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Next target: 4k sats.. Get the fuck in lads.

Lots of good news for Stakenet recently.

>3 New exchanges this month
>Soon launching their revolutionary ligh wallet which is the first multi currency wallet with lightning transactions and atomic swaps. If you hold a masternode you'll benefit from the fees in the backend.

10k sats by next month, when this bitch is listed at OKEx, and all the chinks buy in.

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First of all, I don't use Discord as I feel uncomfortable giving my phone number away to Discord. I care about my privacy,
Second of all, I bought this at 2600 SAT a few weeks ago, after doing some research.
The things the team tries to accomplish here is truely amazing, and I have no doubt that they will deliver.
Call me a shill, I don't care. How many LINK threads are posted here on the daily? Yeah, so fuck off already

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Coinall is a good alternative. Okex next?

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XSN will be listed on Okex for free if they stay in the top 3 volume of new listed coin for at least few weeks.

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I think this retard is trying to communicate with us but "shill, pump, scam, discord, bags." Are the only words in his vocabulary.

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Keep promoting ScamNet its obvious this is a organized pump and dump.

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Like LINK is? Haha.
What's wrong in sharing and educating newbies here? It's a solid project with a lot going for it, so I don't really see the problem.

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If you hate money and tech that's ok, but why all anons here need to see your 1 digit IQ comments? Go play in the mud pajeet leave us.

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Just ignore him. Not worth wasting time on him.

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>if I keep posting the same skadoosh image I can maybe convince people that its only 1 person trying to expose the xsn scam pump.

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The way he posts and FUD's is a dead giveaway.
Anyway, watch this you complete brainlet:

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Interesting masternode project. I own more than 10 nodes in different projects and enjoy the passive income, never heard of Stakenet before, will definitely consider buying a node or 2, especially if there is more to it, than just the block rewards.

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Well I'd say go for it. You can grab a bunch at Coinall.com for cheap. Buy orders piling up quick though, so might see a breakout soon actually

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glad to see coinalll info now on CMC

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Yeah.. The volume is decent already, but obviously we need a consistent $100k/day at least before I'm satisfied, haha

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which projects?

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Probably shit projects
The only projects I know that matters are DASH, XSN, and perhaps BLOCK.

Only coins with true potential, a Dash and a block node is way out of my budget though. XSN is like $2100/node which is still affordable. Still on the fence, as I'm pretty much all in on LINK, but diversifying might be a good thing you know, haha

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Do yourself a favour anon, and make a transition to xsn. They will have oracles too, and way more stuff coming this year not talking about the things they already released. I don't usually shit on other coins, but what Link has to offer right now?

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Are you for real? Holy shit, that's awesome!

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Look at their roadmap, looks like some sci fi shit but they are delivering step by step.

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That's sweet, would love to know more about it. Gotta ask the devs I guess. Doubt anyone here knows about it, lmao

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Just sold my link.. Where do I buy XSN?

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Coinall, if you dont want kyc you have livecoin also

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Lol, thinking of doing the same

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Do it, haha. Link doesn't do SHIT price wise either way.
Better upside potential short term with XSN, could always go back to LINK.

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When we started spreading the word the price was 2300sat, now we stand on 3650sat. Don't wanna sound like a pajeet shill but i would suggest you to look into it before the price start moving again.

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Just signed up on Coinall. What's with the XSN Airdrop? How do I participate? Don't quite get it

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I've already got 2 masternodes but I could always use more. Xsn has a working product, can't say that about link

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You should join Coinall TG and ask there, they are running the airdrop, you will also find there XSN team members answering questions about the project.

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Will try that, thanks anon. Seems like a solid community we have here, means a lot to me, as without a great community you won't go no where.

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What really made me go all in is the combination between ground breaking tech and awsome people.

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Take a look at a future whale.

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How many nodes is that? Holy shiit

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Close to 40, will get there in couple of months with the rewards.

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kek im on my shitposting laptop for a change and just remembered that i installed foxreplace back in january to replace any mention of the word "LINK" on /biz/ with "AIDS" and "linkie" with "homosexual"

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What the fuck anon holy shit. Kek

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>600k XSN
damn. how long do you intend to hold?
it would be tough to sell off a lot of XSN at the height of the next bullrun if the passive income gets comfy.. then again it would be perfect timing to accumulate more.

