food" , "good music" and "travel"?

>> No.13426393

Right now I feel like a complete idiot.
t. 100k link bags

>> No.13426477

Too much to type....


>> No.13426512

Because you see how retarded the other people who bought Link are? That’s why you never buy to hold in this market.

>> No.13426675

1 post
tries to fud
where's the effort?

>> No.13427269

It’s not fud. Been holding for almost 2 years now. Lost 5 BTC in sats past month.

>> No.13427483

I think about this every single day

>> No.13427511

express dissatisfaction because of all the bs, get call fudder. After Lit shiller i realised you guys are all scammers, using the same tactics.

>> No.13427526

Societe Generale issued the first covered bond as a security token on a public blockchain. They were one of the 5 firms that partnered with Chainlink's parent company SmartContract for a bond POC. Wonder what Oracle they choose now?


>> No.13427860

OP I wanted to say thanks. I appreciate your efforts. You make a lot of people in discord sperg out with this information.

>> No.13428352

This looks like a class' syllabus. From page 5: "This class will involve a presentation by Mark Oblad, Head of Operations at
SmartContract, the company that offers ChainLink."
So they had Mark as a guest lecturer? Do you think this professor video recorded that lecture? Might be worthwhile to email Professor Mark Patterson

>> No.13428433

Kill yourself

>> No.13428463
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Chainlink Discord Trannies are the worst trannies that have yet to kill themselves.

>> No.13428471

>>>13422845 (OP) (You)
>Kill yourself

Brilliant job bumping the thread, fag

>> No.13428486



>> No.13428531

Crypto is a scam. Everyone on biz is poor and retarded. I hope you all get aids.

>> No.13428567

>shilling Twitter stock on biz
Kek this place never ceases to amaze me. Kys faggot

>> No.13428625

In what sense? Deeper into clownworld or actual interesting shit like AI/VR/LE. Because both are happening

>> No.13428647

Fantastic. Clearly they need more testosterone replacement tho if this enough to make them mad.

>> No.13428680

You're new here.

SXSW 2018

"Are we getting rid of lawyers?"

>> No.13428734

>Yes, Page 44
Nice. Thanks, anon. I don't know of any other project that fits their description like chainlink does. They even specifically mention triggering off-chain events which I don't think I've seen even the most desperate, me-too, late-coming losers (e.g., Komodo) mention.

We're all gonna make it

Can't wait till my real life can begin

>> No.13428752

Holy fuck imagine

>> No.13428784

This. Thanks, OP!

>> No.13428979

This. Thanks anon!

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