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holy hell why we cannot break that stupid resistance after trying for so long?

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Going lower, have some cash

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Didn't you get the memo? We're in for a multiyear bear market.

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Please moon, I don't want to go back to work. I've been threatened with lawsuits three times already this week and I can't take it anymore.

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it's time

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Short it to zero then bobo. Crypto is never coming back if it tanks through the oncoming recession and proves that decentralized value storage and ownership means fuck all. Literally every talking head in the space doesn't want that to happen, so if you're sure they can't suck in another round of desperate people, let them lose their fortunes paying you out.

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story pls

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Revisting 2.5k when?

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yeah story pls

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Shaking out weak-handed longs and enticing shorter who's stops & liquidations will later act as fuel for the move upwards.

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What the fuck is wrong with newfags to crypto. Oldfags know btc can sit doing nothing for fucking months and months but back then no one gave a shit they just traded new projects. Fuck offffffff.

Fucking bear market bull market gayness. This isn't fucking stocks and shares u wallstreet wannabe fags. Fucking doing TA on chink scams and shit. Wtf is wrong with you dumb fuck kids?

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last post best post

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pls anon this is a brain free zone

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You guys have to accept that btc won’t be able to break 5k this year. Halving in 2020 will be the make it or break it event for btc.........

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I am ready to bet 10 ETH on Augur that BTC will touch 3.2k until May

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A short squeeze would hit 3900. It hasnt done that

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I mean a long squueze. So far its bullish, support is unbreakable atm

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>support is unbreakable atm
so is resistance...