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I thought I was a Chad flirting with Adelyn in the elevator and I did get a date but she left me recently and I haven't been able to cope.

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wearing cargo pants with a skate belt is a crime against humanity

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I know Asian women are the standard but she's always harping at me to shave and get a job. I told her I'm a free thinking individual who doesn't bother with trends and finding employment.

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Probably shouldn't be airing our issues on here but I've had a few ipas and I'm sick of being told what to do. My mom made me get rid of my fedoras (I had a collection before it was cool) and I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to San Fran and skipped out on my apartment in the Bronx. All my vintage clothing was there too as I couldn't fit in my bag.

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I just sold my link out of embarrassment to my Asian princess my tiger mommy. I want to try for the other chainlink girls but am depressed

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Hey that's like your opinion man

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Bump frens I was there for you

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who is the one on the right? Hot diggity damn

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How new are you? kys

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she's boring