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Oh my god the absolute butthurt thus guy is dishing out is unprecedented. Hes so fucking based and theres nothing anyone can do about except bitch and whine. Truly the best timeline

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“bruh u mad” is not an argument
Craig isn’t Satoshi

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U mad

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this! Finally I have a reason to get up in the morning. I have noticed I'm getting more and more happy everyday, and it's all because of Satoshi's salt mine operation. It really gives me pleasure

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there is a blockchain living in the vishnu, buy bitcoin sv sirs, very good coin, the best bitcoin out there!

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>*gets banned from twitter*

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I fucking LOVE Biz memes.

Biz is soooo fucking based lol. Craig = le god.

We need to meme him into emperor status lol, how frickin based would that be guys?

It's like... he's just as based as Trump and MoonMan. I think its because he's so sassy and non-sequitorious.

This is TOTALLY the next, most epic and righteous BASED meme.... get this:

He's on the internet...

He's contrarian to what seems reasonable and admirable...


Quite silly and ironic...

But actually a super fun and great guy.

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that's a badge of honor, you trog.

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Literally who

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fuck off discord tranny

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Its truly incredible that he managed to convince, not the world, but HIMSELF, that he is Satoshi, and then worked himself into perhaps the most autistic fit of rage in internet history by deleting his twitter and starting to sue people. All because he convinced himself in the first place that he IS Satoshi. Like, he literally deluded himself into believing he was someone else. Can you guys even imagine that? Can you imagine convincing yourself that you are Abraham Lincoln? This guy is a truly sick individual, he needs to be locked away in a psychological ward.

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>the absolute butthurt thus guy is dishing out
Are we playing reverse? Crek is one of the most butthurt e-divas on the interwebs.

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this. Like all narcissists, ALL of his accusations against other people are projections. When you are cognizant of this, it becomes blatant.

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creg satoj became a dead meme the minute he was permabanned on twitter
he has no voice in the space anymore and believe it or not, the crypto convo happens on twitter
his medium posts have been some of the most mentally ill conman shit ive ever read

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I personally don't care what he says or does because i've long since moved away from the bitcoin paradigm a long time ago. ETH is the new btc.

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>"Wright’s mother had told me about her son’s long-standing habit of adding bits on to the truth, just to make it bigger. ‘When he was a teenager,’ she said, ‘he went into the back of a car on his bike. It threw him through the window of a parked car. That’s where his scar comes from. His sister accompanied him to the hospital and he’s telling the doctor that he’s had his nose broken twenty or so times, and the doctor is saying “You couldn’t possibly have had it broken.” And Craig says: “I sew myself up when I get injured.”’ What his mother said connected with something I’d noticed. In what he said, he often went further than he needed to; further than he ought to have done. He appeared to start with the truth, and then, slowly, he would inflate his part until the whole story suddenly looked weak."
if he believes his own lies then he is sicker than i thought

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