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Are you getting /fit/ anon for the Yacht party? Don't think that just because you're rich the 10/10 supermodels are going to want to slob on your knob.

Myself, today, I took an active rest day after 3 consecutive days of lifting. Decided to focus on stretching the body and doing several abs exercises. Finishes off with some cardio on the bike.

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What a cool story faggot

Also lifting won’t get you aesthetic unless your black. You need to take roids AND lift. Planning on doing this soon.

>t. Guys who’s been lifting hard natty for years and understands there are serious limits

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Why you have to be so mean anon? I'm on a weight loss mission.

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Dont go to the yacht party. You'll be killed there.

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by who? we're all frens here i thought.

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keep going anon. dont let the jealousy of others alter your path.

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I’ll be involved in organizing it and we’re hiring ex spec ops to guard us from random ER fags

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ty fren

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I want to kill myself

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Get fit for your health and to increase the quality of your life.

>just b urself

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don't do that anon. try to get better and love yourself. if you do that, more people will love you. it's that simple.

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no worries. everyone here should strive to be better versions of themselves. it makes the world better... even for those angry anons that want to see everything burn.

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Just back from the gym. Trying to get my fatass less fatassed.

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dont do it fren. get /fit/ with us.

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>hyperextended elbow on Sunday and haven't lifted since
I'd been hitting PRs every couple of weeks for two months. Feels bad man

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when one of us inevitably purchases this site from hiroshimoot what BASED (not cringe) changes should be made?

i mean, other than "WE TOLD YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS t. LINKGODS" on the main page

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unironically, should set up a fund for tendies

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i'd double or even triple our janitors' salaries. they do good work.

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1 captcha every 30 minutes
Completely optional accounts that do nothing at all but save posts/threads
No names/trips without a good reason

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