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>be me, office wagecuck
>3 years of employment, only ever asked for coffee after every employee review "to keep me happy"
>weak office keks
>skip to coming back from 1 week vacation
>new kitchen rules
>kitchen is now communist after some plebs left food dishes & random shit everywhere
>clean up after everybodies shit in shifts with a buddy every week or no kitchen
>no kitchen, no coffee
>tfw never used the kitchen for anything other than coffee with the same mug everyday for 3 years & coworkers still leave shit everywhere
>tfw after 1 week back from vacation go on autistic wagerage about Karl Marx & quit after yelling "I just wanted fucking coffee Jim"

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I literally preferred my co-workers at McDonald's to doughy office cunts

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No one likes a ragie wagie.

At least now you can learn to be a good team player somewhere else.

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I work in an office and my department partner is an old domineering Chinese lady who
- speaks really fast and broken English
- smells like sulphur at random times by snacking on spoiled boiled eggs
- picks out the easy stuff and hands me the pita tasks
- farts and burps
- loves to point out whenever I make a minor mistake in a super condescending way
- goes into a deeply maddened state with the silent treatment whenever I point out she’s made the mistake
- makes this into a game and tries to embarrass me whenever possible
- accuses people of watching over her because they walk by her cubicle
- accuses people of hacking her computer whenever her computer freezes

The list goes on. She is uniting ally mentally ill.

Sometimes I rage at her because she’s infuriating and I’m nice to her because I feel sorry for her.

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>inb4 "but he'sh red and hash a job!"

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So call her out when she verbs and make her feel like the dog she is. Wtfs wrong with u pussy

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its from r9k neets, they are just guessing at what triggers wagies and failing, its why these posts read like the script from some kiked sitcom
>office kitchens amirite

they seem to think wagies spend their days grimacing behind a massive forced angry smile when in reality is nobody does that, you either get blank emotionless wojaks or people who are genuinely happy to be there.
doesnt fit the neet narrative though, so theyll keep posting the angry troll face

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