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How can we make thotting mainstream? When I walk into a business I want to see a secretary that looks like this.

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Yeah... goodluck with that and the current feminist movement

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She's pretty gross. Do Americans unironically find these kinds of women really attractive? Is it because of (((American culture)))?

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Face is absolutely atrocious but body and feet are top tier (assuming you don't have a problem with obviously fake tits, I guess).

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Yea I was mainly talking about the face.

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Easily 8k for an hour we need to regulate this shit at least the U.K. has started something

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This bitch is a HB 3/10 max. An easy bang for me. Simple case of Bait, Hook, Reel, Release then Hit her with the flipped positive Neg and slowly work my way in and oscillate into being AMOG (Alpha male of group), maximise chances of #Close by using the Compliance Test and slipping into the C&F routine (Cocky & Funny). Next slap her with a Bitch Shield while I analyse her BL and try to avoid falling into any traps her BBF (beta boyfriend) might fall into himself since I want to BMOG him while he's not there. If she gives me any trouble I'll pull out the Don Juan special Grand Master style and force EC (emotional connection) before pushing for the Fuck Close.

If she has AWD then I simply know she's JAW and ditch, she probably doesn't have Survival and Reproduction Value anyway but if it's an SDL (same day lay, for the layman) then I'd SUAL and Check the Buying Temperature and Buy at the spike for a quick turn around. Bang! Easy.

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Looks like a tranny, not at all cute/feminine, no emotion, cake make up etc.

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She is a 6 baseline with +2 too tits and way to much lip filler

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Holy kek that's a good slojak

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Shes pretty sexy desu. Only good for a pnd tho.

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PUA Pilled

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you forgot the rimming happa girl

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>tfw you recognize 80% of the pictures

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Nice digits fren

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I recognize a bunch of my pictures in there

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Great assets, anon. I hope there is a bullrun.

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Feet are too ugly. 0/10 saged

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Reported to the FBI.
You know the one.

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Forgot my image

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Can I get the qrd on why Christy Mack is a biz thot?

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Wait a minute...

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Which one and sauce.

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>I recognize a bunch of my pictures in there
Which one of them is you? What's your instagram?

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No, not me literally you brainlet. Instathots don't care about /biz/.

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man she is gorgeous

i would certainly treat her right

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damn nice i remember her tits from years ago.

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This is a sfw board faggot, my boss almost saw that picture

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Tell his bitch ass that your company needs a secretary that looks like that

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Watch out, OP. I've been banned every time I post this thot by tranny jannies

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My nigga satan

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what disgusting fakies

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Neckbeard: The Thread

Cure all STDs so that it is no longer as much of a sanitary issue. You would also become rich from this.

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> feet
oh....... you are one of those

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It's really look bad, from the hair to the feet.

Btw if I found her naked with leg spread telling me to fuck her, I would do it like there's no tomorrow.
But later at night I would cry under the shower.

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what's this?

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>Row 7, column 3.
How is this not removed yet lmfao.

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> bmog

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>>walk into a business
>>doesnt realise store fronts are now digital
>>hasn't notice theres been visually appealing chat assistants on websites for over a decade

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>obviously fake tits
<-----OP is a greasy virgin who's never seen a real girl's tits confirmed

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>Big tits means they're fake

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Create a fashion line of slutty clothes. Have people like beyonce market it as something that classy, independent, powerful women would wear. Women everywhere would eat it up, without even realizing that their clothes were designed to keep us entertained. I'm pretty sure this is how women's fashion works. I'm excited to see what women will wear in the future to look more and more like literal whores.

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I see absolutely no reason why something like this should not be considered normal office attire

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Imagine thinking those are real.

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unironically yang and automation. automation results in mass welfare state with free time/UBI spent on maximizing sexual attractiveness because of competition from sexbots.

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Who is this?

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That's a good old fashioned bimbo. Sort of a rare breed lately with fake tits going somewhat out of style.

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thanks for the kek fren

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i tried to fap to her but i can't. face really ruins it.

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Its just a pussy?

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