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or just wait 2 years and buy that same house at half price, and for crypto.

imagine buying a house for 0.5 eth.

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kek I wish dude

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Oh no. Buddy, you posted literally over 100 times in the other thread and contributed nothing but insults. You're obviously insecure in you're decision to buy rather than rent. See you when the bubble bursts.

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Next bubble burst that house is going to be worth 40k

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what is wrong with that image? seems like a fair price for such an apartment - obviously depends on where it is located in the city, but still a good buy.

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what's with all the real estate threads today? does quicken loans or fannie mae have a shill team on here or something?

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>they think this home is overpriced
>they both pay the mortgage of a $300,000 house in rent

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That house is ten minutes from me, I'm going to go check it out.

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>est. mortgage

>the current state of rentcucks