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fuck you nigger.

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Because the world would be unironically better without niggers
Just niggers
Don't believe me?
Go to a mostly white city and walk around with a stack of cash in your pocket for an hour
Then go to a mostly black city with a stack of cash in your pocket for an hour
Compare the difference of events
Want further proof
Look at the state of an entire continent of black people called Africa
They could literally be a world continental superpower due to their natural resources
But they have niggers so they aren't
Want more
Literally every race creed and color have been enslaved
Some are still enslaved
But for some reason niggers can't get over themselves
There is more but there you go

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top kek, tucker knows his audience

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I'd love to hatefuck the shit out of AOC.

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All of the best countries in the world were set up without minorities, prove me wrong

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I wanna cock her face so hard

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>lashes out
these zoomers need to start getting more creative with their clickbait

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Goddamn network news is shit. She said, "Climate change will make environmental conditions worse," and asked if it is good to bring more children into this coming nightmare world. Then he started talking all about race. She never mentioned race. Why was he talking about race? This shit is suck weak bait. Do normalfags actually fall for this shit? Holy fuck.

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Leftist Mccarthyism pushed me to the far right. I probably started shifting right after Obama's reelection

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lmao, this is so accurate its sad, I kid you not, this morning i went to the regular ghetto shithole for breakfast, and on the way out of the store i dropped a quarter and this little nigger with his reddened little bug eyes made direct eye contact while he picked my quarter up and put it in his pocket!!! any other human being would have either left my shit alone or gave it back, niggers are so entitled and lazy that I hope they really do try and pick a race war, to get a nice cold hard slap of reality, so they can realize how useless they really are, but nope, even in defeat they'd somehow still try and spin it into some racists persecution.

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on top of that i get home and see that the stupid nigger who served me my breakfast forgot to put eggs in my biscuits,eggs,and gravy. baka

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I live in the US and don't really care for politics

Who the fuck is this and how is she just recently being plastered all over my 4chan

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The black people I work with are pretty based. They hate queers and are anti-#metoo. They also said the empire fag should lose his job just like Roseanne. Now they are Trump haters but whatever, I can respect that in someone as long as they have decent morals otherwise.

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well, if you ever have the pleasure of coming to southern states its not the same, most niggers here are either just plain racists, or low key racists, and are a tier above scamming pajeets in india.

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Why are cuckservatives so obsessed with this person?

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