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In 2018, I made less than the standard deduction of $12k, but my employer suddenly mailed me a 1099-MISC with about 1000 dollars in untaxed income that wasn't on my W2.
I didn't know about this 1099-MISC when I mailed in my return a month ago.
Even with this additional reported income, I still made less than the standard deduction so my refund amount wouldn't change, I would be getting back everything withheld for 2018 as a refund.

Will I get assfucked by the IRS if I don't mail in an amended return, or can I simply ignore it?

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>he doesn't get paid in cash

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What are you doing with it anon? Buying linkies? tendies?

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Pay your taxes, goy!

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Read the instructions anon

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>you may also be subject to a penalty of 20% of your tax liability
But my tax liability for 2018 is literally zero, even after adding the income from my 1099-MISC.

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I’m not a licensed cpa, use your noodle and read the instructions and decide for yourself what to do. Just know that TurboTax isn’t authoritative.

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I'll file an amended return and hope I don't get any angry letters, I guess.
Thanks anyway.

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