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> “The World Bank” (lmfao corny af)

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literally who

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lol I can't believe there's no reaction to this

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You can't believe there's no reaction to a photoshoped screenshot? OK.

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my wangnis is hard sponging.

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to the news, and what it implies, brainlet

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take a day off put yourbtinfoil hat on and do your research about the washington consensus and its history.

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Theres bigger things happening like CSW drama and gaybo

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>implying Chainlink token value has anything to do with thr software's utility in a permissioned setting

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Bumping my 100k bags pls $7 link

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Delete this

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>clicked the link. links to a presentation, watch for 3 minutes, the video gets taken down.
They took the video down? Can anyone watch it?

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Link to presentation

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On mobile, couldn't find that page

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Priced in

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Not to fud but rhombus is an oracle provider for kaleido already too.

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Thx just bought one rhombus

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RLC just used the words "many surprices to come" in their latest updates so lets pump that shit instead!

eternally BTFO Link. The world bank and IMF turned literal who's by associating with the chainlink scam... priceless

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which is what? i see a pic grasping at straws

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thats sumptin sexy. we are all gonna make it

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market sold as soon as I read this.

(pic related)

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and link continues to flush.
they could announce military contracts with the US government tracking the production and assembly of weapons and link would still go to 30c
this shit is such a meme

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I see a pajeet shitting on a street.

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gets juicy at around the 12:00 mark.

we are so gonna make it frens.

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Spill the beans, I'm at work.

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im not seeing anyvideos

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Indian IP's are blocked.

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you know i could be sergey right? how dare you speak to me in such a manner boy

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yikes looks fake and gay
even if it is real a permissioned blockchain isn't innovative or special

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With jews you lose, chainlink confirmed centralized garbage

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Sup craig

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ctrl f chainlink
0 results

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fuaaaarrrkkkk zyzz got me started on a fitness journey over 5 years ago, I sincerely thank him for it.

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IMF used a permission blockchain using Proof of Authority... for the enterprise smart contract system they used Microsoft Azure and they deployed it on Kaleido.

The reason they state they chose Ethereum is that.
1. Very wide use-space.
2. Very developer friendly.
3. Proof-of-authority satisfied their requirements.
4. Opensource and fits their need exactly as to how they organize themselves.

BaaS they've explored could take days / months for environment setups vs their argument that Kaleido can set up in 20 minutes.

A few of the questions from the audience revolved around data integrity, privacy solutions, why they choose this platform and how many users/signups did they have.


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Let's hope Zyzz's cat inspires you just as much.

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Good stuff
Muh oracles gettin saucy

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Thank you based Jian Yang

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>itt people think kaledio +chainlink

you faggots realize they offer more then one oracle and smartcontract product right?

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Where is ChainLink mentioned? I see Ethereum...

Where is ChainLink...?

>> No.13338765

haven't you figured out by now that's it's all lies?

>> No.13338783

Why are people here saying this has to do with ChainLink?

>> No.13338793

Uh, did you mean "=" instead of "+", you dumb STUPID fucking idiot? lmfao nolinkers eternally btfo. bet you feel stupid now. Lol fucking down-syndrome mf retard piece of SHIT. kys

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they are deluded, ignore them, seriously. Everything they said has been wrong. For 2 years in a row now.

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ChainLink is one of two oracle providers for kaleido. The other being rhombus which has never mentioned bank payments as a feature. Presumably imf and world bank group have access to the swift smart oracle / iso20022 external adapter

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You realize that Kaleido literally posted "We're all in this together"

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no you

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Seriously, do you honestly believe that the IMF is going to use your shit ERC token?

>> No.13338818

they tweeted something thats tweet in every tweet that has to do with sergey or chainlink. They are using community made memes for exposure not for a shitcoin

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Good FUD. They use the software, I.e the trusted execution environment.

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So based on this, would you say that Eth and Link is a good portfolio?

>> No.13338843

FUD? seriously, use your brain. I literally said the exact same line, but with SWIFT, in it 1.5 years ago.

Guess who's not using your shitcoin.

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But this doesn’t say anything about oracles...

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Rhombus essentially is a team you can hire to fetch data for you. The thing is it isn't decentralised since they do not have their own coin and fetch/set up the data retrieval for you. As standards develop and these oracle networks continue to grow the eventual solution will be a decentralised backbone oracle network such as Chainlinks as the benefits far outweight an option such as Rhombus. People here obviously don't consider the highly competitive API market but that will come with time. I predict in roughly two years we will have atleast 1,000 API providers plugged in and flowing through the LINK nodes. Ofcourse it all just needs time, regardless though many still forget how powerful the network effect is. I can't wait until actual ideas / companies surface around Smart Contracts that are directly tied to bringing API's onto the Blockchain.

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Stop FUDing and run your own node. Obviously these systems need an oracle to retrieve bank data (of which their whole learning coin is designed for)

I wish we could all be in this together.

