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Is it a good idea to save a lot of money working in California and then move to a cheaper state (Pennsylvania)?
I have a decent paying government job offer (about $90k) in LA. Is it realistic to get a cheap apartment, save a lot of cash for years and then move to the much better, cheaper state?
Is there something I'm missing? I guess I'm just wondering why more don't do this.

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why do burgers get paid so much for the shittiest of jobs you fucking cunts

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yes, you can get roommates and do this. Gotchas are if you can live with the LA commute (near worst in the world) and all the spics. and the onions.
I don't want to deal with any of the above so I don't do it.

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It's only like $50k after taxes.
Although the retirement is amazing.

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I don't want to deal with it for the rest of my life so that's why I'm planning on saving and moving out to a cleaner state, buying a house, and just paying property taxes.

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$90k in LA is about $72k in PA. still sounds like a good deal

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>$90k in LA
Sounds okay, but not great. Idk how much you'll be able to save. It works in principle but I think you need to hold out for better pay if you want to go the build up and retire early somewhere cheap route.

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I also have the option for lateral transfer with this government job. So I figure when something opens in PA, I could take that job in a few years time.
Not planning on retiring THAT early.

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this. 90k is pretty damn average in a big city like LA. you're not gonna be saving gobs of money unless you live like a literal hobo

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I currently live in PA, where in the state were you planning on moving? I'd imagine most people don't do it because compared to LA there isn't much nightlife/clubs/big city stuff to do (depending on where you live)

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I calculated I can save at least about 20k a year.
Near Lancaster area. I hated when I first moved there as a kid, but now I miss it so bad. LA is a lost cause. Foods great but it's so overcrowded and expensive.
Night life doesn't interest me as much as owning a nice house.

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>Night life doesn't interest me as much as owning a nice house.
Just don't fall for the out of state trap. This neighborhood in Pittsburgh (Shadyside/East Liberty) has a Google office and out of state people have risen the real estate costs tremendously. Which is really funny because Pittsburgh real estate is low cost on average. But people don't know this. They expect the high cost and they got it.

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Damn that's tragic.
Hopefully google doesn't decide to come to Amish country.

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It’s going to cost you the same thing to maintain that mcmansion no matter where you buy it.

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Lancaster is pretty nice. Be warned though that the area is becoming a huge retirement community and because of it real estate prices are shooting through the roof. Yeah if you're more interested in having a big yard and a nice house that PA would be pretty good. Only problem is that you may have trouble finding work in the area.

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I'd rather buy and maintain a big beautiful house next to nature than buy a 2 bedroom shack in a 3rd world country

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>Damn that's tragic.
For comparison Shadyside vs Mount Washington. Mount Washington has a view of downtown Pittsburgh and historically has been an expensive area.

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I see some jobs in my field popping up but they require experience. I plan on working in LA for some time and eventually transferring to PA.
I figured as much about retirement. I'm looking at all the area between Harrisburg and Lancaster.

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Visit this thread you have no idea


USAtoday Forbes WP they all say the same. This place rocks


Home prices start at 20k



Amazing weather only place in the world with type of biodiversity

> pic related

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You can still get a starter house 15 minutes from there for 100k lol. Still a small city. Even the most expensive houses in pittsburgh are pennies compared to if the same house was in LA or any top ten pop city

T. Pittsburgh realtor

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If you're willing to live or work or exist in Commiefornia, you're trash. There are no exceptions.

Use that $90k to buy a bullet button musket and kys after your mandatory 10 year wait period.

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On second thought, I don't even know if Commiefornia allows muskets.

Walk through an LA Starbucks with a Trump hat for 10 minutes instead.

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With a gobmint job, you should be able to get a loan.
buy a 2-3 bedroom flat and room mates. their rent should allow you to spend less than if you were renting (or the same amount worst case scenario)
then when you leave LA you can either get an agent to run your flat or sell and get a house and land in bumfucck nowhere for the same price

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Mount Washington is a shithole

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>planning on saving and moving out to a cleaner state,

And your definition of that is PA?


It's a huge improvement from California, but out of all possible places, why

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I'm moving to Greensburg from SoCal in the summer for school, any advice so I don't get fucked by shit like snow and heroin addicts

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Rent the house while you're not there

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Lancaster /Palmdale is the shittiest place 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles.
Youll need to adapt to the The opioid epidemic mixed with the White thrash, spics and armenians
But you can save money living there vs L.A at least 25-30% on rent and living expenses,

2BDR/1BTR 1200 Square feet
In La $2500 per month
In Lancaster/Palmdale $1500

In L.A a dozen of eggs cost $5.00 but $3.50 in palmdale/Lancaster

$4.00 per gallon or $3.20 Per gallon.

However youll need to secure your home and belongings. Your no longer able to forget the door unlocked because Joker and beto will gang rape your dog and steal your Masa.

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Yes. Kys.

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As someone who lives in PA and wants to move to LA, this thread reminds me I'll never be happy no matter what happens.


You again? What's up with you shilling the entire country of Ecuador?

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I'm familiar with the area and have family there. The location around Mount Joy/Elizabethtown is beautiful.
Yeah, the property in Palmdale/Lancaster looked soooo tempting. 6 bedroom mantions for the same price of a 2 bedroom shack near LA.
Apparently it's shitty up there now, so I doubt it's worth the commute.
I do have a gun permit though, so I'd be ready to fend off the hoards of tweakers.

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lmao the absolute state of that mcmansion

>none of the windows match up
>le shutters on some windows, none on the rest
>shutters in the year of our lord and saviour 2019
>that fucking roof
>bricks here, no bricks there

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Hey man, more power to you if you want to try it out here!
The food's amazing, weather is nice, and the beach is cool.
I'm just fed up with the insane population and traffic. I miss nature.

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I hear you. PA might have a reputation as a bit middle-of-nowhere to the zoomers, but its comfy levels are off le charts. I'd be sad to leave PA nature too.

Do you ever go to like the mountains in california or nearby deserts? Or it's not the same?

Also, to answer your original question, I figure that the only reason most people don't do the strategy you're considering is just because of that phenomenon of life's expenses always expanding with your income. You know: "I make money now, so it's time to upgrade the house/car/everything."

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Fuck off Julian.

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>You know: "I make money now, so it's time to upgrade the house/car/everything."
That's a good point. You see it clearly in California with people driving luxury cars to the slummiest apartments you can imagine.

And i do love the desert areas. I had considered retiring in Las Vegas because I do dig the western feel of it all.
California does have some beautiful natural parks, just hardly any (cheap) property to buy near nature.
I also love the colonial feel of PA.
Can I ask what draws you to LA?

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>lthough the retirement is amazing
Yeah.. It sure will be..
Like the fat retirement packages of the Russians after their empire went broke.

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why the fuck gun lovers dont tell us their salary after tax? Wtf, no one except them does that

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Its all about competitive advantage. Do you think apple and google is hiring a bunch of clowns to work for them? They interview and make sure they can get creative minds and hard workers to have the next technological breakthrough.

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Even if my pension falls through (it won't), I'll have a huge 401k and IRA to keep me very happy.

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it's all painted on isn't it

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>Is there something I'm missing? I guess I'm just wondering why more don't do this.

it's called geographic arbitrage and many retirees do this