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Is working from home the greatest perk of them all?

I don't make a whole lot of money but I get to work from home more often than working in the office and I find it to the best greatest thing ever. I literally LMAO when I hear about people bitching about traffic and spending 1 hour+ of their day, UNPAID just to get to cuck for their employer.

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Working at home eventually becomes miserable. The isolation and boredom.

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i work from home. its unironically the greatest thing ever. i do what the fuck i wanna do as long as i get my shit done. im litrally done most of my work in 2-3 hours and then just plan my day out what im gonna do (gym, go hiking, etc).

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Unironically the same. I started a business right after leaving college and its all I know. Work in my home office, no commute, exercise in my workout room, watch an anime. Go out for lunch avoiding peak traffic times if I feel like it. Took a 3 month vacation to another country and worked remotely. Its not a bad life.

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I make $18 bucks an hour working from my parents house. RENT FREE

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I work from home and have done so for the last year or so

it's pretty comfy but it bleeds into everything else you do so it's hard to have real downtime

wouldn't do it permanently unless I worked part time (working ~40 hours a week now, 15 hours would be ideal if I had to sustain it forever)

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No it does not.

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the reason why it's the best thing is that i dont have to listen to some fat eunice or bertha tell me about their miserable fucking problems or have to run into someone i dont want to talk to in the elevator and have to talk about the fucking weather. god damn i love this shit.

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>the reason why it's the best thing is that i dont have to listen to some fat eunice or bertha tell me about their miserable fucking problems or have to run into someone i dont want to talk to in the elevator and have to talk about the fucking weather

100% agreed.

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I bet you sleep like shit each night.

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why? lol. after hitting the gym and tiring myself out i sleep like a fucking baby. how the fuck would wageslaving for mr shekelberg in his office make you sleep better lmfao

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Because you know you're "doing your part for the economy" or some such other boomer bullshit :^)

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Maybe if you have a womanly personality

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I sleep very well actually. Why?

I bet you have a great drive to work everyday and absolutely LOVE the prime social interaction of small talk "Heh that weather ami right. Lol morning am i right? Huh this coffee isn't kicking in LOL!, wow the traffic this morning am i right?"

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I dont suggest that waging in a corporate office is necessarily better than work from home. How long have you been doing it for? You sound like a rookie.

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Im a tradefag with no commute. Your argument is irrelevant.

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Your argument was non-existent. Why would my sleep be bad from not wagecucking in an office trapped with a bunch of other perma-wagecucks?

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Because staying at the house all day is boring and leads to restlessness.

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How is that different from being inside an office for the same period of time? At least I have far more freedom when working from home.

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Love it. Supposed to work normal hours, but I'll just get what I need to done and answer the phone if needed. I've worked weeks from deer camp.

Don't need to get dressed and commute in the morning. Get to hang out with cats all day.

The added perk is I travel a ton for my job, all over country, so that breaks any monotony of working at home.

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What kind of entry level remote jobs can you get your hands on if you're willing to work for mediocre wages and don't have much in the way of CS skills? I'm living at my parents place with almost no rent after graduating and I'd like to use that as an opportunity to build up savings.

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if you're a brainlet or have no internet connection maybe

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Working from home is god tier, as long as you have enough self awareness and discipline to not fuck off for too long.
You don't have anyone breathing down your neck making sure you get work done, which can be good and bad depending on your personality.
The best part is being able to get outside and enjoy some time to yourself to recharge when getting too stressed.
Delicate balance of time management and motivation, but absolutely the greatest when successfully managed.

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What is it you do exactly? I'd love to work from home

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I'm a programmer whose been remote 100% of the time for over 4 years now. I have no desire to ever work in a traditional office again, but it's true that remote work can be isolating and dull too. you gotta make an effort to get out and meet people.

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Sad but true

I've been working from home for the last 2 years
It's really boring and it has vastly increased my social anxiety

picrelated is even worse for me
I spend literally all the day in front of my PC

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if it's not working, then you're doing it wrong. you have to make it a point to get out of your house and do other things. even taking your laptop to the cafe to work occasionally is going to be good for you. don't fall for the grass is always greener fallacy. remember how much more miserable office life was. holy fuck....people trying to schedule meetings with me to discuss a good time to schedule a future meeting. open office plans with fucking cunts right behind me chatting on the phone all day. that god damn commute! having to always look busy, even when I wasn't. office life is shit. there's no going back for guys like us.

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please share your wisdom
Also I'm headed into Marketing shit, can you work from home in those kind of jobs or am I doomed to work in some hellish open-space?

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I was happy when a started my home office job. Now I have zero social life. I stay indoors all day, every fucking day. I am literally a prisoner in my own home. When I had to go to the office at least I talked to my colleges, I had to walk around, travel.

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What's your business?

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I just run a handful of sites. Make new ones, some die off in traffic sometimes.

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You're supposed to go to a coworking space. It doesn't count if you're doing it wrong.

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Oversocialized faggot

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OP speaks the truth. Homefag reporting in, music and smoking weed all day at my desk drawing house plans, 3D Renderings, etc. Outside of outrageous offers, I wouldn't trade my anti-rat race lifestyle for any wage. Stress? What is this word you speak of?

