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does anyone here legitimate work for themselves? what do you do? how did you get into it? halp.

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guess not

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Nope, enjoy monday fellow wage slave

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please i dont want to go. i cant do this another 40+ years.

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that's why I say fuck it, all in on BTC/ETH for the long haul. Not selling unless it hits 100k/5k

If it never does oh fucking well that's just one year's savings at the best shot I could ever have to never slave.

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Link will free me.

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Don't sell tho, by the time crypto reaches these values you should be able to spend it directly on most things you need.

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Im a wagie as well. its fucking humiliating

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>he still thinks if crypto reaches this value there will be a reason to cash out

fucking this

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Guess I'm holding forever then.

But tell me, what is the likelihood of this even happening?

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I'd say its all but certain. The coming currency collapse of the petrodollar is going to make Wiemar look like a fucking joke.

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I got called in on both my days off this weekend. And this job pays $12 an hour and isn't even worth it after you do the math