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I'd never sell it.. that's life changing passive income. Holy shit

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Fuck you anon you make me feel poor, kek.

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He didn't even start getting fees from the upcoming DEX, why would he sell?
Not even mentioning the monthly income he gets lol.

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That's fucking insane dude... 20 BTC in XSN, Holy mother of god. You'll be a millionaire in NO time

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I can't even get my coins off coinall to start my mn reeeeeeeeeee

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Rip yesterday's portfolio sorry lads x

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Mother of god dude I'm jelly.
How do I be like you?

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only IOTA chads will make it

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Withdrawals will be active on the 18th. So don't worry about it. Nice portfolio btw

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wow a fellow TKN holder, I thought I was the only one

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IOTA is the designated terrorist cryptocurrency

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you start off by not being so easily tricked into buying shit like xsn

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XSN chads will make it ;)

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What's wrong with xsn?

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Nothing.. Just ignore him, probably trying to FUD to fill his buy orders, lol

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Look shill I don't want to hear from a biased bagholder

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Thank you, I've been around a long time so I tend to buy a coin and stick to it, then diversify when I feel the market is going to boom, I reckon we have 1 year max until the next major boom so I'm starting to move out into low cap coins with low marketing and potential, iota is my general hold simply because if the tech works it'll literally break the market

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Tkn I bought at ico, then sold, then am going to the meet up after rebuying last month x. Decentralised projects with revenues are the way to go IMHO up and coming. Monaco also has a 6 billion valuation with all the retards buying into it, no way tkn doesn't boom if it takes Europe by 2020.

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As someone who has done a lot of research today, I wish they were more ambitious, although development on road map looks on schedule. Also, the past with posw is sketchy. Do some research and see what you can dig up

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I know your same person.

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Different ids you pleb

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im talking 2-3 years into the future (sometime between or near Q3 2021 - Q2 2022) if we get a mega bullrun and XSN reaches some extreme ATH
do you sell the top and buy in later or just ride it out because the passive income gets so nice? decisions decisions..

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>Hurr durr different ids = diffrrrnt person
Don't insult my intelligence negro

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im sure you know all about switching between IDs. gotta make the fud believable and "organic", right?

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Look you losers, I'm already invested in this project. The way you all shill makes me want to dump, it's so bad. I literally asked the fudder a legitimate question and guess what? I instantly get met by you discord shills praising this project as the next coming of Jesus Christ himself.

You are bad and should feel bad. Also notice I only keep to this id. Any faggot worth his salt knows how to id switch retard.

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>im invested in this project but you guys are losers for promoting it and potentially making it more valuable
whatever man. dump your coins if you don't see the potential in this and you're all asshurt because there's a thread up on /biz/ about it. post a screenshot when you do.
nice ancient futurama quote. gotta look out for someone as original and edgy as you?

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I'm "asshurt" because you two suck so hard at it. I can pick out all the posts of the same person and tell you how I know but that would ruin the hype immersion for lurkers

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Just wanted to pop in to say I liquidated my link stack to get more xsn. I love all of you!

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$1000 eoy lel

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i find it fucking hilarious my posw bags are taking off again lol

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Am I on more than one ID to you? I've been accumulating XSN for some time. Its sudden presence on /biz/ 2-3 weeks back gives me a sense of unease because /biz/ tends to go with some truly awful coins and then shit on everything else. No matter, it is nice to see a project that has routinely delivered and been on point with their goals get some exposure in a place that champions so much garbage. If you have seen any of the recent XSN threads, you will notice there are some who pop in and start calling it a scam and insulting people without giving any evidence as to why it's a scam. Quite frankly, it is rather tiresome. I don't get why they even do it when most of /biz/ can read through that sort of nonsense and it also bumps the thread. This is probably why that other anon told you to ignore it, and you call him a biased shill for it. It goes to say, why would you have invested in this project if you weren't entirely sure they'd be able to deliver and grow the value of it?

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>most of /biz/ can read through that sort of nonsense

HA HAHAHA newfag

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>t. i think elementary school-tier fud is complex and /biz/ is more than 15 people at this point, so ill point and laugh at this anon like a 6 year old
you really got me anon. you really did.

