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I'm literally crying right now bros
we actually really ended up making it

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I just don't understand, there was a point last year where people were going to kill themselves if it went below 8k. And then everyone was certain it would never go below 6k. All those people have bags and are still below their initial investments. Those people are mostly you all. So why is everyone happy. I'm only 10% up from what I put in sometime last year. I wont be posting any "green wojaks" until i'm at least up to double what i put in

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Were all going to make it bro.

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this is not the end bro, this is not the end.


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Ive been loading up the entire time. Haven't you?
Or did you miss it, again?

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Its been a rough bear man. One of the toughest bears in any market known to man.
But we survived. Most importantly, we survived together.
God speed anon.

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like this post to downvote

cringe<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" width="32" height="32" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/[email protected]"></div>

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>he bought at 8k

Everyone should have realized it was going to drop below 5k, which is where I got in. 10K before 2020, 100k before 2030.

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So what? You bought the falling knife and didn’t have the sense to buy while we sat in mid 3k for a few months?

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whats happening is this the real deal or am I getting justed once again

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ok man, here is how it will go. buy some when it cooled down, ideally you would have bought under 4k but now just wait until its stable again for like a week or so, then DCA in every week for many weeks, dont be stupid

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