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are you succeeding at life, /biz/?

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I'm in the 2nd half of my 20s and I haven't even completed the first milestone in that picture. Thug life.

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Same. I couldn’t imagine having a kid already. I have to say though, 40k isn’t really that much...

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Picture needs a fat greedy jew rubbing his paws saying good goyim on it.

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Earn 40k a year at 37? How are you supposed to have two kids and buy two houses and a car before you start making 40k a year?

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Where I live, 40k gets you a brand new car. Not even a nice car but a mid range car. 40k is jack shit. I won't have made it until my crypto portfolio is worth 1 mil. 1 million is how much I need to start making real money.

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Lol, just noticed the loans url. Get rekt normies.

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Is the order critical?
I may have skipped some steps but am far over my age. Also 40k ist a joke, right?

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>normies want to live like this

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pretty sure its meant to be in pounds, lads

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nobody sane wants this meme life.

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Legit triggered

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Its in GBP.

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How are you supposed to buy a flat and two years later a house if you have basically no income? Also going to university is not something that is priced into this list, so is that the dumb nut life? Having depts you cannot pay back?

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There is no reason engagement should last more than six months. The chart is all kinds of backwards though. 40k is a goal to hit it your 20s. 60 is too old to retire. What kind of retard doesn't have a driver's license by 15, 16 at the latest. They should add a couple more 'milestones'.
>order wine off a restaurant menu
>pick out outfit by yourself
>purchase first suit and tie
>finish potty training
I'm sure there are more good ones.

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I want to escape the matrix.

Where is the chart for leaving and never looking back.

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1. first kiss at 20 not 15. -5
2. first full time job at 20 not 19, -5
3. passed driving test at 25 not 20, -5
4. had first holiday with friends at 21
5. had a first car at 24, not 22, -2
6. moved out for school at 18 not 22, +4
7. had a holiday with partner at 21, +2
8. never been a best man at 28, -5
9. rent on my own at 22, +2
10. not engaged at 28, -3
11. not renting with partner at 28, -3
12. not married at 28, -1
13. haven't bought first flat or property, -1
14. haven't had a kid at 28 yet
15. haven't bought a house, not 29 yet
16. make above average wage at 28 not 30, +2
17. haven't had a 2nd kid, not 31 yet
18. have bought a new car at 24 not 32, +8
19. haven't become a manager at work, not 34
20. have thought about starting a business at 25, not 35, +10
21. haven't moved to a second house (assuming buying?), not 36
22. haven't had 2 holidays per year, not 36
23. made more than 40k a year at 25, not 37, +12
24. looking at buying property to let? wtf does that mean
25. haven't retired, not 60

final score: 10
some things I'm behind, some things I'm ahead. Neat.

>What kind of retard doesn't have a driver's license by 15, 16 at the latest
Anyone in a city with decent public transit doesn't need a driver's license. I went all through university without ever owning a car, where a license would be useless. Saved a shit ton of money that way too.

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> buy flat
> buy car
> get to average wage
> buy house
> raise 2 children
> buy a house
> get to 40k a year
I feel like im in a dicklet thread where anons post their 20cm dongs and say its average

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Innit, I've done all of this apart from kids and leasing a property (I don't want to do either). The fact I've done most of it has depressed me and shows how fucking programmed we all are.

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Pretty simple 2bh.

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Do you find this as a success? I'm not NEET though.

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>letting a fake and gay infograph cloud your vision about what really is important in life
take note, anons. these two seething faggots don't get it. they will never make it.

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40k / year at 47 lol

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Funny part about these is that they assume there is enough opening for everyone to be a manager. Looks like a Boomer made this

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Move to India, it's decent money over there.
Also, are you kissed? Do you think it's possible to kiss for the first time in 27?

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Kind of racist image to assume the couple would both be white.

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40k at 37 is fucking shit in this age, and after 10y when I'm 37 it's even worse. If I'm now making 30k and I think it's fucking shit, if I'm in 10years only making 40k I know I fucked up

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>enslave yourself to a pseudo slave owner who is himself enslaved to another
>buy a multi-ton weighing metal box who we have built concrete labrytnths around which pollute the air and water, running over wild life
>take part in the watered down ceremony of marriage with the threat of crippling divorce looming over you
>rent your money away before investing in land which you cannot farm or raise wildlife on, most likely bought from a foreign land owner who is making a killing off of you
>dont forget your happy pills and to raise your children within these same confines so that the endless cycle of cattle-people can continue for the betterment of the (((chosen few)))
If this is life than Christ came back already and Satan won.

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>buy first flat
>buy first house
>move to second house
>look at buying more property

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Yeah just rent for 5 years while making below average wage. Easy mode
Dont think even normies fall for such bait ad

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