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that bitches pussy

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maybe like cambodia or something so I can live away from judgmental western society and not spend any of my money so that I have more to sit on chainlink and do my part so that I and my future white children may disrupt the kike elites from controlling everything

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norf east england countryside where i am now
a nice small cottage in a village away from brown people

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>what county/ city

Yeah I'm gonna make it just so I can volountarily live around a bunch of insufferable wagie normies. I'm getting a summer property in Alaska and a winter property on the east side of the BC rockies and calling it a day.

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> England
> Away from brown people

Boy oh boy do I have bad news for you.

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I will have a 500 acre fortress with turrets at each gate

Normalfags are soulless kike golems and they are extremely dangerous and unnatural and my mental health depends on getting away from them

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She doesnt take escorting appointments any more

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Rural Norway or Sweden at the coast.

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>living in a city after making it

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Tel Aviv

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There is none in the small villages.

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>t. burgertard who visited london once and thinks the entire country is like a couple of big shithole cities

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Some place warm. Maybe by the water.

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a beach in thailand, driving lambo's and fucking whores

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oh boy looks like another asian qt?

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Fucking unironically I'll probably move from this socialist shithole to Russia. I'll happily watch the EU crumble from abroad.

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>He thinks Russia is not totally fucked up
>He literally lives in the best continent and still complain

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I'll probably get multiple passports and just move around internationally as it suits me. That's like half the fun of being rich.

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Unironically Christchurch

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she used to escort?? holy fuk

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Yes sirs please stay in EU, pay 60% tax +24% VAT and pay for mahmoods and muhammads alimony and let them fuck your daughters. Yeah no.

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Los Lagos Region, Chile

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Im unironically just trying to get rich then go broke

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Rural France
Northern Italy
White parts of south america
White Asian countries
but most likely would just stay in my room

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Delusion at peak levels, how do I short western society ?

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No, Russia is about to implode. It's far too dangerous to live outside of Moscow/SpB already. And inside the cities is not much better: too many immigrants (they even have diasporas and "mini-towns"), too much bullshit jobs, too much raw envy from the outskirts, too much greed and too much worker abuse. Not mentioning country-wide "nut-tightening" bullshit laws and citizen exploitation. 10 years ago it was maximum comfy living here, but in 10 years, I'm afraid, it will be pure suffering.

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Taiwan, South Korea , Japan.
Save places

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Are you from Germany?

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Still Germany. Great infrastructure, rich country, great starting point to access other countries, safe, relatively stable (as much as it can get).

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Yeap....and it sucks

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A comfy place in the USA or somewhere in Southeast Asia

t. Someone living in communist France

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Alaska and probably visit some asian countries

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As someone who lives a comfy life in switzerland:
1) not in switzerland, this country is just the same as other EU countries with a 10-15 year delay.
2) the following countries are to be considered:
A) rural Italy (sardegna or tuscany)
B) Colombia (medellin or Santa marta)
C) Patagonia (Argentine)
D) Philippines, somewhere rural near the ocean (coron, siargao)

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Also adding the Caribbean to that list

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I would buy a private island. If I can't do that, then I would try to be as isolated as possible, perhaps moving to Canada or Australia. I often hear anons from those countries describe having to drive for miles before seeing another house. Sounds wonderful.

Not true at all. My norf village has 2 muslim families that I know of. and the nearest town a few miles away has a load more. They don't stay in the big cities any more.

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I really wanted to drop out of society and move to the Big Island of Hawaii when I was younger. Land is cheap and most of it is zoned agricultural.

Southeast Alaska looks comfy as fuck.

I'd also love to visit certain places - as much of the European continent as I can visit in a month, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia maybe, Egypt, and parts of South America for extended periods of time.

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This broad missing a tooth fucking kek

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>he wants to live in a local town
>for local people
I bet you don't want new road too

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>my future white children
Doesn't seem likely anon

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Yeah, Fernie is pretty dope

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Based and redpilled. This or barcelona

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