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Hey biz, your favorite pro investor here undercover at the Baron’s winner circle financial conference.

Anyone interested in following along with me at this conference?

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Please post correctly oriented shit, man. If you have anything interesting sure

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I can join you. Can I drink your cum when we meet?

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Pantera capital ceo currently speaking to a full house.

Says BTC 42K by EOY, it’s on his slides which I think I can grab.

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Sry I’m a boomer when it comes to tech

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Says don’t be a Bitcoin maximalist, plenty of tech will grow much more than BTC

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has link been mentioned

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This is state street currently speaking.

What do you think?

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Any solid projects mentioned OP?

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Thanks for the quality posting opie

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um, is the red triangle supposed to be chainlink?

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I thought state street was going to go into the oracle problem but literally is was boring drivel.

Fidelity digital is talking now and they are going to give investor thesis and market indicators on selected tokens.

Btw there is probably managers of $1 trillion in the room

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OP doong bizbros a solid

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So Fidelity only mentioned BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP. All positive on price / adoption.

Sorry bros but at least you know I’m honest and not shilling my own small cap bags! Plenty of speakers left so I will post the interesting stuff.

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I guess the good thing is that shitcoins pegged to btc will also see a pump

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yeah they mentioned them after the fact, just like they always do, sorry don't want to sound like a moron but i just hate jews

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Look at those fingernails

>must be a nigger

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Hol' up. Am I correct in thinking that we're in for a repeat of the events in 2000 and 2008? Old money pumping an asset class to the high heavens and then dumping on everyone in a grand fashion? Crypto would be the perfect Instrument since it's a global phenomenon.

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>he doesn't know

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I am pure-bead pedigreed Eastern European.

Whiter than you

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Lithuanian, Hungarian or Romanian?

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You're based op. Thanks for going out of your way for us.

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>Crypto would be the perfect Instrument since it's a global phenomenon.

even better, EVERYONE in the world can participate in it from the cellphone in their pockets.

this is gonna be epic.

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Does OP think security failed to spot this thread?

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I was invited here. I’m a ranked advisor

Ric Edelman is talking about tokenizing real estate right now and is finally talking about alt coins.

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>not being a Lithuanian
Why even live slav?

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do these sort of people know about link or is it just a biz meme?

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based OP. please let us know if they talk or know about holochain.

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Invitation does not ordinarily grant broadcast media status.

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Any more juice OP?

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Should somobody tell them...?

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the answer to this question is worth alot

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>based OP. please let us know if they talk or know about holochain.

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Threads like this make it worth enduring all the other shit on /biz. Thank you for posting, OP.

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Greyscale is up next so I hope to have some coin ideas for you guys.

20% of top advisors say they are going to start buying crypto for clients this year

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Van eck slide

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i showed you my dick please respond >>13072380

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Not yet. I will post every coin that is mentioned or displayed

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Kek they are amongst us

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ok thank you based oh pee

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Shit memes. They don't know what they're doing.

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>shit memes
What did you expect from normies, dark wojaks?

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Right now it’s a based nazi speaker from van eck and he was a former Warcraft gold farmer and competitive Starcraft player and this is the head of digital assets at van eck.

Literally this is the only guy I have anything in common with in the room. Aside from WWII

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More big caps again

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Do these boomers not realize that deep down it’s just a pump n dump? Or they know it and are just playing along?

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More XRP and ETH.

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I only buy the dankest autism. Normie memes or appropriate attire are an instant no.

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Case in point

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Van eck just finished saying the market will be 10 tril in size by 2038.

Next segment is “beyond bitcoin: portfolio diversification in digital assets” so hopefully should have some intel for my baby birds.

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Greyscale said they had their strongest inflows ever last year while the market was sliding.

Bitcoin is not dying and retail gave their assets over to sophisticated investors at huge discounts.

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thank you for this fren

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Greyscale recommended portfolio list. Some small caps in there! Yay ZEN!

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What’s the sentiment in the room like?

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Amazingly they actually understand. They were talking about tokenizing real estate in an IRA earlier.

A lot of it is beyond them but I would say that there is a lot of eager money here that (as of right now) has NO WAY to access these investments (custody reasons).

The ETF guys said it’s a done deal that we get ETF within 12 months.

50% of the room knows what the halvening is 75% knows what mining is and how it works.

I’m going to ask greyscale about what their next product is hopefully without revelaing my power level.

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Can you ask about smart contracts and oracles fren?

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fucking legend, thanks for your efforts fren. this is one of the gems in the pile of shit that we call /biz

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I don’t want to get laughed out of the room and be referred to as “stinky” for the rest of the conference.

>> No.13074011

yeah ask them if there's some investments related to the 4th IR mate

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Sounds nice and all but I’m too jaded at this point. It’s the same talking points over and over without actual progress. For most ppl crypto is only useful for pump n dump.

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Kek, zen and etc....immagine raccomanding coins that have been 51%ed....godamn, the retardation in this space i fucking ridiculous....honk honk

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Ric Edelman is up now evangelizing.

