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>Started working at a small company
>The environment is really laid back
>The other employees keep making edgy jokes sex-related, racism, etc

>Everytime I try to make a joke they look at me like I just said "sieg heil gas the jews racewar now" every time

What the fuck is wrong with these people? Why do they get to make edgy jokes and I don't?

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you try they dont

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You don't just join a place and start trying to make jokes with them like you're friends for years dummy

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I was just trying to fit into office culture. Is it better if I sit quietly and don't make a peep while they talk loudly, make jokes and laugh?

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u a jew?

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No I'm white

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the problem can be quickly addressed if you answer a simple question OP. Are you autistic?

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The problem is you don't have enough likes op, like this post and you'll get more work friends!

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I would observe from a distance, then let them slowly approach you and maybe get used to you. For the love of god, DO NOT attempt comedy

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I make jokes like this with my friends but not with strangers. If someone came up to me and made an edgy joke I'd assume they were a sperg. I'd say try to get to know them and ease into the circle before you start making jokes so they know you aren't just some try hard edge lord, but it seems like you already blew it.

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>hahaha I hate NIGGERS too guys!

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im like you
i always question stupid shit like this
but sometimes the best is to just flow with the moment.
if you dont feel like talk dont even try.
you will drop the spaghettis.


sometimes you do an effort. although too much effort is annoying too.

i dont know brother, just be you.

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Wagecucking is honestly retarded

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bring this to work


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I tried deleting your pist instead. It didn't work.

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Just don't try to fit in, honestly. Do you want to have this job, or are you just doing it because you need an income to live? If it's the latter, go in, do your time, get out.
That's probably what everyone else there does, despite their façade of being friends. I guarantee not a single one of them meet up outside of work.

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>So I'm handlin business. I tells the hoe, bitch you better shut the fuck up cause my mama gonna be home. Now she axs what time yo mama gonna be home. I tells the bitch to the shut her mother fucking mouth cause I just hear my mama
>Hello my nigger, what's happening

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>some random autistic retard who you've never spoken to before comes up to you and makes stupid edgy jokes from out of the blue

I wonder why they're reacting that way.