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>Muh external data sources
> Muh APIs

Why can't a blockchain simply take in MULTIPLE APIs and data sources IN DIRECTLY.

Then do =AVERAGE()

Why the f do we need Link?

I understand why we need, to have multiple input data sources, in order to validity data and have it decentralised,.

But why cant the blockchain take those APIS directly?

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Sounds like you’ve got it all figured it anon. You better get to work on your whitepaper!

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You clearly know nothing about the infrastructure needed and the ease of cheating data with a centralized data server store.
Also Averaging isn't true data they want the 100% true data not some fucking estimate.
Big Data is big money its currency of the modern world.

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Thread was over after the first reply, homes.

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No - What I am saying is, why cant APIS and Data provides DIRECTLY upload onto the blockchain and from there people can choose and use whatever data they want?


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Are you proposing a manual system?
You think a company wants to pick and choose data to lower efficiency or have to hire people to do said action?
Fuck no they want automated and assured 100% legit data that they can pipe in 24/7 for their systems providing a robust safe data flow.
No need to hire some dweeb to confirm and no need to worry because big Serg insures the safety of the data.

You hear about fucking robots flipping burgers at maccers right? That's automation its the new hot shit in the world, Chainlink is safe data transfer automation using blockchain tech it is going to be huge if they are the first company to secure a large contract.

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Because Sergey invented these things called "oracles" that attach to any blockchain (blockchain-agnostic) and prevent external data from entering the blockchain.
In order to get external data on the blockchain, you have to use Sergey's proprietary blockchain called "Chainlink".

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>But why cant the blockchain take those APIS directly?
How do you mine on-chain consensus with inputs that vary across sources and time? Consensus only works because miners all compute the same exact inputs to put into blocks.

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Cause blockchain isn't a fucking network....it doesn't use TCP/IP....how the fuck is that supposed to happen with no transport on the API providers network?

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this whole board knows its a scam why did you have to make a thread about, You alright bud?

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Just read the goddamn whitepaper

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Thank just sold 100k

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If you asking this you still haven't figured out where the crypto space is moving to.

its about smartcontracts. what are the bennifits of smartcontracts and why are all the largest institutions in the world moving in this direction. Once you figure out why you will realize how important decentralized oracle network is.

Every smartcontract platform wont work as it is intended. Sure you can plug in centralized feed or several centralized feeds but you will be hiring 5 people to oversee the contract and its functions. If this is what you are trying to build then there are benefits in using your system compared to the current system. got it?

Somthing else to think of. People constantly ask, what is chainlink and why do we need it. Right now their asking.... People are building amazon, Facebook and twitter. they are gonna email me a CD once a month for the data. Why would we need something called the internet?

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>then there are benefits
* then there are NO benefits

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no one needs link, it's useless, if you disagree please post source of value thanks

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Most agreeable my sir. The chains need merely BSV to function. Invest wisely my friend buy BSV

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Thanks just sold

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OP Here. You guys still dont gget it

Just sold here is pic

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wow ur genius do the needful and start a crypto

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Imagine bragging about selling 400 link

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let me ask you this question anon, and try to answer it.

the blockchain is temperproof right?

what happens when an API response gets changed, the api moves to another adress, or the api simply changes signature.

how can you go on the blockchain and update the smart contract with the new API data?
or just make the mart contract check a new API?

answer: you can't
you need a decentralized external network that handles those mutations for you.
you just query that network, and the network will reply wit the correct data.

just this about this. its a no brainer

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Obvious troll is obvious

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Good morning son.

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>400 links
holy fuck stay poor nigger LMAO