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I just want to make it so I can focus on creating art that makes people smile, even if it's just one anonymous person! Why do you want to make it?

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So i can focus on going 100% WoW Classic neckbeard mode and finally get to kill Kel'thuzad 15 years later

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No smiling allowed in this timeline OP back to work

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I just want to make it so I don't have to participate in this fucking gay economy. I'd farm mushrooms and practice marksmanship.

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I want to make it so I can gunk in women far above my level of attractiveness

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So I can make music without worrying about bills

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I just wanna live innawoods

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I want to make it for revenge for god making me a manlet.

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This but I want to get an average cutie who is happy with me now and then cuck every single last thot out there with her, I want to flirt with them lead them on, make them think they have a chance with me and that they’ll “out stacy” the gf then I’ll fuck the gf right in front of them

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Write novel. Work on my art. Make movie ideas into comics.

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So I can make sure my family and close friends never have to worry about money ever again

And also so I can do drugs by my pool in a big fluffy bathrobe for the rest of my life

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This. We’re going home bros...

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btw for some perspective on being a manlet. Imagine ur 12-14 and everyone around you shooting up and ur like "oh no no no no no... no no no" but then your reassured that you're a late bloomer so you're like "heh.. y-yeah that's probably it" which gives you like 6 years of being in denial of your manlethood because you're just hoping to hit an increasing late growth spurt. and then you spend your whole adolescence with an increasing sense of nervousness and despair which increases your cortisol levels which in turn makes you into even more of a manlet. and then one tragic day it dawns on you that. no... you'll never experience life to it's full extent.. you'll always be afflicted with something that is deemed ok to laugh at and ridicule... you're presented with all these studies that say you'll make less money, you'll be much less attractive, more prone to suicide... and with tears streaming down your face you make the determination to go on. because you just caught little man syndrome and you want to FUCK the world up now.

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This but with a 99 maxed runescape account

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No reason why you can't start doing that now while wagecucking.

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I don't even need drugs. I just want to be able to live an upper class lifestyle with my family not worrying about rent/expenses and be able to work on creative stuff I like (although Im doing that already).

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You know, I’d be happy with just enough money to buy some remote land, build a cabin, get some dogs and guns, and knock up a few babes

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are you me

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To get even with the robbing bastards