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Fantom was an ICO scam. The gook founder doesn't know how to code, and the team were all fake. None of the original team are left. All their partnerships are fake (there is no substance behind them). Their public ICO was fake (they only let friends and family in). They sent the 100,000 people who tried to get into their public ICO a scam email telling us we were accepted and to send ETH to the wrong wallet (their personal wallet). They are criminals. They only had a white paper and that was a copy paste of Hashgraph's whitepaper.

They begged Andre Cronje to build something for them.

Fantom recently pumped and dumped their token. They used the ETH they raised from ICO to buy back Fantom tokens at the bottom after the price crashed. They then got their team and bots to shill non stop on Twitter to pump the price, and used a wash trading bot to create fake volume. They sold their tokens at ATH, and stopped shilling, turned off the wash trading bot and let the price free fall so they could buy back at under 100 sats to pump and dump again (around mainnet time in Q3).

I was the anon that shilled Fantom on biz. I misled and outright lied to you. Fantom is not "Ethereum, but without the scaling problems".. it is just a crypto for smart cities and IOT. Andre Cronje isn't "like having Vitalik as your core developer", hes just a blogger. Fantom won't have 300,000 TPS. The TPS will only be a couple of thousand at mainnet. The marketcap is 50% higher than what is displayed on coinmarketcap.

Gooks only steal.

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You reek of desperation. Sold the bottom faggot?

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like clockwork everytime

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>like clockwork everytime
gooks only steal. you know it's a fact. name one gook that doesn't steal

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i got 2 coccs for a bitch and for a nigga thats trippin

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>>13383931 Why you talkin to pajeet bots (Dot Bots)

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FTM BTFO V6 - The revised edition with info on FANTOM PAY; LACHESIS, the OPERA Chain and much more. A must read.


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Never understood why people hate scaling and asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance? Or maybe because it's a dag with smart contracts

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cope harder

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>cope harder
fantom team are criminals. they should be in jail for trying to steal eth from 100,000 people.

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we discussed this days ago. it's a lie - here is my answer from the pastebin:

>muh the team is criminal, they tried stealing funds at the ICO
Topkek, seriously?? Who is gonna believe this bullshit? If this were true, NO ONE, and I repeat, NO ONE, would touch FTM with a ten foot pole. Crypto scam news spread like wildfire on social media, so how come you are the only one talking about this stuff? I have never heard about it anywhere else. So if this isn't a lie again, please feel free to point me to the countless, outraged Tweets of those faggots who got supposedly scammed. If you can't provide them, I assume you lied and keep buying more every day.

feel free to debunk it - post screenshots of people that got scammed.

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Stay poor.

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i prove fantom are scammers and tried to steal eth from us in this thread >>13384932

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