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I can tell you're new because you don't know jack shit how dumb biztards are.
Lurk moar and report back.

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Is that all you got?
You've cherry picked one point I make that has nothing to do with Stakenet and doubled down on it. Whatever helps you sleep at night, anon.

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That's because you require to much energy I don't deem worthy upon expending upon. Whatever helps you sleep at night, anon.

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You've been doing just that this whole time - expending your energy and time. Surely you have something more worthy of you to tend to? Clearly that must be why you can't even come up with a fresh comeback and have to resort to copypasting what I just said.

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Ever heard of a layover? Clearly I don't value you as a respectable discusionsary prospect.

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So you keep responding to me because I'm not worth your oh-so-valuable time? Interesting.

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Responding /= a well thought out and concise answer to your ramble

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My fuck, how far will you veer off-topic and shapeshift to conjure up some reason to feel superior about yourself? You said you had better things to do with your time like 3 posts back, yet here you are still trying to justify it.

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If you weren't a brainlet you would know. Too bad clearly this isn't the case.

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>everyone who doesn't see why I need to keep arguing nothing with some stranger on the internet to justify my fragile, narcissistic ego is a brainlet
that says more about you than it says about me, t b h

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Oh btw stop putting words into my mouth. I said you weren't worth my energy.

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on a note actually related to XSN i got 9 MN reward payouts (81 XSN) since yesterday

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I mean yeah, that's a good guess. Many times ego is the main cult for many posters. However in this particular case, it is not as I am self aware.

>> No.13041112

>I said you weren't worth my energy an hour ago. THAT'S why I'm still here arguing with you about how I'm not worth my energy.
If you insist...

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Oooh the little boy is moving in the right direction. Congrats on the fluke

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No hurr durr different id... not me clearly.

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Self aware of what, exactly?
And thank you. It's pretty nice when the daily MN rewards suddenly come in all at once.

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Self aware of your gapping butthole you call a mouth

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Kek'd. To be self aware is to know yourself above all. Apparently that involves gaping buttholes in your instance. You are clearly a very enlightened and stable man who uses his time more productively than most.

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>my coins stuck on cryptopia for an unknown amount of time

kill me

maybe this will be a godsent and will force me to hodl and not sell too early on the next ENJ tier pump

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Was this not obvious from the get go? Obviously I have transcended. Those that can't sense my power level are ignint

>> No.13041186

ENJ is a shitcoin. Prove me wrong.

>> No.13041192

afaik xsn was not affected by the cryptopia hack
apparently the wallet balances are back as read-only. did you check yours?

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ALL masternodes after Dash are scams

and ESPECIALLY anything shilled on biz

>> No.13041205

If by transcended you mean changed genders and ascended to a tier of faggotry, then sure.

>> No.13041216

Doesn't that make DASH a scam too?
You're on /biz/ and you just unconsciously shilled it...

>> No.13041226

Darkcoin is a scam. Prove me wrong. High price doesn't make a coin legitimate faggot.

>> No.13041233

You must know this from first hand experience getting your intestines beat up

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I don't know much outside of that it is shoved down everyone's throats in our society in every aspect of culture. You're the one that's been talking about gaping assholes and beat up intestines. There's a word for that
>pic related

>> No.13041278

>cope the post

It's ok buddy /biz/ is a judge free zone besides for niggers, chinks, spics, and pajeets

>> No.13041294

Gotta board my flight. It was fun bumping this thread while you thought I had some sort of ego trip. Cya niggerlover

>> No.13041304

So... I'm coping with the fact that you're projecting your colorful homosexuality onto others? Ok, I guess.

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Keep telling yourself that. You are so fucking wrong it hurts

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try harder next time

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Yeah well I actually went to the bed instead of crying about it on a board, imagine having this much trust issues xD

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Incredible how these big buy orders pop up all the time.
<=== Check the pic

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For a coin ranked at 250+ Coinmarketcap, it is big. You know it, I know it.

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Where you going? Lol.. vacation?
Don't know why I'm even asking this

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That's nothing, wait for the LW release. Moon incoming.

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Can't wait for it.. It's gonna be fucking awesome, I'm sure

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Fuck you anon, sitting with those bags while i fight chinks on Coinall to get my 2nd one.

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