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Remember L*NK is codeword for virgin.

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How many dicks did she have to suck to reach where she is right now, and how many will it take for me to reach her level

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i didn't know she was into niggers

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Her: 3, (you): 56

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The word is that people sucked her dick to make her get shit done

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ehh.. she's a genius anon

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Based credit mommy.

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Oh god I want to fuck her teeth so bad

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Read her fathers bio
Suddenly the unbridled success and genius will make so much sense

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>Born into such poverty in London that his mother once placed him in an orphanage for eighteen months so he wouldn't starve

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Gordon Bennett!

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>Levett was the only English gentile pilot in the Israeli Air Force

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Why is the Anglo such a good goy jew cock sucker?

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He built interengerational wealth by doing so. His daughter is unfathomably wealthy by what he did and the connections he obtained.
You remain braindead and incapable of reading and connecting the dots in your NEET stupor.

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All he did was help start the world's largest terrorist state, what a fucking hero.

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That's all he did, sure. stay COPE to the most pristine male role model ever to grace the earth

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Inb4 she uses those same connections to make us rich too

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fucking make 1000 per coin link already. Shit is still 50 btich

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I read the wiki, he was pretty much a loser in his homeland, and by the grace of satan heard about the plot to spring up the state of israel by word of mouth, working at a diaper laundry. A crash course fighter pilot. War criminal.

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Either pure luck, or insidious conspiracy.

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A humble hero that was able to raise a humongously successful daughter while being dirt poor himself.

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A kike shill isn’t a role model for anyone. Dead jews don’t matter.

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Don't you have some mother-made tendies to attend to?

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Yea, only after being the errand boy for a bunch of Jews for the longest time. Pure cuckoldry, its probably not even his daughter. I wish my grandpa did something similar.

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cope more

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op on chrome book, trust me you don't have to tell me, why the hell would i be all in on stinkies if i wasnt coping somehow. just because they did some great things, does not mean they are great people.

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but keep kissing jewish nuts faggot. good goy. there you go, don't forget to lick all the nice creamy rennet on their stinky genitalia.

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A scene fresh from memory one can clearly observe. Say hello to your top/dom from biz

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you're the one all over jewish dick, only you could know the full details of such an occasion, but i'll be sure to say hello to your mother for you.

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You were the first to talk about penis, and started strong with scenes bursting with detail. Truly a well trained slut

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Im just the messenger, take it up with your mum.

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But on a more serious note, we would not need such complex systems of finance, if the banking sector of the entire world wasn't ruined by Jews with credit schemes. Its all artificial. Its the reason why this world has gone to shit with its consumerism mentality, none of which would have been enabled were it not for deceitful Jews who have a hard on for ruining the lives of everyone they can.

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Israel has no right to exsist.

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>everything is artificial
>the shalllowness of thought
Everyone gets the Jews they deserve

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Its artificial now, but it wasn't when gold was used as currency, if you jewish faggots did not want over population, then why did they put in systems of credit that would not just enable it, but encourage it? Hmmm?

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Imagine being her husband

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I bet she would be awesome to hang out and have meaningful conversations with.

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>alleging I'm Jewish
Go look for some dick to elsewhere. Pol is a good destination for braindead cocksuckers

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Perianne may be lovely, but she's got nothing on the Queen.

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too bad you wouldn't be able to keep up

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God I wish that was me

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>you will never talk to a hot british mommy about distributed ledger technology
Why even live man...

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I was talking about the dog

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The variety of emotion on the dogs is charming

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She quitted Digital Asset though, doesn't that concern anyone of you?

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I'll take her, thank you.

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>please botox your upper lip it's not like you dont have the money

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mommy make me rich!!!!!!!!!!

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Why deformed face tho? Jewnetics?

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Implying she gives a fuck about triffles like that. That's roastie bullshit

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Its not like I'd find myself in a room with her anyways, plus she is a bit old for me.

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who is this woman

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Ass blaster of course.

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She's 50 and unmarried with no kids. O U C H

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Actually she got married again .

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Her former husband gives me the "Elizabeth Holmes + 10 year older Pajeet" vibe.

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are you fucking retarded?

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>Possibly the only woman that /biz actually respects.

Blythe Masters. Invented Credit Default Swaps in the 1990's while working with JP Morgan. She was the CEO of Hyperledger until recently.