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NZFAG here. The mental nutjob terrorist that attacked us on Friday reckons in his manifesto he made heaps of money and traveled around the world in 2017/18 from making money from Bitconnect. Is he meme'ing or was this possible?

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I pondered this as well.

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Believing there is a plan to make whites minorities in their own countries makes you a nutjob.

Who says you don't learn something every day?

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I mean he could have bought in at $1 and sold at $240... but it would be pretty unlikely?

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Unfortunately it was possible. However, the only people investing in it were complete morons.

For a good 1-2 years BCC was there in the top 25 on CMC and traded on a few popular exchanges. I will say, they made it easier to “get in the crypto game” by being able to buy BTC and then BCC through them. It was almost no different than getting a bank account. Then you deposit your life savings at $15 and see the shit moon to like $300 fucking dollars and you literally fucking think YOU MADE IT.

And then you hear the news, subpoenas, court orders, etc. and you check your BCC account. Gone, all the hopes and fucking dreams. From rags to riches to rags. Fuck you BCC.

t. Investor

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so could you have cashed out when it was at its ATH?

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Fuck yeah you could have. It was a token anybody could buy. But if you staked your bcc on the bcc propriety platform you would receive crazy exponential returns over time. I’m
Pretty sure they guaranteed over 15,000% in like two years. But yeah, if you had wanted to cash out at $100, $200, $300, you most definitely could have and a lot of folks did. Not me though, I was going for 3-4 years.

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>attacked us

Get fucked, Mohammed

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in the face of all this violence and bloodshed, the only thing I can think of is "tfw no gf"

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>be immigrant
>complain about immigrants
alt-liters are too dumb to get irony

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New Zealand is a nation of immigrants. This is an attack on all kiwis. He should have just killed himself if he hated immigrants.

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Yeah no, shlomo.

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He was also a manlet’s manlet fucking kek

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fuck off shitskins

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at least we wont have to hear about the underarm bowling incident anymore lol

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back to /pol you go

you're entitled to your opinion but racist language will not be tolerated on 4channel

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This but unironically

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Firstly, he did nothing wrong - Hitler neither.

I think the heroic shitposter is larping when he talks about Bitconnect. He just doesn't want to admit he spent his inheritance in bulgarian sluts and two AR-15.

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who didn't buy into bitconnect? at that point crypto was completely mainstream,.

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I'm 99% sure he was joking about bitconnect specifically, but I wouldn't be surprised if he made money on crypto. He may have also just been travelling on the cheap too, he was a personal trainer which pays alright really, enough to buy a plane ticket, a rental car and hostel stays.

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you're really trying to pretend there isn't a difference between white "immigrants" and shitskins? embarrassing

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Maybe he was one of us

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ofc he was dumbass

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Shitskin here. The amount of fucking pedo looser whites that beat their women and rape fucking kids is off the charts. And the fucked up shit is that I see on FB these fucking dole bludging freaks complain about peaceful Muslims in their community. Retarded. I think fucking degenerates are in every race and skin colour is just a way simpletons can express them selves in group identity.

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probably memeing. but if he knew about bitconnect he probably knew about crypto too. perhaps made money from the 2017 goldrush.

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go back in your country or we will slaughter everyone of you

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A kiwi was radicalized at that mosque, went overseas to fight and got drone’d

You aren’t wrong about shithead whites though

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Bitconnect was a very promising project, with a strong business model and outreach program.
Then it got entangled in some heavy bureaucracy, and just died out..

Hope the team are able to sort it all out, and revive the project.

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It was possible, you could make a shitton of money if you were early in this. Look at the price chart, it wasn't $200 coin from start. You could make it from bitconnect

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>go back to your own country
the moment they become naturalized is the moment they are part of NZ and have the rights to decide its fate, no matter your feelings

Don't like it? Go for the politicians. The killing achieved nothing other than manipulating the masses to fight among themselves. If anything it'll make it even harder to actually achieve our goals

Guy's either a mossad agent or a useful idiot

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Bitconnect is a massive meme.


Since he was an Aussie shitposter, he probably memed Bitconnect in his manifesto. He drops other memes in there like the US Navy Seal copypasta etc.

He 100% could have made money from that scamcoin in '17, many people did, but likely dropped a meme and probably rode the overall 2016-17 crypto bullrun.

P.S. He did absolutely nothing wrong

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accelerationism is the only answer

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he was probably too scared to buy crypto but saw the bitconnect video on h3h3 like a normie and decided to do an epic meme about it

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He didn't attack you, he attacked muslim diaspora.

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Naturalization needs to be banned.

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Out of all of the dead, there was 1 with NZ citizenship - a muslim convert, topkek

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then go ahead and debate on the topic outside

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