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>Trips confirms

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Shitty normie taste. How original a Lambo. A fucken sports car that doesn't even compete in motorsports, except by itself. Even greaseball Ferrari and FIAT (Fix It Again Tony) compete. Hell even burger Corvette competes. A lambo is like the average 4chinner. Overcompensating and gaudy, but has no substance when you get down to it

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Genuinely curious: why would you collect a bunch of shit of a project shilled on 4chan? Do you think it’s funny? No one is trying to buy old Microsoft t shirts. No one wants the same turtleneck as Steve jobs or Larry Ellison’s T bird...

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>No one is trying to buy old Microsoft t shirts
I would like one

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This is embarrassing.

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Peak autism. Unironically comfy hold

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If LINK makes me a millionaire I'm getting this tattoo

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d e s t i n y

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As a neverlinker, it’s pretty great seeing you losers fail. I’ll be here next year to remind you of all the wasted opportunities.

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you're objectively a subhuman nigger with 80 IQ lmao

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Lambolinker unironcally sold that car recently

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yall wiley ass niggas need to calm down
Link is shit obv

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Just sold everything

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You are in every thread saying this to people. Come up with a new insult.

>in b4 troglodyte