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These 3 men are now using their entire net worth trying to find and kill you. How do you stay alive?

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i kill myself

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I become a shitskin

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superior combat and survival skills, guerilla warfare target basic infrastructure in a radius where they are physically located, recruit and heavily arm the tens of thousands in homeless camps near their corporate and residential adresses attrition based death machine. if the homeless vets with fully auto ar10s dont kill them god never misses ever

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Kill them first?

A suit, tie and a carfentanyl laced prick tab on my palm for a handshake and they'll quickly lose all organ function.

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lol i literally came here to post this

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simplet way is go off grid draw a circle in the sand place stick in center and wait. they will die and be destroyed by the clock no one escapes the time machine

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What's to say OP didn't make this thread as an employee of these three and is planning defence strategies based upon 4chans hatred of these happy merchants?

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I buy a Mac, delete Facebook, and buy things online from eBay. I convince everyone else to do the same and their empires collapse.

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Convert everything to monero, go live in Thailand somewhere (but don't fly directly there, arrive there by land via a few other countries), hope for the best

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1 Convert all assests into Moreno
2 Get Plastic Surgery so i'm unrecognizable even with facial recognition
3 Move out the country & learn the language
4 Fully Assimilate over 2 years
5 Begin covert operations aka Project YellowTail
6 Start a local gang enter into politics while masquerading as the local robin hood my crew begins to strategizing how to kill all 3 targets and steal their net worth.
6. We take out the easiest 1st Mark Zuckerberg - program a drone with an incurable disease the size of a mosquito to attack his neck. Short facebook and make a cool 5x on his death.

Bezos - Hire a team of 30 latinas to seduce him. As he's making love the girls would have left the gate codes opened for us to come in and blackmail him naked. After confirming the 60mil has been paid out in moreno we record him with a trans giving a juicy blowjob slobbering and all while screaming "Oh Hannah!" , post it online and short amazon. We also sell amazons secrets to Alibaba for an additional 250k given back to my gang and local country.

Bill - Use 25% of my new net worth of 560million to bribe african warlords to join my crew under my leadership. Curry the favorite of south american leaders with an additional 35%.

Convince them to send their brightest doctors and scientist to test and experiment to create a rage zombie virus. Launch said virus into the water treatment plants located throughout the united states and europe with an incubation period of 18 months.

Spend the reminder of my funds to build a post apolocapsye fortress off new zealand with an underground tunnel connecting to my host country.

Plunge the world into eternal darkness and sheer hell as they consume the flesh of another. I offer peace and deliverance in my domain as a new safe haven, as the newly crowned Prince of Soverginity - a way out. As the local robin hood and richest man alive my plan is complete as i'm the new world king. Profit 10000x alongside my harem

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**blocks your path**
Get pic rel to defend me
How can three millionaires match to a literal GOD

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there's only one way

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forgot to mention this virus would be "tonal triggered" meaning when the sound is broadcasted over a certain radius it will trigger the virus to react thus infecting the host.

Done within a major metro area say New York, La, Chicago, Denver & Phoenix. Rate of infection on first trial would be 23 people with a conservative infection rate of .12%

Though the goal is to get some people infected as the virus like in zombie movies - would take care of itself. Think human rabies + pufferfish venom + cordyceps - the ant fungi

I would obviously have the cure written in a dead language.

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>1 Convert all assests into Moreno
I like this plan

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>These 3 men are now using their entire net worth trying to find and kill you. How do you stay alive?

and technology*

bezos would send robot dogs with machine guns attached after me

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wasn't this the plot of a video game. final fantasy 8?

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Is Monero THE divorce pill? It seems perfect to me, no way for them to prove you have that money. or did i read somewhere that they said it's not that secure?

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final fantasy 8 was about cosmic sorceresses that transcended time to wreak havoc on the good and the innocent via galbadia garden and its sizable militia.. or something like that

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This is why I still come here, absolutely based post

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>1 Convert all assests into Moreno
first thing they'd do is buy all crypto exchanges because it's obvious you'd at least consider hiding your money there. from this point it's just a matter of time until they find you

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If they can see that you've made withdrawals of 100k$ not Long bedre the divorce, and that you can't explain where they went, you WILL get taxed on that money.

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Request Bogdanoff bros to arrange an Alien Abduction.

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Hide to my birthday party

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I would go on /biz/ and alert the world that they're trying to kill me. Godspeed anon.

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>anon turns the tables
I like it.

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Screen capped.

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I will use this status to fuck as many thotts

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Lmfao you already exposed yourself at step 1. Don’t you know it’s not 100% private?

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sentinel islands is a good bet
disembark in full plate mail with warhammer and a longsword and ofc a dagger and become the god of the island one way or the other.

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and yes i dont really need that longsword but i like it ok?

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Try to find some native americans and beg them to let me stay in their reservation. No white man is capable of staying those things so they will never think to look there.

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actually beliving in the jq

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Lmao this guy thinks he can have a handshake with Bezos

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Lol bring it faggots
I’ll facefuck all three of them to death

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>Not believing in the JQ

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They're hunting you, dumbfuck. With a billion dollar budget.

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OK, but does the roastie whore ex-wife get half? Nope. So, you pay taxes and walk away with a win.

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I use dark sorcery to destroy them.

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you don't? Given enough resources anyone be found and killed. Look at Bin Laden, they stalked his ass through deserts and caves and shit

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Throw away my phone....they’ll be powerless.

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What is dead may never died.

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fake my death

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Came here to say this. Based

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Recruit Buffett, Bogs, and Elonchan

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fake my death, and then become a bigger millonair.