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it does
>t. worked from home for 7 years and actually thinking of going back to working inhouse but I can come and go as I please so dont have to be a 9to5 wagecuck lmao

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the ultimate redpill is having an office close by and setting your own hours. dropping in for a couple of hours per day and then work from home when you feel like it. all the benefits of office work with no downsides

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im mastering photoshop and seo just so i can stay at home

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>no downsides
>extra rent bill
sounds like a gay waste of money imo

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Yeah I'd say it's worth £5-10k for me not to have to commute. It does get dull as fuck though and the wrench when I do have to go back to on-site working full time will be severe

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>sleep like a fucking baby
babies do not sleep very well

t. new father

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I walk the dog or go to the shop. No worries for me

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not if your client/employer pays for it

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What do you do anon? I'm trying to build a business but I need something to help with cashflow while this stuff trickles in

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Telesales maybe? Or writing shitty copy for meme websites

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Not him but I wfh full time. The company were in desperate need of my skills and most of their consultants are on client site all the time anyway, so to them it's not much different

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Check if its to hot

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hmm, copy I could do maybe. thanks.

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nobody actually "works" at home. the longer you work from home, the less work you actually do. At some point I was literally not doing ANY work at all, like 2 hours a week tops. I would only be only standby for emails but other than that I ended up doing fuck all. It helps if your employer is clueless about the type of work you do.

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That’s the point silly

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babies aren't hot you pedo

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That's me right now, at this very moment. Been browsing for a few hours, checking up porn, trash talking girls on bumble and setting up an old FWB to come down in an hour.

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>I stay indoors all day
then go outside if thats what you want.
some npcs are meant to be in an tight loop or they feel lost... theyre not used to freedom

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this is exactly how it is in an office too, except you're stuck there pretending to be doing something

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anyone have experience with sales or appointment setting from home?

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Working from home is the best thing ever - I get to live a NEET lifestyle but get paid like a salaried wagecuck

>wake up at 8 30, log laptop in and go back to sleep for a few hours
>hit the gym early afternoon/lunchtime when I'm feeling strongest and I don't have to compete with other wagecucks for the squat rack after work
> go for a nice swim or run whenever I feel like it
> pick up tinder roasties and get paid to fuck on works time
> do boring chores like washing and ironing, mow lawns, clean car while getting paid on works time
> play guitar and sing whenever I fucking want
> the other week I took half the day and went go karting with my friend, work didn't even realise
> my manager thinks I work hard af, I even got an email through saying I'd won employee of the month around 11am when I was asleep

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Will admit do get restless some times but WTF it's easy as heck to deal with

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Lmao nice bro

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How can I work from home

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ehhhh no it's not. it's pretty fucking great honestly
>be me
>full time remote worker with comfy salary and plenty of shitposting time
>have active social life with plenty of frens
>have qt gf
life is good

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this lmao.

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bruh where do u find companies like this

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Fucking this. But I guess if you work in a 100% remote company it should be better because measures are taken in order to minimize those problems.

I think a good middle term is about 2/3 days a week working from home. You still get some socialization going and you still save some commuting time and work without distractions.

But yeah, even if you're the most hermit introvert person you'll eventually feel the effects of lack of socialization.

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But yeah, overall working from home is indeed the greatest perk of them all.

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That's the untold thing about working from home. You need to have discipline and have a strict schedule in order to really separate your working and personal life.

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Take the govpill. I work for the NHS in the UK. But there are lots of private companies that will let you work from home too. You just need a niche job that it's difficult for people to tell how much work you actually do.

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>just find and successfully apply to an impossible job bro

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That's definitely one of the good things about working from home. But some workplaces are more tolerable than others in that aspect, so YMMV.

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I don't recommend remote jobs for any kind of entry level position. You can learn more if you're physically in a place with a decent supervisor/mentor. But assuming you have 2-3 years of GOOD experience, then go fetch those remote gigs.

It should also be mentioned that those kind of gigs usually require some kind of experience already.

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He didn't say it was for everyone

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Kek there are plenty of jobs like that available, most companies have around half the jobs where people are completely overworked and the other half where they have very little to do and sit around trying to look busy.

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Good posts.

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How the fuck is that acronym onions at all?

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>How the fuck is that acronym onions at all?

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i work more from home than an actual office. i get interrupted by coworkers in a real office a lot

t. engineer who left fortune50 company for work from home startup

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In a similar way to the thread that appeared a bit ago about how many hours a week people do actually work (the mean was below 20 hours a week for sure), you can also see that when working from home (in which you can only evaluate results unless you're sadistic and time track your employess) people also usually work not even 20 hours a week.

My question is, why in the flying fuck do we still accept the 40 hour work week as a standard in 2019? We should fucking already have 20 hour work weeks as a socially acceptable standard.

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boomers haven't died yet

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I'm afraid you're mostly right. Well, the boomer die-off is about to begin really soon.

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>get a job
>make yourself indispensable
>demand a work from home arrangement, threaten to leave if they don't agree to it

It's not hard pal

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Yes it is. I'm working from home right now. By working I mean watching tv and shitposting on biz.
I have an office nearby but I don't have to go. I'll go in once or twice per week when I feel like it. Best of both worlds.

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i work for the NHS too. how do i get that sweet sweet candy?

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>tfw actually get compensated to go to work based on the kilometres i travel

Guess being a yuropoor has its perks

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>I have an office nearby but I don't have to go. I'll go in once or twice per week when I feel like it. Best of both worlds.

You get it fren.

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In which yuropoor country that happens? I'm guessing Netherlands. That shit doesn't happen here in Iberia unfortunately, that practice should apply everywhere.

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The grass is always greener.

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