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How does it make you feel that exchanges can randomly list/delist shitcoins?

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Somebody has a fat load of pajeet bcash

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Good. Very good. And if you don't like it. STIFF.

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>Craig banned from twitter
>no ones heard from him in weeks
>CZ says for Craig to stop doing something or he will retaliate
>Craig still banned from twitter without anyone hearing from him
>reputable twitter crypto guys who hate BCHABC and BCHSV, say they think Craig bothered them
>delists SV next day

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OP is STIFF’d cause he was bagholding a copy/paste shitfork of BTC

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>How does it feel that a private company can do what they want?

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Feels fucking great. Fuck that faggot. He trashed this market, now he gets the JUST

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It makes me wonder what digibyte said to him because he refuses to list dgb.

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>He trashed this market
He did it poorly, there's still survivors.

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Fuck censorship but this shit is hilarious. CW is a cretin.
BSV now needs to launch a censorship resistant dex.
Or get added to one and have their community support them.
It's a win/win in my book.

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>mfw hate censorship but in this instance ill allow it

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no different from traditional markets

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>I like censorship when it takes care of Craig Wright, I'd be a millionaire if it wasn't for him ruining this market! My coins are going to go up any minute now... any minute now when everyone realizes the scammer FAKETOSHI has been removed from Binance... theyll go back up...

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>mfw i only hold BTC on RH

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Btw I had no BSV, last time I traded a BTC fork was one year and a half ago, dumping on retards that was believing to the BCash flippening.

CZ is pretty based and did the right thing, Craig created it's own shitshow that brings literally nothing good to the ecosystem, but I was just wondering if in the future they could list/delist just because they consider unethical the behavior of a CEO/Founder of any coin.

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fuck binance and fuck cz

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feels fantastic because I don't own shitcoins

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bsv got delisted for legitimate reasons. if you can't handle that then STIFF.

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Craig and Calvin sued binance prior. Behind the scenes stuff spilling out.

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This isnt the first time a coin has been delisted.

Here's some criteria i ripped from a binance article.

>When we conduct these reviews, we consider a variety of factors. Here are some that drive whether we decide to delist a digital asset:

>Commitment of team to project
>Level and quality of development activity
>Network / smart contract stability
>Level of public communication
>Responsiveness to our periodic due diligence requests

> *****Evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct********

>Contribution to a healthy and sustainable crypto ecosystem

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are you new?
this is very common

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good for the ecosystem

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It wasn't random. It was an action cz threatened to take, which is exactly what creg wanted. Satoshi never wanted bitcoin to be an instrument of speculation. Causing the collapse of scammy exchanges is exactly what satoshi would do (and is doing).

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>*****Evidence of unethical / fraudulent conduct********

Coming from binance, that's really rich.

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So whats the long game on this?
Is it just two cryptofags having a divorce or some kind of 5d chess?

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guess what late adopter, the only bitcoin that isnt used for speculation is bitcoin. bcash1 and bcash2 serve no other purpose than profitability.

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centralized exchanges Op...centralized

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Why wouldn't they be allowed to list or delist anything they want? If there is a market for bsv, some other exchange can take it up.

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It's his exchange, he can do what he wants

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warm and tingly
this is a good reminder in all sorts of ways

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Nice "decentralization".
Crypto is a fucking joke.

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who ever said a centralized exchange is decentralized, or that you can have a decentralized fiat-crypto gateway before adoption?

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>Craig could easily prove sv is not a scam
>chink delists it for being a scam

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if only one could see this coming... oh wait he issued a fair warning.

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He saw the sharpie pic and knew it was a worthless shitcoin

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Exchanges have always been doing that. Since a very long time ago.

Besides, they don't list a coin if the dev is being a rude ass (see: DGB). It's logical to delist one for the same reason.

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fuck it dude

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is there anything public about this?

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Beginning of the end for the crypto casino

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i love this guy

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>How does it make you feel that exchanges can randomly list/delist shitcoins?

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Bullish on DEXs like Resistance.

Binance will be overtaken by something like qtrade in the next 5 years anyways.

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>exchanges can list and delist any project they like

wow, fucking groundbreaking work Jones, who’d have thought ?! Also, Modum.

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They are all gloating now in victory, let them have their fun playing out their 2D chess.

They don't realize that players much smarter than them are playing in 5D. But they will learn soon.

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>randomly doing whatever you want?

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nice cope brainlet!

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As opposed to what? Being forced by the government to list shitcoins at gun point?

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This, fags don't even see how free markets police themselves

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They could try being unbiased and actually follow a set of guidelines they create for themselves instead of being whiny faggots delisting anything for any reason they choose

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>How does it make you feel that exchanges can randomly list/delist shitcoins?

Literally they can lsit/delsit whatever they want its they business.

They wont delsit BTC or ETH or they would lsoe 80% of trafic and money so your own fault you literally gambled with shitiest of all shitcoins.


kys fag

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Or they could run their business however they see best fit and you can choose whether or not to use their exchange instead of whining about your scam being delisted like a little babby.

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he and the others SHOULD delist all the shitcoins
deal with it

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based chink

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>consider unethical the behavior of a CEO/Founder of any coin.
He brought it upon himself through toxicity.
What did BSV offer that other cryptos don't? Nothing. No reason to have it around. It's excess and now something we need.

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Would never touch that exchange with a 10 foot pole.

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I had no idea this was any different than all of the other times an exchange has listed, then delisted a coin. Oh wait, it's actually no any different. KYS

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Makes me feel safu!

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It's no different retard. That's the problem. Did you even read OP?

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They can't on stellarport

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This was always the case, the fuck are you yapping about?

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Apparently, they wouldn't touch your shitcoin either.