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You visit with your gf a pool party.
You go to the locker room to change clothes.
You come back and see these 2 guys do pic related with your gf.
What you gonna do?

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Punch her in the bussy.

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Dump the bitch and start going to church

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Shank them in the heart before they realize what's going on.

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Just to be funny, look straight at her and say: Alright see Paul I told you after getting a sex change life would get better for you! (Thumbs up) for added flair and trust those dudes will drop her like a rock and turn around and walk away no questions asked.

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>Ghost her
>leave all her shit outside
>realize that I'm dating the wrong type of woman.
>Join the local Republican group
>Find qt trad con
>Bonus points if Asian

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>thanks betacucks for lifting up my gf so I can smash her better

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Ask if I can watch later...

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She's a whore, dump the bitch. But let's be honest, you already knew what a whore she was and you're such a cuckolded insecure little shit you live with it.
Bottom line is, whores need to be given the social status of pedophiles. But too many of you ignorant fuckups still white knight for them and let them use their whoredom to buy rent, vacations, support and in general free whatever.
Until we thoroughly devalue whores, we are never going to see women getting better.

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They can do both do better than her. Why?

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I pick up a new slut to fuck

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They are, by other women.
Men tend like whores because it means it's easier to fuck them.

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do a 360 and get the hell outta there!

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say nothing
fuck her face one more time then ghost her

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Dump her because I've sobered up enough to see how ugly her face is

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That wouldn't be my girlfriend. I hate tattoos, especially that trashy sleeve, and she's got an ugly whore face. I have much better standards than that.

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Not gonna make it.

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Heh... Th-that's a funny pose for a pic. You guys are n-nuts.

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what's a pool party?

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LOL, those guys aren’t strong enough to lift my gf.

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Cringed and bluepilled. Implying you cucks larping on a mongolian yak milking image board would do any of this alpha shit or even have a gf in the first place. Just cringe, neck yourselves you betas

Based and redpilled

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This. If shit like this is happening in your life, it's cause to reflect internally, not react externally.

If this ever happens and your immediate thought isn't "This girl is NOT the one for me," you're a cuckold anyways.

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Turning 360 degrees and then continuing walking towards that direction is just as if you didn't turn at all.

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All this to shill yang, you nigger? You know UBI is the final nail in the coffin of western civilization, right?

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hello newfriend
western civilization *as we know it*. And we know it to be in decay and degenerate.

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the fuck are you on about? not that it matters, but I've already made it.
Good luck getting divorce raped, or having to pay palimony to your ex and her bull you degenerate cuck.

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yang gang soiboi. You'll be the first to get the rope.

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I'd rather try another industrial revolution over chasing out all the productive people.

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>literal mgtow sour grape incel
>doesn't know what a prenup is

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>literally everyone I disagree with is an incel
>prenups are routinely thrown out, better hope you have a nice judge
t. Not going to make it. But if it's any consolation, your wife and her black boyfriend will.

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Cope harder. Yanggang 2020 for state mandated gfs

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Actually this is exactly why I might vote for him. UBI will finally break the dollar and delete this excuse of a civilization from human history

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Buy more LINK

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There's a really damaged mindset that people get when they are with women like this. They bend to be how the girl wants then when they see her acting like this they don't want to throw it away because of all the work they did.

So they justify it and say "well she's just having fun, she wouldn't do anything", but if they took a step back (which they won't usually) they'd see that they need to leave.

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to be fair you may be on to something. I need to buy my 400 hunting and 20 farming acres before this happens though.

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Ask my "gf" why she has a mans jaw.

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>Radical media LLC deposited .005¢ for this post

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>all dat land

if you're not a few dollars away forget about it.

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>suck the guys dick
uwu papi, can you fist me too

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I would gladly leave that bag of blonde trash with these two fucking guidos who look absolutely useless aside from lifting heavy objects, needle injection sites, and making a fist. They all look made for eachother

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>I take it my hour is up?

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