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ascending tri
boolish af

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The god coin
The only one that truly matters

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satanic pentagram child molester coin

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... that got absolutely BTFOd by WHITEBLOCK

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the coin is centralised garbage. use a fucking database over EOS

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I'm all in.

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Kek this centralised crap will fall. Just take your profits before it happens.

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1/10 larp

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They have more money than your entire bloodline just waiting on the bull to return!

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>centralized shitcoin in 2019 kek

eth way more likely to 10x at this point

and IF you're STILL that way inclined (speed brainlet) just pick tron.

tron > eos (for centralized dapps)

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Tron is much slower, and does not support multithreading, resource renting market, IBC, and have the scammest chink in charge.

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Speed doesn't matter. Just add more centralization until it's some database like Facebook.

You should probably care more about scaling. Snowblossom.org

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EOS having its own satellite (together with Bitshares) from Dan Larimer's father
Wanchain connecting to EOS

Meanwhile, Tron is giving away a car, and snowblossomfags try to attract greater fools

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1) maybe 2 seconds slower blocks? but again just increase centralization for speed.
2) dont care about that shit
3) tron can resource rent now, also eos's model sucks dick (NEED cpu to transact) whereas tron you can also pay trx if you're out of resources. horrible new user experience for eos.
4) whats IBC?
5) no comment

if your mortals are okay without decentralized (eth is king) then tron is still way ahead of eos for legitimate usecase. eos is interesting, but wayyyyyy more centralized and worse for user experience.

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>whats IBC?
The current state. Read Interchain Blockchain Communication as infinite horizontal scalability solution. Soon each EOS dapp can run its own blockchain while all will run in a single one on Tron because they run out of ETH code to copy paste.

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how long before larimer leaves?

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