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ITT we discuss actual shit we're invested in and the logic behind our investment, no shilling of shitcoins because of pure hopium, either back up your claim with some TA or gtfo,

i'll start with BLT, actually only got in yesterday, its already well into its pump but it doesnt have any real resistance until around 3220 which is another +65% from here so i was willing to take the risk.

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next is doge, been in since 55 sats, doge pumps in cycles and has a very good chance of hitting at least 100 sats as thats where it usually starts slowing down.

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next up is AE, only recently broke out of its long time ranging and didnt really pump that much yet, its been holding strong through BTC volatility and keeping its uptrend, i dont think its gonna stop before it hits 1855 which is +45% from here.

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This is a chart for a certain coin who's name I won't say. If this coin had a very active development team, would you say that this chart indicates it's about to moon big time?

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i got 50K stinkies my fren, gotta trade on the side to increase the stack right?

anyways, last one is CMT, good volume, good uptrend, hasnt pumped yet and has incredible upward potential, around +100% from here till the next resistance.

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really hard to tell from coinmarketcap charts, it lacks details on the more recent subtle movements to really tell me anything, from the chart you posted it looks like a dead coin but it could just be the shitty chart..

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actually i'll correct myself CMT has another earlier resistance around 1460~ which is around +50% from here.

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Is this better?

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say the name.. lots have charts like this

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was swinging FET and was up like +10% before the BTC pump and my stop loss didn't get triggered. still unsure if I should close my position lmao.

VIDT swinging up like +400%
ARK swinging up 250%

FTM got in at 7k with a little bit and my plan is to hold atleast until mainnet

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i was being ironic. gl stinky

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Wtf I love doge now

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Can someone do REQ? No bully pls

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Quit the bulshit, mysterious sperg

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not much, at least showing a small upward movement, still pretty useless, i need to see candles man, also as >>13241073 said there are a lot of coins that look like this right now.

missed out on VIDT unfortunately, im still holding some FTM not sure about it short term..

req definitely looks bottomed out, not showing any signs of uptrending yet, it would have to break 950 sats for me to consider buying it, but if it does break 950 and keeps going i can see it going 3x easy.

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yea cmon dont be a fag pull the candles from binance and release the name for the 7 people that are on this ugandan leather working board

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trips of truth therefore you must

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Ohhhhh wagies. You didn't think I'd let you escape wagecucking that easily did you. Guess you'll have to cycle through the hundreds of shitcoins out there. Hurry up though, Mr. Shekelberg needs those reports by midnight tonight.

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Found it. Surprised I haven't heard of it before.

Do you really think they can deliver a working product after almost 2 years of minimal progress?

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Probably not but it might get pumped like everything else.

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Do you trade only with those support lines and bollinger bands?

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i also use srsi and macd, what are those angular lines called? they match up quite well on that chart..

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Fibonacci speed resistance fan.
Have you made money on that strategy?

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BRD has been going through some pretty consistent expansion and compression cycles with potential parabolic direction implied. A safe chart right now, though new downward net expansion will obviously be a losing condition to stop out from.

Also if you use RSI, MACD, Fib, STOCH, EW, or any other laggy, subjective indicator you deserve to liquidate your account for your own naivety believing you can outperform macro level players with shit, default setting indicators.

Would you drive across country without knowing how to open the hood of your car or understand anything that's underneath the hood? No? Then why do you literally bet your fucking money on something you don't know how to maintain or understand.

Either learn how your shit works or stop using it.


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CMT isn't bad. I've drawn out the short term mean reversion pivots for you. If you enter the 1.25 stdev of the 90 period on the 4h chart, trend will end and you'll enter a lateral range as defined by that band for a period of at least 3 days. If you enter that band, take short term profit and plan a reentry on the swing low.

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>they match up quite well on that chart..
Of course the fucking fib fan matches the chart. You draw enough lines on your chart and eventually some of the subjectively drawn lines match some of the data points. It's not tradable information.

Don't use any subjective trash on your chart. Don't prioritize aesthetics over understanding.

I'll send some BTC to the first person who can tell me why fibonacci works without resorting to "It's nature's law maaaaaaan, it's worked in the past so it will work again, it's worked for me so far, everyone else uses it, or it's a proven standard."

Fib CAN work in select scenarios, though as a static indicator that measures retracements, dynamic tools better match a dynamic market.

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Tell me anon. What are some non-subjective tools?

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did you see that bollinger band OP is using?
how much are we betting he's using default settings (20, 2) ?

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Read this.
I'm partial to distributional width readings.

Ichimoku can be effective, though I don't use it.

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Are you that dude(DadShark)?

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youd better play slot at a casino

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CRBP. A clinical stage pharmaceutical company producing endocannibinoid drugs. Great experienced team behind them. Their front runner drug Lenabasum has shown to decrease inflammation in 4 different autoimmune diseases that currently have no treatment that doesn't also cause immunosuppression. They plan to launch it in 2021. They also have the largest pipeline of synthetic cannibinoides of any company. 9/9 analysts have given a buy rating with an average price target of $24. It's currently valued at $7.77.

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NULS weekly chart check it

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lol you faggot, you really think after that long wick and maxed out volume and the declining volume on the last bar, this shit will go up? nah.

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>quality trading / investment
>trading shitcoins

shitcoins, a low-capital zoomers playground.

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bumping a not-shit thread

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Thanks for the video, its interesting but nothing new to me, i dont pretend to know where btc or any coin tradable on mex for that matter will go, i know the indicators i use are laggy and frankly i only use them for the meme value, as "added confirmation" when they all line up together, i'd never initiate a trade based on them alone.

i also tend to stick to relatively low cap bottomed out coins and wait for them to break long term resistance anyways.

thanks for the input fren

i think it could yeah, but i could also be wrong, thats what this thread is for.

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Just tell us the name, one of the resident autists will know its FA in minute detail

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pick one

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how do i buy btc