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It's a shit portfolio mate. Trust me. ETH is decent, link is absolute shit. You should get 60% BTC, 2x 20% High risk shitcoin (low mcap, below 10MM)

Link has nothing and is worth 150MM+. Imagine that, 150MM for a piece of paper. You honestly think that's a good investment?

Knowing they have been "working" on "releasing" the product for years now

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I guess you're a retarded incel then.

>> No.13338875

It's Timo trying to take us under 40 cents

>> No.13338877

They tweeted:

We are all in this together. Ecosystem growth is a must. Coopetition breeds innovation. Accelerating mainstream adoption of enterprise #blockchain.

is proud to provide easy access to a diverse set of leading blockchain-first solutions.

What’s your point? Linkies are the only ones that have ever said “we’re all in this together?” That’s a very common phrase...

This all seems pretty silly

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>Me in this thread

>> No.13338888

You're right, I forgot.

>> No.13338893

Based on the fact that i was absolutly right and your feelings got hurt so you have to cope with insults?

>> No.13338896

You were right too he's a retarded incel

>> No.13338900

Not fudding, just seeing if this is typical link shit or has any actual merit

>> No.13338908

Is this the userbase someone would even invest in?

>> No.13338921

I guess you're asshurt you got called an incel, back to r/cryptocurrency with you

>> No.13338935

Timo confirmed. No one was supposed to be investing in the user base til ur lame CLC Group came in attempting that angle. We're investing in chainlink not Timo Harrings

>> No.13338963

whatever, keep losing money, i had a fun ride

>> No.13339000

If you've been in here long enough and seen the breadcrumbs you'd realize LINK is the only logical backbone network on which all of these companies will eventually migrate and operate on top of.

>> No.13339052

I disagree with that. I just think that’s the narrative pushed here for some reason. “Breadcrumbs” are retard tier.

>> No.13339119

Okay then what's your idea of the future? Who will be the main oracle provider? Will it be a feature within the blockchain itself?
Do you think it will stay as a centralized oracle model forever?

>> No.13339121

The digits aren't in your favor so fuck off

>> No.13339133

100k eoy

>> No.13339147

wow amazing. all this great news and it is still holding 50cents. truly a great stablecoin of our time.

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>> No.13339199

There doesn’t need to be a “main oracle provider.” It’s so funny seeing people here talking about stuff they know nothing about.

>> No.13339272

Does Rhombus have decentralized nodes? Does Rhombus have TEE? Does Rhombus provide SWIFT oracles? Does Rhombus comply with Accord specs? Checkmate, Lubin.

>> No.13339274

If only you knew who you were speaking with anon instead of being a patronizing shit. I'm off, goodluck.

>> No.13339327

>If only you knew who you were speaking with
Could it be? T-timo??? Is that really the legend himself, Timo "mantits" Harring???

>> No.13339344

I believe you anon
everyone is deluded thinking it's going to be a set and forget and get rich
come join the discussion for node operations and help us figure all this out >>>13326565

>> No.13339387

Night, Tom

>> No.13339395

night sergey <3

>> No.13339484

t. nopants

>> No.13339492

what this means is crypto will replace fiat in the future.

>> No.13339496

Facts and checked

>> No.13339522

I’m speaking to a bunch of deluded Linkies that think they’re gonna be millionaires EOY 2018

>> No.13339949

I've heard rumblings that the IMF wants to create a new currency to replace the USD as the new world reserve currency and they're using distributed ledger tech, i.e. blockchain tech. So this is unsurprising.

>> No.13339984

it's more likely that USD will evolve to incorporate DLT and be backed by bullion

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Why back it by physical commodities. Boomer shiny rocks are going out of fashion. Value and data are the future.

>> No.13340112

>gubment announces bullion backed USD infused with DLT tech so there's only a limited amount ever, seperated entirely from the fiat system
>notes literally guarantee repayments of shiny rock
>redesigned artwork for the brave new world, incorporating faces of minorities to reflect the diversity of the modern, progressive age


it'll be pretty cool

>> No.13340207

This shit again? I'd hoped you'd killed yourself already, faggot.

>> No.13340308

not the guy who first spread this but it's pretty obvious that fiat will be replaced by something else

you're even more deluded than linkies if you think internet money will replace fiat completely

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> Muh artifacts
> Muh history
> Muh national pride
This is literally the opposite of what DLT intends to do to the nation-state and the current state-based international order

>> No.13340335

That is the US' jurisdiction. If the US is backed by anything tangible, I can see the value of the dollar dropping like a rock down an ocean since the Federal Reserve as been printing out money like crazy.

For IMF, they want the USD out because the US has bullied banks by forcing them to pay fines of billions of dollars on the threat of embargoing them and preventing from doing any trades in USD.

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The state-based international order has already been gone for decades. The concept of the nation-state is outdated. Only simulacra remain.

>> No.13340467

>I can see the value of the dollar dropping like a rock down an ocean
exactly, people will be rushing to buy in. It'll be like a USD fork

>For the IMF, the want the USD out

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Honk honk

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