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We Will DELIST Ethereum if Vitalik doesn't shut the fuck up or do what we say!!

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Craig you're drunk go to sleep

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Bitcoin gets removed from a scammy chink exchange and you all start celebrating? Are you all literally this retarded? Or are you all fucking core cucks who like slow ass clogged chains. Jesus fucking christ Statoshi himself is out here making Bitcoin what he wants it to be and you retards want its downfall? The state of crypto is fucking dumb as shit. Go back to your scammy links or shitty core, the real bitcoin will survive like it has all these years before, and you retards will regret the day like today.

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It's a shitcoin ponzi anyways, so yeah do it

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Street-shitters BTFO

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no, ETH is the mother of all scam ICOs and the only reason CZ can afford rice.
Can't have BSV around though... those guys are actually trying to clean up the scene and end the party by building bitcoin.

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