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I actually find that Craig Wright is extremely intelligent and adept in many fields.

Why did he choose the path of a liar and, even worse, a cunt? He could have easily presented himself as a visionary without claiming to be Satoshi (and all the embarrassing flaws and mismatches that people have exposed).

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because if he doesn't play the game he is going to jail, he is a MI6 shill

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ok sirs here is the crypto brown pill

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based and redpilled. it's all connected like a spiders web... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_ylvc8Zj8

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Narcissistic personality disorder.

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this. he has a mental disorder and is a pathological liar.

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autistic manchildren can't help themselves

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Being a mentaly ill person doesn't mean he didn't create Bitcoin. He seems to have autistic and anti social behaviours, and I watched an interview were he explained he isn't very good at talking in public and kind of hates it , but he is trying anyway. It's not an argument to say that he did o didn't create it

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when you are australian you just can't stop shitposting, it's in you genes

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>"Wright’s mother had told me about her son’s long-standing habit of adding bits on to the truth, just to make it bigger. ‘When he was a teenager,’ she said, ‘he went into the back of a car on his bike. It threw him through the window of a parked car. That’s where his scar comes from. His sister accompanied him to the hospital and he’s telling the doctor that he’s had his nose broken twenty or so times, and the doctor is saying “You couldn’t possibly have had it broken.” And Craig says: “I sew myself up when I get injured.”’ What his mother said connected with something I’d noticed. In what he said, he often went further than he needed to; further than he ought to have done. He appeared to start with the truth, and then, slowly, he would inflate his part until the whole story suddenly looked weak."

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he is a scammer he hates talking to public because then he can't pick up the cues how to sway and seduce the one he is talking to. that is why he likes to work up close and personal. he will fuck anything man or woman to get his mark.

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>I actually find that Craig Wright is extremely intelligent and adept in many fields.
You are low IQ.

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he also probably fiddled children to get into the confidence of calvin ayre

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It is highly probable that if he is lying about something as high profile as being satoshi, his "adeptness" in other fields is also fraudulent. Like the time he posted on twitter some code that he "wrote" in order to prove that he taught code and some woman commented with proof that he had ripped it off from Github.

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What's this from?

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The Satoshi Affair

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probably threatened students and professors with lawsuits at his uni for his own advancement

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He stole coins from the real Satoshi

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He did it to get easy money from morons in an unregulated space.

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all of these but most importantly Creg Satoj couldn't control his own greed and because of that its going to cost him millions and most likely even prison time.

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this. Its just like Trump, pathological liars will lie even if it hurts them, they are just incapable of saying the truth

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Thanks for your msnbc advice normie

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back to your daily fox brainwashing sheep

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wow /pol/ is retarded sometimes.

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glowniggers trying to smoke out the real Satoshi

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He's not as smart as he appears to be. He's a petty conman who spent his life running from authorities for stupid white collar crimes.

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>he thinks 4channers watch fox news
god, your cluelessness and idiocy is disgusting. Go back to facebook you nigger.

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aren't you late for your daily hannity briefing?

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>he doesn't understand and therefore lashes out impotently with wild inaccuracy
like I said, go back to facebook. You clearly lack understanding and therefore have nothing to contribute here, and will gain nothing from here.

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love those seething trumplets that get so easily triggered lmao
now fuck off back to >>>/pol/ incel

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Some compulsive liars are just born that way.

I used to work with one that actually looked a lot like CSW. He lied his way into being a correctional officer supervisor, and would tell stories about how he was the pivotal force in stopping a prison riot. He'd talk about how he saved an officer's life (Who worked at the jail) during the riot even though he was on camera hiding behind a forklift watching the officer having his head stomped in, then locking himself in a change room.

He'd go on about how due to his martial arts skills he was known as "The Ninja" by sudanese gangs, and about how he'd taken on 8 huge gang members at once and put all of them in hospital.

With a compulsive liar, it's not like they're choosing which things to lie about for personal gain - Their entire personality is a lie. Once you've lied about every scrap of your life for a year or more, there is so much insecurity, mental gymnastics and self gaslighting going on that it becomes impossible to become a normal human again.

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oh, it was just bait. How silly of me for falling for it. Nicely done, you really had me convinced that it was an actual boomer retard for a minute there.

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it's very simple
he is not a good conman
you can see by his old linkedin page, he oversells himself
he could have tried to do what BCash did, claiming the idea of low fees at whatever the cost, big blocks, you know the drill
but he couldn't stop himself

I'm sure his original con was not supposed to end like this, and i'm not talking about the de-listing, I'm talking about when he tricked Gavin and the whole fork drama

this is, most likely, not even his plan B
we're probably on alternative F or some shit
those BLACKNET papers he was tossing on twitter were full damage control panic mode

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200 IQ post

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this is all very entertaining. Craig will take it to court and then what? Con the court system and convince everyone he was Satoshi?
what kind of funhouse mirror world is this?

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Imagine believing this sophist bullshit.

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It's called being a sociopath

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That guy's a REAL JERK

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/incels/ is from plebbit, you really need to go back.

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>he is not a good conman
he is awful online or in front of a crowd but he is quiet successful in seducing people of all sorts in private. you should meet up with him tell us how it went!

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>he is awful online or in front of a crowd but he is quiet successful in seducing people of all sorts in private. you should meet up with him tell us how it went!

online you can take your time to verify what he is saying. in person he will just bombard and overwhelm you with a constant flow of information like all confidence tricksters.

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