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How will the US economy collapse, /biz/? Our fiat currency and insurmountable debt are beginning to be real obvious.

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who fucking cares, money is the last of your problems if the US ever goes tits up and society breaks down. you should be more concerned for your life

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that's nothing the US has to worry about
USD will always be valuable when it remains super power

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I am already prepared. I'm just curious how the financial wizards of this board predict it could happen.

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That feeling is your maturity and knowledge growing, not the ponzi collapsing.

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Honestly it doesn't matter how much the debt goes up because it's all just fake numbers anyway

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I dont worry about things that will never happen.

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This time is different.
The markets can only really go up from here

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Debt is meaningless now. We print more money to manage the debt to currency ratio. We are the literal definition of too big to fail. Wtf are all these other countries going to do if we fail?

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>boomers do more retarded boomer shit
>yang elected president
>sjws funded by islael fly into the Trump tower on flying pigs
>gold prices now negative(people pay you to take it from them)
>Satoshi reveals himself
>Craig kills him for making him look like a liar
>link finall worth $1,000
>linkmarines pool their money for inflatable duck pool toy

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Rome wasn't built in a day, but nor did it fall in one either. Tainter's got a good summary of things.

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I want this timeline

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All its going to take is more countries moving off the petrodollar and all that inflation comes crashing back. Meanwhile the Fed will print like crazy to try and bail everything out, but it'll only make everyone's savings worthless and worsen the purchasing power of everyone. Social services will fail and there will be welfare riots and raids. Inner city cannibalizes itself and then the diversity starts to raid the suburbs and that's when the race war starts. We'll have all made it because we held crypto, going to have to part with some our stacks to finance the right wing death squads though.

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>it could never happen here!

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Social services will erode, not fail.

Remember, the 70's were an entire decade of double digit inflation. There was social fraying and malaise but not utter collapse.

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while I agree that nukes are important and we can basically hold the world hostage, they aren't going to support us. other countries can barely support themselves. and some are in MUCH worse debt than we are. China is actually seemingly well managed, financially. Their debt is well below their GDP and they're a manufacturing powerhouse. If they embargo'd the US, ours and a lot of other economies would slow down.

Switch to a different currency, probably the Pound. And use their American bonds for toilet paper.

This is pretty much what happened to Venezuela. They lost their major export at the same time the commies took over and nationalized everything (and added some corruption overhead). Good for American frackers, sure. But the situation could play out here. We don't export much except cars (that's why the bailout was so important) and weapons.

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The financial system will go tits up but we have the strongest military and alliances on the planet. This is all accounted for. Have faith in your military. Military men are literally the most honourable people on the planet, and live to serve and protect for the betterment of the human condition. We will be alright. There might be not more than a week of slight disorder but there will be Marshall law and thank God for that.

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i hope the world is destroyed by societal collapse as i sit home all day and be comfy

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There is a big difference between double digit inflation and four digit inflation.

If the petrodollar collapses due to decreasing international demand its going to be a fucking bloodbath. China wants to buy and sell in yuan, Russia in the Ruble, EU in the Euro, etc. They're doing this more and more and smaller countries are making these changes as well. Typically we go in a bomb the shit out of countries for getting out of line, but there is only so much "democracy" you can spread before getting some real push back.

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and do you remember what happened in 1980? we elected an actor. we wanted to feel safe more than anything. those are icy conditions, makes sliding into desperate ideologies more likely. it can happen again.

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Carter was a shit president, he would have lost again anybody.

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>USD worthless
>link finally 1k USD
makes sense

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The reality is the entire debt market of the world is a form of enforced slavery. When you see a college aged kid with $50,000 debt it just means they will be a good worker and slave for life to the system.

Debt is a good thing for the system itself
It's just a bad thing for the slaves of the system

Don't worry about debt or blah blah blah. They even got everyone obese and unhealthy just so they don't live as long. The system is an unstoppable machine and will keep going.

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USD is currently backed by the worlds oil reserves

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it's not important that Carter lost. of course he lost. I'm pointing out that Reagan won by an overwhelming margin. If 2008-2028 are a slow motion replay of the 1970s, I'm saying we could be vulnerable to ideas about "redistribution." Some elected officials in Congress' freshman class are already talking about it. This could contribute to a collapse.

