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does anything matter other than bitches and money

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you need a bitch and money for that

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1. Money
2. Bitches
3. Friends&family
4. Hobbies

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Yes, you got it wrong.
Bitches and money are a spook and a meme. For many, in 2019, pussy comes easily, assuming you're not a teen anymore but still got hair. Moreover, fucking any girl - no matter how hot she is - becomes boring and even a chore after 3 months of sex with her. We naturally seek other chicks to pump our seed in, that's the curse. Wanting to fuck is like hunger or tiredness, it always comes up, you do something against it, and after a while it comes back again. Like getting sleep, it's mostly only good in that in quenches tiredness.
Money is also merely a placeholder for having time. If you make 4k a month and unless you're one of the people feeling the need to travel a third of the year, money has no use. People need money because the impregnate a woman too early and need to feed dat baby. Others are spooked in a more active sense and feel they climb up some letter by having enough to spoil it. You'll get it and then desperately hold up that the evaluated status means something and hustling wasn't a waste.
Something that's worth is getting mired - it validates you passively but is something you constantly need fighting to not lose. Other than that, the nihilist pill is real, fren.

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You neets are really dumb. Family and hobbies are way more important for self fulfillment, which will lead to motivation to get money. Women? They come naturally when you have your shit in order. Find some meaning to your pathetic existence first.

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everything takes money, you don't have to go to extremes and be a millionaire, but you still need money to be able to do anything else, if you have little money your options become much less for basically everything else

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I don't like work and enough money means I don't have to work. 1m is enough to 'quench' that need forever. Objective value right there.

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Never gonna make it.

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The only reason you like work as in going to an office to work with data is that you feel validated to it, mired by the panopticon that is modern society

I don't take any opinion from someone who finds working as meaningful in a city, everytime i leave the city and get out of the panopticon that are modern capitols i get an immense feel of wellness and joy. Cities are designed in a way that you feel like shit everytime you need to travel through them, modern cities are literally economical schizophrenia growing out of debt

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u may be right anon. time to be a forest dweller.

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Enlightenment is the only thing in the world that matters.

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Getting swole and making Zyzz proud

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