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This is going to 5$ end 2019

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based and redpilled

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inb4 bingo

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Just like $10 last year?

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3 production contracts a week

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>imagine creating a counter bingo that is almost 100% true

The absolute state.

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>it's all a big conspiracy to steal your bitcoin

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It is.
I hope based Jed suceeds with his XLM so XRP can go to hell.

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Jed is low energy

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Lol xrp is the shittiest shitcoin right after bcash

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He could fuck up ripple, if he kept selling top and accumulating the bottom. Ripple was once so buttblasted, they froze entire network and made a deal with him, so he can't dump his shit whenever he wants, LMAO.
It's worse than LTC too.

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didnt someone predict this will go to 40 cents yesterday?

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hope it goes over 5 bucks, i remember people saying ripple cant go over a dollar. i thought it would, but didnt expect 3 bucks.

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not a bad pic

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What is it.... too fast for you?

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Both are scams designed to get you to give up your real money you retard

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You have 1 minute to make a case for why $XRP is more decentralized than $XBT
>protip: you can't, and failure to do so will expose your shitcoin

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im not even the same person but i can tell, xrp has banks, jews, governments backing it.

BTC has just 10 year old boomer tech with dleusional hodlers who didnt soll the top. btc is old obsolete technology.

you have 30 seconds to explain BTC and teach wallet set up to rich boomer grandpa. fuckin zoomer fucktard.

btc is going to die slowly and fade away while some better tech is going to ovverride it.

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>protip: you can't, and failure to do so will expose your shitcoin
Thanks for playing

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go hold your pajeet scam with less volume than ripples MARKETING BUDGET which is 300 million DOLLARS.

i bet your pajeetcoins hasnt even 10 m$ on their daily volume, and their marketing budget is hipster startup tier which is 100k$ max.

fucking retard.

ripple has been in coinmarketcap top 3-5 since 2015.

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>all this bluster because he's unable to address how centralized $XRP shit token is
100% BTC holdings btw, I don't touch shitcoins

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whats wrong with bcash?

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>btc is going to die slowly and fade away while some better tech is going to ovverride it.

BTC was only ever meant as proof of concept

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As if all my research didnt convince me enough that XRP is ultimate chadcoin, the /biz hate that it gets just puts it over the top. Have fun getting left behind again autistfags

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Omg yes please.

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You’re on the left.

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You have no idea what BTC actually is, let alone XRP so your opinion is invalid.

In a market that is already so manipulated do you really think a coin with even more centralization will become prominent?

And even if it does will only be due to media hype where retarded boomers are taught to buy high and sell low.

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At least a realistic price target.

Be selling 40% of my stack there.

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Signing REAL COMPANYS 3x contracts per week in Q1

Be seen meeting with White House, IMF, World Bank, many Central Banks and big institutions

Coinbase coin of choice for international money transfers

Keep up the fud retards, you will cry like 2017 when this shit is finally released from its chains.

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Well thats an easy one, bitcoin is centralized as fuck because;

1)mining is centralized:
The days of peer to peer mining on single computers is over, the most substantial mining operations are in china
2) The actual currency itself; over 90% of all bitcoin in existence is owned by less than 1000 wallets.
3) china miners can 51% at any moment

Bitcoin is long fucking dead, crypto isnt however

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t. Late Adopter

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Nothing. It's going to come in 1st or 2nd by the end of this bull.

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Promoting this thing as a literal ZOGcoin is not going to have the effect you think it will.

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but muh bank partnerships

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I set my selling order at 9800 sat.
How long will I wait ?

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$0.50 EOY

Will moon to $3 by LATE 2020 or EARLY 2021

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>Gramps buy this coin that is that under investigation by the SEC
>Gramps buy this coin with a proven track record & will NEVER be under the control of the SEC, as agreed by the SEC

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it's about to dump

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this shits dumping to hell, why would I buy?

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you buy the top, sell the bottom, right?

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too centralized for me

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Here's your copypasta:

Ripple is a 100% premined corporate shitcoin. The founders of the Jew CoinTM own it all. It's even a security so it's against GDAX rules but got listed because the government controls it. It's not a real crypto and no one has even seen the code. I heard they can even freeze your wallet and print more XRP whenever they want. The banksters invented it to artificially manipulate it. Just imagine how large the market cap would have to be if it went anywhere near the figures people quote! The market cap isnt allowed to be that high. The truth is that banks will use Ripple, but not XRP. Or they can just fork it any time they want. Most importantly, this centralized scamcoin is against everything Satoshi stood for. It's all a big conspiracy to steal your Bitcoin because (((they))) know nothing is more valuable than Bitcoin. Except maybe Litecoin or Uber.

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wahh I don't want to make money bc it's centralized

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This crap is about to scream downwards. Sell idiots

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Top 3% richlist wallet checking in. XRP will be close to #1 soon again.

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Nothing moves the price of XRP up anymore except new money FOMO'ing into the crypto sphere. Once BTC hits 10k you'll see new moon boys come in and throw into the one crypto they can afford to buy, XRP. Even college frat boys can afford to buy some $5 XRP. I'm actually fine with dumping at $3 since I have over 1m XRP.

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You can call it a (((banker))) coin all you want but let me ask you this: How often do you see those people not get what they want? In which case, why not get in on the horse that has all the advantages to win? Sure they may fuck you later, but hodling some XRP along with BTC is just a smart hedge. Buy a grip of it, wait for mass adoption, and make you money and move on to the next thing.

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>You can call it a (((banker))) coin all you want
LOL why would I do that? There isn't a single bank that gives a shit about it.

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Every bank in the world is going to be using it for cross border payments in the next 5 years. Stay poor.

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>>Gramps buy this coin that is that under investigation by the SEC
There is no SEC investigation. There are a handful of people who bought XRP with the sole purpose of selling at a loss so they could bring a bogus lawsuit against Ripple. They're going to get their ass handed to them in federal court.

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>Every bank in the world is going to be using it
KEK name one. Name one major bank who has confirmed they're going to use XRP.

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0,3 forever. even after global adoption.

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>They're going to get their ass handed to them in federal court.
Thanks just looked it up, I misunderstood! Just dragging this case out to dump on bag hodlers for as long as possible.

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