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>smart contracts are only good because they are decentralized
>smart contracts will need decentralized oracles in order to be fully decentralized
>link will be absolutely critical for the success of smart contracts
we are ALL going to make it

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smart contracts is like taking a database and transforming it into a np hard problem

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This. It's full of unscalable bottle necks, at least sell the speculative pump... the world won't change through this biz meme

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Nice ID, fudder

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checked the id

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BTFO by id

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kek'd audibly at that ID

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The middle wear sucks. Trust me I'm a token analyst.

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keks will it is

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>we are ALL going to make it
until you realize you are not the only oracle producer on the market

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pretty good too

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Link is just a pajeet scam, sell while you still can

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why are we still making threads about [redacted]? I thought we've moved on from this

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holy shit the patience is waering off, this pajeet scam token still have no working product.

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The theory is not the problem. The problem is the team, their ability to deliver a quality product and their lack of progress so far.

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Hahahhahahahaha that ID

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