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buy the rumour, sell the news.

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whats the news is it already priced in?

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apparently some people have been receiving a tron email, it says some classified info but nothing have been specified. Anyways is just 2 cents, so Im in.

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Seems legit.

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>some people have been receiving a tron email
>it says something
I sell the car then i'm all in guys

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Ehm fren you do realize that the only thing that matters is market cap, right? If you decreased the supply by 90% and increased the price 10x Tron would be worth the same.

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Buy the FUD, sell the pump am I right

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did justin announced the winning of tesla and was it justin who is the winner?

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high effort shill. props for this one brahsef

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nah its true, and it has to do with BNB.

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why don't go on bnb then?