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The US debt is backed by the US military and all its bases throughout the world. Nigga the world will continue to trade in the currency. When a little country starts thinkin about moving some currency to something else we bomb them or sanction them. We have many allies and many strategies. Shit nigga. *hits blutnt* shit.

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good post. do you imagine the UN will finally grow some balls and hold the US accountable? use sanctions to punish us economically for peddling too much "democracy"? all it takes is an agreement between other nations. trade partnerships that do not include us, for example.

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shiiit *cough cough* but... but... bombs ain't butter ya feel me. and we can't sell that shit to everybody. and you KNOW chinese or russians gonna get the design specs eventually.

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>There is a big difference between double digit inflation and four digit inflation.

Yes, but losing reserve currency status generally results in the former rather than the latter. Look at the pound sterling from 1914 to 1945.

Weimar, Zimbabwe, and Venezuela situations require additional factors.

Yes, and? Reagan oversaw an economic boom and managed the last innings against the Soviets. A better example is how the Great Depression gave us FDR, whose bullshit central planning and welfare is currently sapping a third of our federal budget. Even so, a single awful leader won't end the US.

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>Yes, and?
see >>13262539

your comparison is better, I'll admit. the Great Recession could give us our own generation's millstone around the neck. Universal basic income / free everything / reparations are the new bad idea founded in good intentions. My point is that desperate times tend to install... not *bad* leaders, but leaders given a lot of slack in the reins. Bush and 9/11, for example. His continuous war funding broke from convention.

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Then the situation you should expect isn't Weimar. It's postwar Britain as it wound down its defense budget, loaded up on socialism, and stagnated for a few decades into irrelevance.

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surely some states would resist? the federal government can't have the same pull as the PM's office backed by the monarchy, can it? we're a huuuuge nation, and in this case I really do unironically think diversity would be our strength. states do what the feds tell them because if they don't then the money faucet shuts off. but if the faucet runs dry, there's no reason states should adopt really crazy plans like redistribution. the entire history of the country is based in making one's fortune.

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The secession question got answered by greedy Southerners losing their tantrum in 1865 and was fully settled by the 17th amendment.

There's a reason the smartest non-globalist billionaires are working on seasteading and Mars colonization.

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> Prints money out of thin air

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computers are our biggest exports, stop spreading fake news faggot

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Check out!


Stake while you trade

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Tick tock

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What makes you think you won't starve to death like everyone else?

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If your country has a fiat currency, there is no such thing as insurmountable debt.

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If you look at your url bar, you'll see that it is missing /pol/

Consider fucking off

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The only way the US Gov can avoid a crisis is basically burning USD right now to make it rare so prices shrink , how do you do something? Exactly by raising the interest rates into the negatives.
Means , if you have 20.000 USD you lose -1% every year , after 1 year you have 19800 USD . So the GOV burned Money which ony lay around and did nothing. <- Currently happening in the EU

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If Those alliances are maintained by power and the US collapses and loses power, decent odds the alliances could go too.

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>yang elected president
Topkek. 6 more years, faggot.

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I don't know I think that poster was pretty woke. Right wing death squads are going to be required to save us from the jannies and niggers.

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>Marshall Law
Try martial law & it won't come to that - that's a lunatic fantasy.
People will get by like they always have

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its all coming together; negative interest rates, molten salt reactors, yuan oil futures, bitcoin! everyone not the USA cant wait for china-russia to get their ducks in row so they can ditch us. we're completely out of fucking control man; stuck in a death cult spiral.

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your joking right?

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look into molten salt reactors. local, carbon neutral, water desalination, smelting, safe, modular.

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You can send BTC over short-wave radio. We'll be fine.

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and right behind neg rates are the bail-ins. as seen in greece.

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Our fiat currency is BASED on debt. Debt is not a problem, and if the US national debt went to zero the dollar would have no value. The main problem with fiat is that it only has value if everyone agrees to use it. Advances in crypto will cause crypto to be more commonly excepted and it will replace fiat in the long run. Phones being built with crypto in mind are going to kick off the next crypto bullrun that will dethrone fiat.

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*your a faggot

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usd value is only maintained because we export our inflation using petrodollar recycling. without it we could sell a single bond. yeah...our debt is not our problem...its everyone elses problem. and they are very much aware of that and are growing very tired of dealing with our banana republic bullshit.

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usd value is only maintained relative to other shittier fiat currencies, they are all halving in value every decade.