He is one of the largest independents here, literally a big swinging dick

“This is the last major opportunity that we have for our clients right now”

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This. What a joke

>> No.13074038

I thought people would stop buying retarded shit after 2017. Guess not.

>> No.13074044

They won’t. All the rich females will sense your Chad aura and know you hold the key that will unlock the functionality to all of this (at least that is what biz has made me believe). Plz fren. Many of us need the comfy so much.

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You’re such a filthy peasant

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All I recognize is Brave and FunFair

>virtue poker

What did they mean by this; virtual?

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Lot of boomers taking pictures of this slide in the room.

>> No.13074067

Virtue poker is a project. I know one of the founders.

No bully fren

>> No.13074081

The only bullies are the ones fueling your delusion, link or any other muh next 100x hidden gem

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I have many bitcoins fren. Nothing OP is sharing is news here. He might as well see if anyone knows about what is actually required for smart contracts. Everyone has already made money off of all these projects and dumped them at the end of 2017.

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“Looking at this chart how can you justify NOT allocating 1% to crypto”

Edelman is shilling to the entire crowd. He manages $200bil himself.

>> No.13074172

>Lot of boomers taking pictures of this slide in the room.

for the brainlets that don't understand the obvious significance - the smart boomers taking pics know the silicon valley/tech VC IPO fuelled bull market for stocks is over. low correlation gives crypto the potential to be a safe haven for their wealth when the stock market corrects hard in a few months.

>> No.13074181

Fuuuuck our bags are going to Mars

>> No.13074195

Or they’re just being boomers, like zoomers taking pics at a concert. We had a nice stock market run since ‘09, and crypto has done well too. You can’t predict it’ll do well in a recession.

>> No.13074202

This is the most normie-tier portfolio known to man. Don't these billionaires have tech advisors?

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Fucking BASED Baronanon. Thanks for the thread.

>> No.13074214

Holy shit, I knew big wigs lurked here

>> No.13074230

>Right now it’s a based nazi speaker from van eck and he was a former Warcraft gold farmer and competitive Starcraft player and this is the head of digital assets at van eck.
Holy fucking kek

>> No.13074232

This. We warned you goys it was over, the normie came and went, the next 100x lies where you don't expect it exactly like while you were ignoring Bit Coins and probably trying to make it playing online poker after that ship had sailed. Start trying and stop turning up late.

>> No.13074242

The unbridled delusion ITT

>> No.13074246

No, when every boomer in boomerville has allocated retirement funds on crypto, that's when normie money is all in. We are literally in before this, we will all make it frens. Unfortunately my portfolio is 90% alts, but some profits should still be made.

>> No.13074264

>my portfolio is 90% alts
Let me guess your coinfolio is less than $5k and you’re a NEET?

>> No.13074280

haha close, its 10k right now, slowly dca'ing. Not a neet at all, but that us the dream to neet it up with my wife and kids.

>> No.13074315

Why do you sound so confident? Don’t you see how dead this place is? It’s going to take years for crypto to recover, IF it does.

>> No.13074336

Bout 2-3 years isnt that long

>> No.13074341

Its one of the few possible opportunities I have to make some money by investing. I see potential but nothing is guaranteed and I know crypto is a risky asset. I'm not confident at all, this market is highly volatile and could go to shit which is terrifying hence why I didn't go all in. In the end we just want to make it anon, I don't have the capital to make it in stocks or real estate so crypto is it. If nothing comes of it, so be it. I rather be in than out though if it does take off.

>> No.13074345

10 tril for the entire crypto market? Is it really going to take 20 years just to get there?

>> No.13074348

Guys OP is reading this thread aloud onstage and they are all laughing at us. The actors that play Sergey are doing an improv sketch next.

>> No.13074362

Based boomer thread. Thanks for this biz had been so dead its nice to see some life

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Uniroincally, no meming bags of shit. Credibility: zero.

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Great thread op but boomers investing in generic crypto was bound to happen. They will just be the greater fools. Although I'm pleased they correlate crypto as a safe haven. I wouldn't expect them to have any knowledge of latest trends.

>> No.13074369

>We warned you goys it was over, the normie came and went

uh huh yeah sure. i remember when people said that in 2013.

>> No.13074384

Anything bullish ITT has already been said 4-5 years ago

>> No.13074385

no new products from greyscale, the volume isn’t there to support. This is probably my last post for today so hopefully you boys enjoyed / found something useful.

I’m going to go mingle and pester everyone in attendance about altcoins if I hear anything I will post and I will include something in the post so you will know it’s me.

Good luck out there Boyos.

>> No.13074403

dont go!!! How will we know it's you if thread dies?>>13074385

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You’ll know.

Just hit some paydirt:
Pantera ICO fund

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>Not for further distribution
Kek, thx anon!

>> No.13074538

Literally gonna buy everything that's on that paper

>> No.13074584

Buy now or stay poor. My wife doesn’t believe me but, we’re mooning next year.

>> No.13074667

thanks based op.

>> No.13074707

>portfolio may include holdings that are not public yet which are not listed here
[redacted] confirmed

>> No.13074717

>Literally gonna buy everything that's on that paper
You're an idiot. This is the exact same larp you would have heard before Consensys last year if you weren't a newfag.

