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What would you do if you won $450,000 USD?

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give it all to her for 1 sniff

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this but to the landwhale responding

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>me, personally, im attractive, me, personally, im confident, me, personally, im not overweight, me, personally, im not butthurt or whining

Edit: Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!

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>I feel inadequate looking at the picture
This is what she truly wants, but knows she will never be able to attain given what she've done to her life.

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Checking those digits, OP.

Also, I'd buy $450k of linkies

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That image, clown world please stop I want to get off.

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Why does she write like a biztard

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I could buy a few buckets of big tiddy goth milk buckets for 450k and still have some leftover.

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that would make its price crash

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She writes like a huge narcissist
>referring to herself constantly - first-person pronoun density
>feeling jealous over excellence of another person - jealousy is the major emotion of a narcissist

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Pay my house off,
Buy a second one, put all my stuff in storage.
Rent the two houses while I travel for a few years

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Buy a flat or two and open up a business.

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i would write an ai that deleted all pathetic sjw whining from the internet. the first would be the whiny fat megaladon in the OP

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400k to link. Rest to stop wagecucking

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Edit 2: Omg I can't believe how much this post blew up!! This is so crazy!

Edit 3: Thanks to those of you who have supported me in PMs, and shame on those of sending me creepy messages and dick pics

Edit 4: Goodnight Reddit, I'm off to bed now! Thanks again to everyone who supported my post!

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Put at least 100k into Resistance. If you believe in crypto its worth picking up a masternode.

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Invest half into rental apartments (would get me about 4 apartment where I live) and the other half I would diversify into dividend stocks and bonds.

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holy fucking shit I hate reddit so much

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Buy 50k worth of linkies and retire in balir or Thailand with the rest

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Put it in a savings account until after tax day. Once I’m sure all taxes have been payed on it, use it to pay down debt and put the rest in to stocks.

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Buy more bitcoin.

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$200,000 into high yield reits
$100,000 into crypto
Sit on this for as long as possible. Everything gained from dividends and moons would go into retirement account.

The rest goes to buying a house.

Unironically continue waging.

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>$200,000 into high yield reits
Any you'd like to name? And why a reit instead of actual real estate?

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is the tranny supposed to be a women?

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Put a down payment on a house

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pay for med school so i don't have any student loans

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All in Bitcoin for lulz since I didn't originally have that money. If I lose, I lose but if Bitcoin goes crazy, I gain a lot.

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with proper investment you could live comfortably off of a 10% return rate per year. you can average that with boomer stocks really easily.

that would give you 45k to live off of from passive income alone. during your free time you could start a business having a safety net for your bills. i would not dip into it for the new business. instead let it sit and feed you while you try to grow something else organically.

Debt is a chain you do not feel until it is too hard to break. So with what ever you do with your time, most important is to cash flow all of it from the income you generate seperate from this nice windfall.

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There a good handful of REITs the payout 8-12% annually.
Not one in particular crosses my mind at the moment.

I like the idea of simple passive gains from REITs combined with long-term possibility of crypto mooning.

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150k in crypto
150k for a house in my area
50k in PMs
100k to sit on

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>I swear I'm confidence very good confidence very important

Wtf is with women and this confidence bullshit like what? Why keep saying you're confident when you're clearly not lol I don't get it. And also who gives a fuck anyway it's so silly.

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This, except law school.

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you need to go back, it's poisoned you.

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would be nice if the raging unattractive hamplanet could see this thread

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Didn't they teach you how to seize 450k?
What a waste of pirate school!

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new chicken shed.
double my capacity to 300k chickens.

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is that you, mike?

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1. Pay off student debt.
2. Buy a small house.
3. Invest and start my own business (having cushion in case it fails).
4. High-end prostitutes once a month.

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that is actually one of my target cash out goals for this coming bullrun climaxing around mid 2021

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>thinking that...... thing..... is a "woman"

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Put it mostly in ETFs and index funds, work a part time job and cruise.