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i work in a quiet store selling tacky birthday gifts like teddy bears and cards.
for the past 2 years its been perfect for me, just the right level of human contact to not go mad and a small enough workload that i dont need to do things like sleep before going in.
theres only 7 members of staff, the new guy is a 65 year, who at all times has to be funny and with me at least, tries to be one of the gang.

thats fine in itself, hes obviously lonely and i can handle some level of banal conversation but hes the nosey as fuck and is asking me questions nobody else has even thought to ask this past 2 years.
>hey anon, wheres your girlfriend?!
>anon how come you never tell us all about your adventures with your friends
>bet youre upto no good tonight arent ya!
>oh what are you doing tonight?
>what did you do before this
>what are you into
>what why who when blah blah blah

how do i get him to fuck off and leave me alone? my life this past couple of years has been quietly drifting in and out of the card store 3 times a week and then sitting nursing my shitcoin stacks at home, quiet happy in myself. this guys making me really uncomfortable in work and ruining my little shitty life.

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im working with him all day tomorrow, i can already feel the cringe now, before this guy showed up i never thought about work outside of hours even once. this time wouldve been my own relaxing playing some shitty games or whatever

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get a better job nerd and leave the poor old man alone hes just looking for friends and social interaction. he probably has a pension/retirement and doesn't need to work he just wants to feel useful to society which is more than anyone can say about you at this moment.

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keked and checked

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Chill out
Recognize that for him (his age) that is the norm how people communicate. It's the boomer way
He doesnt want you to dislike him and probably thinks that unless he's talking to you or asking questions he might come off callous and uncaring. Normie boomers sling questions in an unconscious way to "get to know someone" aka building rapport
Tell him you're a private person who likes to keep your life to yourself, make sure he knows you're serious when you say it too
If you do talk with him just get him to talk about himself and have him tell stories, old people usually love to tell stories
If he's just an asshole tell him to fuck off and stop prodding you about your life which is none of his business

Problem solved

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i have a 60 year old coworker too, hes a boomer from the USSR. he's always joking around and asking me shit like that too. its nothing personal. as i understand it, they're just from a different era when life was fun - when you could shoot the shit with your coworkers and mates. it was back in the good ol' days before everyone had autism and social anxiety, before niggers and arabs, before job scarcity, before lack of social welfare, etc. They say humans are a product of our times. I think that speaks volumes about our generation compared to the olden days people. Imagine how sweet their young lives must have been, everyone probably had gf's and well paying jobs and a positive outlook for the future. I bet that feels nice.

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Just be friendly. I work with boomers and am constantly hounded asking if I'm going to a party tonight . I tell them some stories that have happened to me while drinking and they love it. They just wanna be young again and live vicariously through you.

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Make shit up, but nothing too serious

>heh yeah no plans for tonight, takin' 'er easy
>might go catch a movie with a friend
>might do this, might do that
>not a whole lot going on this weekend

etc. etc.

who gives a fuck what this boomer thinks anyways, just lie your ass off but make sure it's believable. Keep conversations short and don't reveal anything about yourself. He'll get the hint eventually

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boomers are precious
don't you dare make him feel sad you faggot

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You're the one who sounds like the asshole.

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where is your gf anon?

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probably getting sodomized by the 65 year old

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>Imagine how sweet their young lives must have been, everyone probably had gf's and well paying jobs and a positive outlook for the future. I bet that feels nice.
this will be the cause of their constant digging around coworkers personal lives.
theyve probably had a lot of friends die and are sick of their wife of 30-40 years after having it all in their youth, I doubt they take these jobs for the money and its more for the social contact.

just indulge him with fake stories, he'll know youre lying bit thats boomers secret code, they all feed off each others tales (they existed in a non internet world where being a charming bullshitter couldnt be called out).

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