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>> No.13074749

Holy shit browsing 4chan actually makes you part of the elite. I just realized this and I'm speechless... Lurking rewards

>> No.13074758

why are people bullish on this shit? Seriously, I don't understand. Can somebody explain this to me?

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This is absolutely fucking unbelievable. LMFAO.

>> No.13074768

Pantera is heavily invested in ICX and promotes often

>> No.13074827

The only way this happens is when universally agreed upon valuation methods have fully developed, for that to happen will need actual adoption plus a 5 - 10 year track record plus another 5 - 10 years to flesh out the methods. You are talking about a 15 year outlook and blockchain is almost guaranteed to be usurped in that literal eternity

>> No.13074848

Imagine this being your standard for elite

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Interesting, Celer but no Link.

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>institutional investors know about bobo
>they are imagining this cartoon bear whenever they short
>this is real

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Absolutely fascinating thread OP thanks for the info.

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The Link ICO was some time ago though. I'm as deluded as the next marine but still highly doubt it's in there.

>> No.13075051



>> No.13075075

HAHAHA what did they say about bobo?

>> No.13075080

There's Polkadot

>> No.13075134

Yeah this shit went on the radar in a big way lately. It's dumb as fuck but I think I need to pick up a few planets just in case.

>> No.13075191

Yeah I was kind of surprised too. Although you look at their twitter and there are alot of big wigs out there keeping an eye on it.

>> No.13075392

isn't link technically set up in the caymans? Also it doesn't say that is their entire portfolio, it's just representative. I'm sure they don't want to give out all the best picks

>> No.13075507

Link is just a boring project regardless of how many who's will use it. I'm sure it will do well but these mental gymnastics are ridiculous

>> No.13075740

I am astonished how gay Link faggots continue to be. Just see any of their faggotry in this thread. When, fucking WHEN will you idiots realize you’ve been scammed? I love your newest gayness this [redacted] trash. Redact your fucking lives.

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>> No.13077248

Even if this is a larp this is a based thread. Thanks guy

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>billion dollar net worth individuals are using memes as "fundamental analysis"

Based, and dare I say, ultra high IQ

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fucking hell.
any billion dollar lads browsing want to tell me how to stop being poor?

>> No.13078028

respawn in next life as a son of billionaire parents

>> No.13078034

Ill start right away.

>> No.13078041
File: 129 KB, 400x560, 7882B466-0D24-4184-99B5-EDEEB26217BA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

doing the needful sir.

>> No.13078120



So chainlink literally isn't an "investable" crypto, as boomers think of it.

LINKs are actually keys to an engine, which is the CL network.

The investable portion of CL network is the laterally integrative projects (OpenLaw, DocuSign, Polkadot) that all benefit from one another's existence and success?

>> No.13078353

while we can wish that to be true, you really think they wouldn't be aware that link is as easy accessable as any of the other items they listed?

>> No.13078407

Can someone explain to a brainlet why the block rewards halving is seen as a bullish signal?

>> No.13078421

rarity, bitcorn reward become more scarce to miners > price usually increase

>> No.13078423

less supply

>> No.13078478


>> No.13078495

how many times have you heard the phrase, "it's not bitcoin, its the blockchain"

>> No.13078594

shhhhhh blue pillers are sleeping anon

>> No.13078685

It means that there are half as many coins entering the supply pool every day which means there is less selling pressure (as many miners continuously dump these coins at market to pay for costs). It is essentially one of the few sources of continuous downward pressure on the price.

>> No.13078880


>> No.13079008

the problem everythjing that listed is memed on twitter and reddti. Link is still under the radar. Which says we are ahead by leaps and bounds or extremly stupid. I belive the first one

>> No.13079015

for instance i went on celer networks site and on the bot is a link logo. The "profeshinals"really are that behind

>> No.13079261


>> No.13079390

kek this

>> No.13079412

i second this

>> No.13079676


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>> No.13080017


>> No.13080181


Imagine falling for this larp thread, which ultimately came down to the shilling of this ‘leak’

Imagine being conned by /biz/ by buying any of these shitcoins

>> No.13080402

ETC? Fucking boomer idiots shilling coins that have been 51% attacked. Do they even know anything about this space? Fuck.

>> No.13080732


>> No.13081119

bump barons anon where are you? just give a signal so we know you are still among us

>> No.13081485
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>> No.13081501

He's gone. You faggots scared him away. All you had to do was not be a nigger.

>> No.13081567

event security found him

>> No.13081713

maybe.... i am getting worried.
anon if you read this just say you are OK, you don't need to share new stuff. just let us know you are fine!

>> No.13081891

fucking kek. this is amazing OP. How did you make your non-imaginary internet monies?

>> No.13082146
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>> No.13082171

Big money favors fun over link.
The absolute state (off all parties involved).

>> No.13082189
File: 1.90 MB, 320x200, 1546914543938.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13082247

Thanks OP, you were not a faggot.

>> No.13082484

he really wasn't bless him

>> No.13082484,1 [INTERNAL] 

It really is all about LINK. the amount of business or decentralized projects running through it will blow everyone away.

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