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Is it true that successful people jerk off to money? The only thing I care about is ass, and I don't know if that's a strong enough motivator.

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Wow who is that.

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imma need a sauce op

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The true successful people that are also really smart and seen as smart money jerk off to the golden ratio.
Think about it logically.

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Somehow she's everything wrong with women and my dreamgirl at the same time.

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women are so beautiful. sometimes with photos like this i have the urge to fap but then i fap and see another woman and fap again and i know it will be a never ending cycle and men, you know when you fap your energy goes to the rubbish. So i just appreciate them. Please dont fap. You will die virgin. Sad. And with the only aspiration of jerking to beautiful women. And a potential addiction to porn/escorts/ etc. the real way is the balance. you know is true. there is plenty 10/10 women like this and you probably will have none of them without paying and thats an expensive drug.

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i dont even know why gays exist

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Who told you she's everything wrong with women? A woman?

Wtf does this even mean?

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This, and e.

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the problem is that women think 80% of all men are below average attractiveness while men think 50% of women are below average. men jerking it to beautiful women is of no issue.

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I know I jerk of to an image of Sergey all day long because he is going to make me rich, soo...

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>and e
pi as well

in fact anything that's in the equation 1 + e^i pi = 0 is fappable

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Jacking off makes you feel content with mediocrity.
If you masturbate, afterwards you feel much more inclined to play some vidya and eat tendies than make an important phone call, or read, or practice a craft.
One of the most dangerous things about fapping is that if you do it your whole life, you may let your potential and gifts slip through your fingers. You may never realize what you're truly capable of because you're constantly putting yourself in "satisfied mode" every time you fap.

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I fap to that all the time. About as amazing as this shit gets aside from organic chemistry and the dimensions of space

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Unironically this. Lot of people have certain issues and are too stupid to realize it’s from excessive fapping.

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Instagram is barista_barbieee

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charge the sigil anon

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this 100%

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Why is she working pouring coffee when she looks that good? Do these barista strippers make bank?

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her hustle is social media, the coffee is just more or less a front

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I get distracted easier if I don't jerk it

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They do, some make upwards of 80 to 100k a year

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after ejaculating it is like all distractive thoughts fade away and it's time to get shit done.

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Imagine having her as a sugar mama

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>Is it true that successful people jerk off to money?
of course, havent you seen the wolf of wall street?

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Are these escorts now taking to Instagram?

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you're addicted. break the addiction and there's no 'distractive thoughts'

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Now? They’ve been there, its the ‘booking email’ for queries

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>you are addicted to life, if you stop being addicted you will break it and kill yourself

daily reminder that anybody that does nofap hardmode monk-mode for longer than 1 year becomes suicidal as fuck

daily reminder that if you are in biz you are likely not in a financial position to support a family

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Enjoy anon


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As much as I hate to say it, you're unironically right. That being said. Isn't this even more motivation to make it so that you can fund the expensive drug?

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daily reminder that if you cant nofap you cant winmoney

daily reminder that nofap atleast for 1 week is a show off of your discipline and commitment

daily reminder that all furious fappers are normally depressed looking guys

daily reminder that you will die jerking off to artificial sex dolls

get the fuck out of my way lil bitch

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>1 week

lmaoing at your willpower

I only do nofap if my schedule is too heavy, because it helps with sleep, anything else is just cope

btw trading and money also fucks up with your dopamine, but i don't see yourself doing nomoney, notech :^)

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Agreed. I can't get anything done when I'm horny I just keep thinking about pussy every 2 minutes then I take a #3 and my mind is instantly clear and I can concentrate on what I'm doing. Nofap is meme perpetuated by virgin losers on 4chan. They can't cope with how much of a faggot loser they are and need a scapegoat so they blame jerking off.