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no one listened when the true top of the pyramid of /biz/ were spamming TRON

>flash forward to summer 2019

the /biz/ illuminatis are in satoshi makamoto pool party
while the basic noobs keep buying retard coins
looking for stars when the MOON
was just in front of them

>flashback to the present

last chance to get in the train cj
what will you do?
will you ignore this?
don't you think youre destined to be rich?

Don't make me pull the trigger on you my brother.

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tron is shit<div class="like-perk-cnt"><img alt="" width="451" height="75" src="//s.4cdn.org/image/temp/dinosaur.gif"></div>

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Lemme guess, you hold LINK. nice working product there, youve got a really good PowerPoint presentation!

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no more likes for you my brother