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>he actually thinks the surface of objects is reality
>he doesn't know humans program our reality within our minds onto everything we perceive, exactly like the matrix

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That doesn't make the surfaces of objects not real.

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pajeet finally lost it after his massive losses on shitcoins and started to channel his inner vishnu to preach on a 21st century bidet using norweigan image board

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how can you be so sure of "what is real" and what is not ?

the entire reality that you experience could lie within your mind

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It's true OP, to see the reality of yourself you need to cut yourself open like Yukio Mishima

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How's that working out for you?

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imagine thinking these are profound realizations

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okay, what profound realizations do you care to contribute mr.smartypants ?

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your idea is as old as philosophy itself. It's nothing new, nor is it profound. And if you can ''program'' reality then you should program yourself a brain.